You reach for the door, but you don't open it. Why bother?

He doesn't want you. He couldn't have made that any clearer.

All he had to do was open the door, and the two of you could've talked, could've tried to fix this.

Walk to the door; turn the handle and push, that was all he had to do.

You would've done anything to keep him if he had just opened the door, if he had just exerted that little bit of effort to keep you.

You walk away. What choice do you have?

He doesn't want you.


You reach for the door, but you don't open it.

She means it this time; she's willing to walk away from you. She won't come crawling back.


All you have to do is open the door, and you know she'll be willing to talk this out somewhere private.

She's walking away, just like she said she would.

It's not like you gave her much of a choice.

All you had you do was open the door.

"Let's play some cards."

What is wrong with you? You could still go after her.

Just open the door.

But you don't.


He's gonna open the door, and she's gonna look at him like he did something amazing, you just know it.


He's hesitating. Why would he hesitate?

All he has to do is open the door.


You can hear her heart break.

What is wrong with him? Why isn't he going after her?

She's walking away, and why wouldn't she?

She deserves someone who'd die for her; Beck can't even be bothered to open a door.

"Let's play some cards."

You would've opened the door.

Actually, if it had been you, she wouldn't have needed to close it.

AN: The third POV is Andre, in case I wasn't as clear as I thought I was, which happens a lot.

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