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My head was fuzzy again like I got knocked against a wall. Kevin Donnelly was the only person who could every actually do that to me. He was walking towards me in what felt like slow motion. His eyes were darker then I'd ever seen them, lines seemed to form under his eyes only at 27 he looked older and colder. God knows what he has been doing all these years. As he got closer I could feel bile rising up in my throat. I really wanted to run but I held my ground just focusing on him and not the crowd that watched all around. When he was a foot away from me I saw his arm begin to rise. I tightened my eyes and waited for the blow to descend upon me but it never came. When I opened them I saw Jimmy standing behind Kevin ripping his arm back.

"How dare you even fucking consider hitting 'er" Jimmy spat. Kevin's anger seemed to wash away as he looked down at his brother. Jimmy looked at me and gave me a weak smile. I saw Rosie walk up to Kevin and lean up to kiss his cheek and pull him away. My body was shut down I couldn't move all I could do was watch everything happening around me. When Kevin was gone Jimmy walked up to me. "Hey, Bebe. Can you snap outta it?" I smiled down awkwardly at him. He grabbed my hand and began to pull me out of the bar. My head swirled back to stare at those eyes I still love. When we finally walked out into the brisk afternoon air I fully saw Jimmy. He looked healthy and happy. I wish I were there for all those happy times. "You know no matter what I love you but seriously Bebe what the fuck are you thinking? You fucked up bad worse then ya ever did before. Ya think he'll just be ok wit you here?"

"Look I'm not here from him. I'm married. I got bigger business then some high school love." He rolled his eyes and started walking up the block. I reluctantly followed. "Jimmy, I'm sorry, ok? I did what I had to do for Jenny and that baby. I'm also fucking tired of apologizing to everyone for doing the right thing. " He gave me a long hard look.

"You're were always fucking worse then Tommy cause you ain't even blood." He let out his stupid chuckle. "Go home, Bebe. Just get outta here and don't come back."

"It ain't that easy. I have business here." He turned around and gave me a glare.

"What business?" I threw my hands in my pocket and grabbed out a slip of paper and handed it to him. He eyed it over once and gave me the harshest look he ever gave me.

"I gotta hand it to you, you are the smartest and stupidest girl all in one. Does Tommy know about this?" I shook my head.

"That's why I want a meeting on Friday with everyone. You can call me your financial backer. I got a lot better in business up in Boston. I actually have some business to attend to now. I love you, Jimmy and I will see you Friday." I gave a quick smile and headed off to my old home.

The sun was raging high in the sky as I walked through my neighborhood. Everything was changing. It wasn't the place I left. New stores, new people, and new life were starting. I felt like I missed everything again. I got that familiar pang of longing again. I wish I was a normal girl with a normal life, normal friends, and was able to have the man I truly loved with me. I stopped when my cell phone began to blare. I threw it to my ear.

"Bebe, what happened?" Jenny's frantic voice stopped me in my tracks.

"I showed him the photo." I couldn't bear the thought of telling her bout Tommy and Kate. It would destroy her. She spent the last five years of her life missing him and wanting every moment to come back to him. I had to stop her. "He misses you and him."

"I want to come home." The sadness in her voice destroyed me.

"Not yet, Jen. We have to wait until everything is clear. Remember that we have a plan." She knew I had her back and our plan was going to work. Everything was going to work this time and nothing was going to get in my way. "I love you, Jen. I'll get you soon." I rounded the corner and let out a deep gasp. I should punch myself anytime I say that nothing is gonna fuck up my plans. He stood there in all his 6'5 glory with his short blonde hair and his brown eyes. He came towards me and threw his arms around me.

"I missed you, babe." My lovely husband Eric found me. Shit.