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Predators: Sequel

It was a few months after Ichigo and Grimmjow have met each other. They really did like each others company and were always together. Ichigo thought that Grimmjow was the perfect mate for him so he thought he could let Grimmjow have him.

They came back from their hunt and were full after their meal. Ichigo thought it would be the right time to treat him special. So, he curled up to him and started licking at his chest and going down. Grimmjow is surprised at what Ichigo is doing but he didn't want to stop him.

"Ichi, is there something you want to ask or is there something you want to do instead?" He asked.

Ichi stopped licking and looked up to his boyfriend.

"Well, I thought I could try and treat you special since you always cared for me. It's a way to say thank you for loving me right."

Grimmjow was happy for the answer and licked Ichi face. Ichigo blushed a little but didn't stop him from purring.

"So," Ichi said lustfully, "Do want to lay here all day or do you want to have a little fun?"

Grimmjow took one look in his lust filled eyes and he pounced him in a second.

"God, you look so sexy under me. So you want my cock?" Grimmjow asked seductively.

"Yes" Ichi purred.

Grimmjow started to lick Ichigo from the mouth all the way down to his cock. Ichigo whimpered a bit but shivered at the thought of what that tongue was going to do next.

"More…Grimm More!"

Grimmjow couldn't help but smirk at how Ichi acting. So, he took the whole length in his mouth and started to tease him while he was sucking. Ichigo was becoming breathless and filled with moans. He tried to thrust in his mouth for more friction but Grimmjow held him down.

"Ah…Stop…teasing me and Ah…take me damn it"

Grimmjow stopped completely but went to stick his tongue in Ichigo hole. He was tongue-thrusting him and Ichigo was enjoying it regardless of how disgusting it was.

"Ah…oh Grimm Ah! Take that out! Its…Ah…disgusting."

"But your enjoying it, so why should I take it out unless you want something bigger?"

Ichigo wanted that but he didn't want to beg for it. He had to much pride for that. Grimmjow knew he didn't beg but he was pushing it.

"I do." He whispered.

"What I cant hear you, what did you say?" Grimmjow teased.

"I said I do." He said a little louder.

"Sorry still cant hear you." Said Grimmjow loving the way Ichi is trying to beg for it. It was turning him on.


"Okay, but what is it that you want? You want my big cock in you fucking you so hard, you wouldn't even remember your name?"

"Yes, I want it! I want your big cock to fuck me hard."

"that's all you had to say."

In a swift movement, Grimmjow took his tongue out and replaced it with his cock. Ichigo was crying a little because it hurt so Grimmjow soothe him and waited for Ichi to be ready. When Ichi gave him the nod, Grimmjow started slow and was hitting his prostate dead on the first few thrust.

"Ah…there..Hit it again. Ah…Harder!"

He smirked and thrusted into him harder and faster for more friction; he was close to his climax but he wanted to go together so he stroked Ichigo's cock at the same time of his thrust. Ichigo couldn't take it anymore, he was over the edge and spilled all over Grimmjow's hand.


As he screamed his name, Grimmjow climaxed in him and grunted. He bit Ichi's neck before clasping to the side of Ichi.

"That was fantastic." Grimmjow said purring

"Yea it was but do you think you can go for round 2?" Said Ichigo seductively.

Grimmjow laughed a little before he got started on round 2.