Alright, the first bit of this chapter will focus on Alex, mainly because I feel like I created him then only used him to be solely Sam's friend and I think he deserves better than that. (Even if he is only a figment of my imagination) So please enjoy and thank you for reading.


They pulled up outside the first tattoo shop they saw and Alex could feel his whole body becoming tense and he became jumpier then a jack rabbit. What am I doing here? Why did I let Sam talk me into this? Holy shit, is this what it feels like to have a heart attack? I can't do this!

"Sam maybe this was a bad idea."

Sam sighed, turned off the ignition and twisted to face him which made him feel like a giant jackass for backing out.

"Look, I'm not going to force you to do this. It's your body but this is something I've heard you talk about for years and you've never had the guts to do it. Well here's your chance!"

Alex bit his lip and frowned. Sam was right, he did need this. I need this, it will be a permanent reminder that I deserve better than the regular dickheads I seem to attract.

"You're right. If I walk away now I'll never do it."

They got out the car and headed over to the tattoo parlour. Alex was surprised when they stepped through the door, he'd never been to a tattoo parlour before but he'd always thought they'd be a bit more seedier than this place was.

The place was spotless, clean black tiled floors and dark red walls. There was a front desk and a kind of waiting room with comfortable looking seats and masses of tattoo magazines which separated the front from the rooms that sat off from a small hallway.

Alex could practically feel the sanitation on his skin which would have been quite a alienating feeling if the rest of the place hadn't radiated relaxation. He felt himself relaxing and the knot in his stomach loosened a little.

A perky blonde woman appeared from one of the back rooms and smiled widely when she saw them.

"I thought I heard people! What can I do for you today gentlemen?" she asked as she slid behind the front desk.

"Um…I was hoping to get a tattoo?"

"Well you've come to the right place! Did you have anything in mind?"

"I was thinking the word strength on my chest."

"Where on your chest?"

"Above my heart."

"I bet there's a story behind that." she smiled, making Alex chuckle a little.

"You'd be right."

"When would you like it done?"

"As soon as possible."

"Normally you have to book, but today's a slow day. We can do it now if that's good for you?"

Alex thought for a moment. He could get it done right then, that was a lot more sudden than he'd anticipated but he knew if he chickened out, he'd never gather the courage to try again.

"Now's perfect."

"Awesome! Just wait here and I'll get the tattoo artist."

She disappeared out the back again and Alex felt his heart begin to beat wildly, he couldn't believe this was happening. He'd woken up this morning planning on having lunch with his best friend and bitch about his relationship troubles and now he was about to get a tattoo. Mum and dad are going to be so pissed.

Alex didn't notice the woman returning and flinched when Sam elbowed him sharply in the ribs.

"Hmmm, sorry?" Alex blinked when he realised they were both looking at him expectantly.

"Do you mind filling out this form?" the woman repeated and the smile never left her face.


Alex stepped over to the desk and pulled the form towards him and out of the corner of his eye he saw Sam sit down on one of the chairs. He filled out the form quickly, excitement and nerves making his hands shake slightly.

"You'll be seeing Collin today."

"Is he any good?" Alex asked, his eyes never leaving the paper.

"I like to think I'm pretty fantastic."

Alex looked up at the unexpected voice and felt his mouth go dry. The man who he assumed must be Collin was by far the most gorgeous man he'd ever seen in his life, Alex guessed he was around twenty-five. He was tall, taller than Sam which was saying something.

Not only that but was twice as broad and built like an ox. This man was every wet dream Alex had ever had and he was standing in front of him in a short sleeved black shirt that showed off strong, muscled arms and a large black tribal tattoo.

Alex could feel his heart beating quicker and he knew it had nothing to do with nerves. He bit his lip and blushed pink when he realised he was staring and looked away, hoping he hadn't just made a fool of himself.

"So who am I doing today?" Collin asked and Alex blushed harder at the double meaning.

"You're doing me." Alex answered quickly, looking at the man from under his eyelashes.

Collin smiled and Alex felt his stomach doing flip flops. He couldn't understand how this man could make him feel this way. He was acting like a blushing virgin, something which Alex was anything but. Over the years he'd had lots of boyfriends and even more one night stands, he wasn't afraid to admit he was a bit of slut but he hadn't felt so giddy about a man since his first time when he was fourteen.

