The next part of the 'Akatsuki's Worst Nightmares' series is here! Just a warning... it's been a couple of years since I read or watched Naruto, so if anything is wrong, you know why. I usually have a really good memory with this sort of thing, but I've been into other anime/manga lately that keeps kicking out all the knowledge I have on things like Naruto... anyways, my muse went wild again. I'm gonna have to buy her a leash...

Kisame's Worst Nightmare

Itachi was storming through the Akatsuki lair, looking for Kisame. He found the former Swordsman of the Bloody Mist in the dinning room, scarfing down Sashime and Sushi.


The swordsman looked up at Itachi, blinking, then raised a hand and waved at him.

"Hey. I see you got back to the base without any problems."

Itachi glared at Kisame, who, upon seeing Itachi's look, got up from the chair and slowly backed away from Itachi until he backed into a corner. Itachi grinned as he locked eyes with his partner.


Activating his Sharingan, Itachi used the technique he was famous for.

"H-hey Itachi? It was a joke man!"

Itachi glared at Kisame.

"For the next 72 hours, I will make you live your worst nightmare."

Kisame's eyes widened.

"Wh-what? N-no! Please... anything but that!"

Itachi grinned evilly and a chef appeared next to him. Kisame took one look at the chef and turned around, running in the the opposite direction.

"Aww, come on Itachi! Please... not Shark Fin Soup!"

The chef took off after Kisame.

"Come back here! I swear, this will be the best Shark Fin Soup I've ever made."

Itachi watched as the chef chased Kisame around. After several minutes, the chef finally caught Kisame, hacking him to pieces. Kisame reappeared back where he had first appeared when they first entered the world of Tsukuyomi, the chef reappearing next to Itachi. Kisame's face was pale.

"71 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds to go. Have fun living your worst nightmare."

The rest of the Akatsuki had walked into the dinning room to see what the ruckus was. They were surprised to find Itachi sitting at the table eating some Sushi as Kisame was huddled in a corner. They could vaguely make out his mutters of,

"Not soup... please, not Shark Fin Soup... I don't want to be soup."

They looked at each other with confusion, then looked at Itachi, as if asking for an explanation. Itachi shrugged and went back to eating the Sushi. The rest of the Akatsuki shook their heads and left the dinning room. They all had the same though - 'I don't even want to know.'