This is the sequel to "This Love" I hope it actually turns out how I want. I own nothing but Bebe. Enjoy and Review!

The gray and dismal prison cell was becoming more and more like hell to Joey Ice Cream. He almost began to forget what it was like outside. Everyday they probed him hoping for any bit of evidence to convict him and his friends. He didn't know what else he had left to do but he had one ray of sunshine. His gorgeous prison guard who adored him, who wanted him to go on and on about the stories of his life. As the lawyers stared on he always told the story to her and this one would be no different. He stared straight into her eyes and went on with his story of Bridgette 'Bebe' Butler.

5 years later…

The firecracker lounge was everything I ran away from. Everything I feared yet here I was again returning after my few so futile escapes. I was a different girl, older and god wiling wiser. I had already visited church and confessed all my sins. How I ran, how I hid, and how I still wanted a boy that I could never have. I'm Bridgette Butler back because I want my best friends child to have a father and I still believe the Donnelly's need my help even though they may hate me. I also had another big secret that had to wait.

I made my way into the bar like I owned it. As I walked through the door the difference was astounding. It was cleaned up. Still a serious Irish feel but not dirty anymore. It also had a lot of people there for two o'clock in the afternoon. A lot of Italians and young girls. It won't surprise me if the boys were banging most of them. I cringed and went straight for the bar. A young (defiantly) Irish mob bartender was trying to flirt with some girl who only had to be eighteen. I pushed her aside and got his attention he gave me a nasty look but I stared him back down and he didn't mess with me.

"Where is Tommy Donnelly?" I drove too long today to deal with bullshit so I got straight to the point. His face twisted and the girl he was flirting with ran off.

"What do you want with Tommy?" He tried to get smart with me.

"I'm someone he knows so either tell me where he is or I get this place shut down. Believe me I can." I guess something about my look gave me away. I was basically dressed like a cop so he bowed down quickly.

"He's in the basement." He said quickly and I walked off.

As I headed down to the basement my nerves started getting the best of me. I was a lot different from that nineteen-year-old girl but what I did to Tommy. What I needed to do, I don't think he'll ever forgive me. As I hit the last step I started to hear something I kind of wish I hadn't.

"Tommy, there is nothing wrong with what we are. We can actually tell people. Jenny is gone and not coming back. You can be a father to Matthew." I early chocked hat was Kate. The wife of Huey Farrell. The first man Tommy murdered. This is really what I did not need.

"Kate, I just can't. It's not good to be outwards with this. You can get hurt and I don't want that." I always knew he had the hots for her but dear god.

"Tommy, I love you." That was all I could take and I came off the final step. I startled both of them once they realized whom I was their jaw dropped.

"Hey, Tommy." Those seemed to be the only words I could get out. His face changed. He looked as if he was going to walk straight up to me and punch me. I felt a chill run down my spine. Kate couldn't look away but when she woke up she just ran. I knew she was scared. "Guess you moved on." As I said it I regretted it. Tommy advanced towards me but I stood my ground.

"How dare you even show your face here?" He grabbed my forearms. I tried to push him off but he was much stronger then I was.

"Jenny doesn't know I'm here." He let me go and I dug in my pocket to give him a picture. He grabbed it from me and his whole body changed. The picture was of his4 year old son. He was gorgeous. The most beautiful blue eyes with think black curly hair. His name was Patrick Tommy Reilly. He turned on me very coldly.

"I hate you, Bridgette. I did everything for you. I took care of you and you take my son." He hissed.

"I did for Jenny. You did this to her and don't pretend you're a saint." I shot back. I didn't need this right now. I still had other shit to deal with. I went to walk out to leave Tommy to deal with the fact I'm here.

"What about Kevin?" Why did I think he wouldn't bring him up?

"I'm not back for him." He rolled his eyes.

"I've heard that before." I sighed knowing I should just tell him know.

"I'm married to a cop, Tommy." With that simple sentence his jaw dropped. I seemed to have that effect on people.