He cursed himself silently, he was here to get over his last boyfriend, not find another one. Sam was right, he fell in love to quickly. Even if he was, Collin screamed straight and Alex had a rule about falling for straight men, it never ended well.

"Well then, come with me and I'll get you sorted."

Alex was snapped back to reality when Sam put a hand on his shoulder.

"Do you want me to come with you?"

Collin's eyes snapped to Sam like he'd only just realised he was there. His smiled disappeared and was replaced by a frown and Alex caught himself thinking he'd do anything to make that smile return.

"No Sam, I'll be fine. I need to do this by myself. I left my wallet in the car, can you go to an ATM and get me some money?" Alex asked.

He knew it was stupid and futile but he wanted nothing more than to be alone in the same room with Collin which meant he had to get rid of Sam. Sam gave him a funny look and Alex felt like a horrible friend for practically telling Sam to piss off so he could be alone with a stranger he didn't have a shot with.

"Ok. If you need me, I'll be out here."

Alex nodded and Collin gestured for him to follow him and Alex did. Collin headed down the hallway to the end room and opened the door for Alex. The room was just as clean as the rest of the place which wasn't a surprise. Alex sat down in the chair and his nerves spiked once more.

"How are you feeling?" Collin asked as he fiddled with something on the table behind Alex.

"Nervous, excited. This was kind of a spur of the moment thing." Alex admitted, twisting around so he could see Collin.

Collin laughed and snapped on a pair of black latex gloves and Alex felt a surge of arousal shoot through him. How could that possibly turn me on? I have problems.

"I'm just going to put this on as template." Collin explained, holding up something that reminded Alex of baking paper.

Collin stood in front of him and Alex looked up at him expectantly.

"You have to take your shirt off." Collin said after and moment.

Alex jumped and blushed heavily, pulling off his shirt and cursing himself for acting like an idiot.

"Just lay back and relax. This won't take more then an hour."

Collin rubbed the transfer on his cheat and Alex would have sworn his heart was trying to climb up his throat. Collin was close enough to smell his aftershave and Alex nearly started drooling. This man was even more attractive up close, he had warm chocolate brown eyes and black hair. He radiated testosterone and Alex's head was swimming in arousal. This is going to be the longest hour of my life.

His wrist was burning and he was blinking back tears by the time Collin pulled the tattoo gun away for the last time.

"What made you decide to get this done?" Collin asked, breaking the hour long silence.

"Sam bought it up and reminded me how much I've always wanted one. He's the one sitting in the front waiting for me." Alex explained, cutting out the part about Mitchell.

"Sam you're boyfriend?"


"That's good."

"Is it?"

Collin looked up from the bin where he'd just thrown his gloves. Alex watched him pull out a small tub of cream from a draw under the tray where his tattoo gun was sitting and sat back down in front of Alex. Alex's breath hitched when Collin scooped up a small amount and rubbed it into the tender, inflamed skin of his tattoo.

Alex's breath hitched and a jolt of happiness went through him. If there was one thing his long line of lovers had taught him, it was how to spot desire. Collin wanted him, and that knowledge destroyed what little self control Alex had had to begin with.

His body moved before his brain could process the idea and captured Collin's lips with his own. Collin froze and for one terrible moment Alex feared he'd miss read the signals, he was about to pull back and stammer out an apology when Collin snaked a hand around his neck and pulled him closer.

He saw stars as their tongues fought and there was molten hot desire and lust coursing through him. Collin's hands were as big as the rest of him and Alex felt a thrill of excitement as he realised exactly how easy it would be for this man to overpower him, protect him. That's what I thought about Mitchell and look how that turned out.

Alex pulled away suddenly and panted for breath. "I can't do this." He pushed Collin away and buried his face in his hands. "I'm sorry."

"What's wrong? Did I push to hard?"

"No! you didn't do anything wrong, it's me. I meet these men and I fuck them before I even know them and It always ends the same way, I always end up with a broken heart and I just cant do it again."

Collin winced, clearly uncomfortable and knelt down in front of Alex. He lifted Alex's face gently and was surprised to find tear tracks staining his cheeks.

"Hey, ummm….."

"Alex, my name is Alex."

