Okay, this is my first release in my 'Akatsuki's Worst Nightmares' series... the series is a result of my brother coming up with the idea of Sasori's worst nightmare... you'll be seeing that one out soon enough. But after my bro came up with the 'Sasori's worst nightmare' idea, my muse decided to go steal all of Joker's Laughing Gas and make a suit that she lives in that constantly produces the stuff... Joker Gas-acholic... or would it be Joker Gas junkie? Anyways, she decided to go steal all Jokers shit and now lives off it... while forcing me to do the same. So now I'm putting out funny scene after funny scene... Will the nightmare never end? Sorry, please ignore the ranting Author...

Itachi's Worst Nightmare

Itachi was sneaking around Ame's alleyways, sticking to the shadows. This wasn't something he usually did... but somehow, when ever he came to Ame, the one thing he feared always happened... he got chased down by hoards of fangirls and – Itachi shivered at the very thought – fanboys. He still hadn't figured out how they always managed to find him. He poked his head out from around the corner, checking to see if there was anyone in the streets. Seeing that the street was clear, he slipped out into the street, heading for the Amekage's tower. He froze when he heard a scream.

"Ahhhhhh! It's Itachi!"

Itachi whipped his head around, looking for the source of the scream.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! ITACHI!"

Cursing, Itachi took off running, being chased by hoards of fangirls and fanboys. As he passed an alleyway, he managed to catch a glimpse of Kisame, rolling around on his ass as he laughed.

'So you're the one that always gives away my position... I swear Kisame, you will fry for this.'

Itachi glanced behind him, then wished he hadn't.

'I think I could handle it if it was just a bunch of hormonal teens... but people who are in their early thirties to late fifties? Come on people... go find someone to settle down with. Someone who isn't me!'

Itachi ran into the Amekage's tower, quickly using a henge to make himself look like a plant. Konan smiled at him, shaking her head as his fans ran into the room.

"Hey have you seen Itachi-kun?"

Konan smiled and pointed to the back door and all Itachi's fans took off out the door.

"ITACHI-KUN! Wait uppppp!"

Konan smiled as Itachi dropped the henge.

"Why is it that only happens here in Ame? Oh wait... I know the answer to that. And pay back will be sweet..."

Konan just shook her head and led Itachi to Pein.