Rocker95 presents

A Crash Bandicoot Story

The Legend Of Pasadena

Chapter 1

August 18th day. 1993.

North Carolina. The Dump.

A huge bulldozer was pushing a huge amount of garbage.

On the ground, there was a female opossum walking around. From the looks, she was pregnant. She walked over to where a hamburger was to eat some, when she smelled something she didn't like, but she just decided to eat it anyways.

It took a little bit, but then, the opossum got sick and passed out onto the ground.

A horn was blowed for the workers' lunch.

The man working the bulldozer got out and went in the building.

"So, did you get any halbaneroes for me earlier?" asked another worker.

"Yes." said the first worker. "I thought you were bringing back Burger King today."

"Halbaneroes are good on sandwiches." said the second worker.

"I think you'd put halbaneroes on a peanut butter sandwich." said the first worker.

"It's better than bananas on 'em." said the second worker.

The first worker laughed.

"Yeah, not really." he said.

"You just try it when you go home." said the second worker.

Night. Closing time.

The first worker and the second worker came outside to get in their cars.

"Oh my god!" shouted the first worker angrily.

"What?" asked the second worker.

"My brand new car is gone!" shouted the first worker.

"What one?" asked the second worker.

"A black 1969 Camaro SS." said the first worker.

"You sure you didn't park it somewhere else?" asked the second worker.

"It was right in front of where I'm standing!" shouted the first worker.

"No one's been near the car today." said the second worker.

"Then where did it go!" shouted the first worker. "Is this like Tremors or something!"

"I seriously doubt that." said the second worker.

Then, they saw three neon green lights a few yards away.

"Rob, do you see that light?" asked the second worker.

"I see two." said the first worker.

Rob, the first worker, got out a flashlight and turned it on, then walked over to the lights. They turned out to be the opossum and the partially eaten burger, as well as part of a radiation pipe from a nuclear power plant. But, there was something wrong with the opossum. The belly was split open with blood and guts all over the place.

"Andy!" Rob said, scared. "Come here!"

The second worker ran over there to see it.

"There hasn't been any predator-type animals around here..." said Andy.

"Where's your truck?" asked Rob.

"Come on!" shouted Andy. "Let's get out of here!"

So, Andy and Rob got in Andy's truck and drove away.