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Dreams Do Come True

Austin Ames POV

"Well that as you can see is my parents. I am so sorry for him" I said to her as we walked towards the Guest House.

It was the only place around the Ames family home that I could actually lay down and think of all the things I wanted in my life. I suppose you can call it my haven of sorts.

"It's… it's to be expected…" she said softly, and I could see how lowly she saw herself as I pushed the door open so she could enter first, flicking the switch as I closed the door behind us.

"No it's not" I said to her firmly, I had to make sure I helped her change her way of thinking, it just wasn't healthy to hear such a fantastic girl speak in such a manner as the one she seemed to be used to.

No one deserved to be mistreated and demolished constantly by people who were threatened or didn't like things that were out of the ordinary.

And Samantha Montgomery certainly was one of them. She was more than people were willing to let her show them, letting each and everyone around her dismiss her like she was worth nothing.

It seriously angered me that I had never stopped or spoken about such terrible actions before, having seen so many times, the demeaning of others, I should have put a stop to all the bullying and badgering years ago.

A storm was coming, and I knew I would be right in front and centre governing it all.

"There are three rooms, one bathroom, a kitchenette, dining area and lounge room" I told her as she followed me around the guess house. She seemed to be very impressed with what my mother had done with the place.

"I… ah…" she stuttered, not quite sure what to make of things, so I made sure to elaborate for her.

"This is your new home till you are ready to land on your own two feet" I gestured to the whole place.

"All… mine?" she asked in awe, looking at me like I couldn't be serious, so I nodded my head at her.

"Yup… but one thing though" I said sheepishly, rubbing the back of my neck, taking a glance at her direction before continuing.

"I own the master bedroom…" I finished off, and waited for what she was about to say to me.

"I… ah… I don't want to impose on you Austin" she said to me as I finished showing her all the rooms and we sat down in the lounge room, me sitting in my favourite chair.

"Sam I would be more than happy to share my place with you. Seriously Sam. What's mine is yours. That is, if you want it to be that way" I said to her, leaving her enough space to say how she felt about the situation.

"I'd be honour Austin. But please tell me if I am over stepping your boundaries and crowding you too much" she said to me with such honesty, all I wanted to do was take her in my arms and kiss her senseless.

I really wanted to prove to her that I was the one for her and her for me.

❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤


Austin's generosity was beyond what I had ever expected from him or from anyone else for that matter. I knew that if Rhonda had heard everything that she would have offered me to stay with her as well. She was like a kind of female figure I really looked up to and was glad to have in my life.

"Good. Well pick which ever bedroom you want from the two, and we can start moving you in right now or whenever you are ready" he told me, looking at me to make sure I was alright with what he was saying, always the gentlemen.

He definitely took after his mother in his kind regard and respect for others. It was nice to see this side of him where he wasn't wearing his mask any more. The one where he was a quarterback and captain of the football team and also the rich popular kid, who was also, class president.

"I would love to start as soon as possible if that's okay with you. I don't want to give Fiona the chance to dump all my things in the trash like I know she will as soon as the idea sticks in her head. And I don't even want to know what the twins would do to my things" he nodded his head at me, and we stand up to walk towards the door.

"Dad" Austin says with shock strewn through his face, he backs up as his father walks towards us.

"Now son, don't say anything till you have heard me out" we walk back to our seats, and this time Austin sits right next to me, and takes a hold of my hand like the habit he has created every time he thought I needed his support. I loved that he cared so much about me already, our bond with each other growing ever so slightly.

"What is it Dad?" Austin asks his father in a strong voice, making sure he gave his father no leeway to walk all over him like he would usually do.

I watched as father and son seemed to be having a silent battle of wills, and I hated that I had created the friction between them. I had seen how much his father always supported him in everything he did and it made me miss my father even more.

❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤

Austin POV

"I just want to apologize about how I acted earlier. I know that you are entitled to do whatever you please" my father said to us, more honesty in his words and actions that I had ever seen in my life and it floored me a little.

I was about to say something, when he held up his hand, to signal that he wasn't finished talking yet. I eyed Sam quickly to see how she was reacting to all this, and she squeezed my hand in reassurance and that calmed me down a little.

"Please Austin, just hear me out okay" he asked us as he placed his hands on his lap and then back to its original spot on the side of the couch he was sitting on.

"I have had a plan for your entire life since the day I found out your mother was having a baby boy, and I made a promise that I would become the best father a son will ever have. I pushed you to be the best at your abilities, in football, sports, in anything that you ever did. And you did; you became quarter back and team captain of the football team, student body president. I even encouraged you to date the most popular girl and head cheerleader of the school just like I did when I attend your school all those years ago"

"And yes… I married her. But your mother was more than just a pretty face, and body. She was also really smart and could accomplish anything else she put her mind to, just like in the way you do" I fumed a little, but Sam's reassuring smile made me snap my mouth closed again and let my father continue his speech.

"And I know for a fact that Shelby Cummings lacks what your mother has; brains and genuine kindness towards people" I eyed my father, wondering where he was going with this and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

"You, Sam Montgomery" my father began, and I opened my mouth yet again, but a quick squeeze of her hand, stopped me in my tracks again, letting my father continue.

"Have changed me son, in ways that I have never seen him behave before, though I am not too happy that he is curbing his duties a little to enable you some time, but I am glad for these changes as well. I will have to learn to live with the fact that my son is now a man, and can think and act for himself now" Sam and I eyed my father with surprise.

I was surprised that he had seen any changes in me at all. My father was more observant than I realised he was, and I think Sam was equally surprised because he credited my change to her, even though I have felt like this long before I even noticed her around.

"You have always done what is expected of you Austin, even when you didn't want to. And now I know I can step back and let you make your own choices, let you lay down your laws and paths to walk through. I am proud to say that I Andrew Ames, is your father" everyone was floored at my father's words, and I think he even surprised himself as well at how deep he was actually being with us.

"Oh Andy" we heard my mother gasp, tears rolling down her face, such pride emulating out of her, she came to sit next to my father and hugged him tightly to her.

"Thanks for understanding Dad" I said to him, as Sam and I stood up, we walked towards my parents and gave them both a hug.

"I will definitely try even harder now son" he reassured me with another hug.

"Okay enough of this, let's go eat some of your mother's beautiful dinner" and with that we all walked towards the main house all happy that everything was sorted out.

Now all we had to wait was for the storm to brew on Monday morning…

❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤

A/N: so like always, that was a surprise to me too. I was expecting Andy Ames to go all macho man over taking Austin or kicking them out or something, but I guess there is probably a purpose for why he accepted them. Maybe loving the right person or having the right person in your corner to support you no matter what or show you the errors to your ways helps a lot maybe? Hope you all enjoyed the chapter as much as I loved writing it. Till next time! ;) Rose