The Adventures of Attis

By: Klutzilla01


With the final use of her power, the World Tree creates her people's final hopes: A young girl named Attis. Follow the many adventures of this new Descender as she attempts to learn and save the world she was sent to save.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN TALES OF THE WORLD: To an extent, I do own Attis but...

Warning(s): Swearing, Lack of following the Dialogue, Characterization might be off too (but hopefully not), no beta, more might be added when pointed out or if I see it fit

A/N: Just an assortment of snippets in the life of my TOW Protagonist, Attis. It follows the general plot of Tales of the World- but I might get a few things wrong or off… Otherwise, I hope you enjoy.

"My name's Mormo; and you are…?" The gray creature looked at her with honest curiosity within sea-green eyes. With a mouth set in a default pout, and a small body floating through the use of a pair of yellow wings attached to his tail- Mormo cocked his head to the side, expecting an answer. The girl, tanned in skin with eyes as green as the World Tree and a face round and still holding the innocence and naivety of a newborn, looked up at him owlishly. Her mouth was opened, and the only movement she had done so far was blink and turn her head to give him her attention. The stare she gave him was that of a long observation, emitting an aura of curiosity, wonder, and amazement. Mormo's usual stare softened considerably, easily reminded of how he started out.

"…It's alright if you're confused, I mean, you were just born and all." He gave her a cheeky smile. "I asked the world Tree to give birth to you, you see. Your world, Teressia is in danger!" He flitted around a bit, and he saw the descender move her head around to follow him. Good, her motor skills were functional.

"You're a descender, a descender of Teressia." The little creature finally stopped his flitting, and gave her a grave stare. "In other words, you're like me; except you're of Teressia and I'm the descender of Yaoon!" Mormo proudly pounded his chest, but then gave a sad look. Yaoon… oh, how he would've loved to return…

"…Attis." Mormo shot his head to the now sitting up descender. Her face was blank, and her voice, quiet, lacked emotion that living creature's were usually born with.

Hers was a silent birth.

"Attis…? Such a name…" Mormo looked at Attis almost pitifully. "I suppose, it has some truth." He gave the clueless girl a weak smile. "But well, it's still nice to meet you!" He quickly became cheery, noticing the way the girl looked at him. "Don't worry too much, I'll fill you in on all the blanks; okay?" The Yaoon native opened his mouth to start the explanation but could never finish once a scream was heard.

That's when it all began