"Alex. It's alright, I get it. I'm sorry too, making out with customers isn't very professional."

"I don't even know why I'm crying." Alex admitted softly.

"Everyone who gets a tattoo reacts differently to the pain, you're one of the emotional ones." Collin explained, cupping Alex's cheek tenderly. "Look, I'm not going to pretend if you hadn't pushed me away I wouldn't have fucked you silly right here on this chair, but you're right. We should get to know each other before we fuck." he teased.

Alex responded with a watery laugh and looked at Collin hopefully. "You want to get to know me?"

"Very much."

"You probably wouldn't like me, I don't even like me lately." Alex warned, embarrassed when his voice broke.

"I already like you, I wouldn't have kissed you if I didn't. I would like to take you out on date."

"I've never been on a date before." Alex admitted.

"You've had boyfriend before though haven't you?" Collin asked confused.

"Boyfriend is a pretty loose term. Guys fuck me, they don't date me."

"I'd like to date you and fuck you."

"I'd like that." Alex laughed as he smiled vibrantly up at Collin. I wonder if this is how Sam felt when he met Dean?


Dean sighed heavily as he entered the house and threw his keys in the bowl next to the door that Sam demanded they have. He'd been on his back all day under an old Ute that just refused to cooperate and as a result his arms and shoulders were aching. He walked into the lounge room and frowned when he saw Sam and Alex sitting on the couch.

Alex was leaning against the arm and Sam was laying curled up with his head in Alex's lap. They were watching a movie and Dean was surprised by the surge of jealousy that spread through him at the sight of them so close. He knew he was being paranoid, there was nothing but friendship between the two but something about seeing Sam's head in another mans lap made him bristle.

"Hey Dean."

"Hey Alex. How was lunch?" Dean asked, pushing down the irrational jealousy.

"Good." Alex laughed and Sam shifted uncomfortably.

Dean's eyes narrowed and looked between them suspiciously. He wasn't so sure about Alex but he could read Sam like a book, he was hiding something.

"Anything interesting happen?"

"Alex got a date."

"Really? How did that happen?" Dean asked, raising his eyebrows.

"He jumped his tattoo artist."

"Thank you Sam for sharing that." Alex growled. "Maybe I should share something with Dean?"

Sam elbowed Alex roughly and shot him a dirty look which just made Alex laugh.

"Well, I'm gonna go home and get ready for my date tonight." Alex announced, slipping out from under Sam's head.

"Good luck!" Sam called out as Alex left.

Dean tuned his attention back to Sam and pinned him down with a questioning gaze. "Ok spill, what are you hiding?"

"What makes you think I'm hiding something?"

"I know you Sammy. Does it have something to do with how Alex got a date with a tattoo artist?"

"Hey! On a complete unrelated note, how do you feel about tattoo's?" Sam asked, trying to appear casual but was betrayed by the shake in his voice.

Dean's narrow his eyes at the question and Sam shifted uncomfortably once more, he started playing with the sleeve of his long sleeved shirt and Dean's suspicious were aroused.

"I'm not against them." he answered slowly, gauging Sam's reaction. "What's going on Sam?"

"Ok, here's what happened. Alex was telling about his break up with his douche bag of an ex-boyfriend and as a sort of pick me up I took him to a tattoo parlour to a get a tattoo, which is something he's always wanted done." Sam explained in a rush and then paused to see if Dean was keeping up.

"I'm with you so far."

"Right, well while he was getting it done I was sat in the waiting area. There were all these tattoo books and magazines and I started reading them. And while I was looking through them I remembered how you're always giving me hickeys because you like people knowing I belong to you, and you told me once you wished you could mark me permanently, so I…did this." Sam blurted out at such speed that Dean really did have a hard time understanding it all.

Dean watched as Sam pulled up the hem of his sleeve and displayed a shiny back tattoo on the inside of his left wrist. The skin around it was red and tender while the tattoo itself was raised slightly, giving it a 3D quality. Dean swallowed as he mouth went dry and his mind went blank. He couldn't believe what he was seeing; there on Sam's wrist in neat, medium sized script was 'Dean'

He couldn't believe how hot it was to see his name imprinted forever on Sam's soft, pale skin. The sight of it made something primal and possessive in Dean raise its head and preen like a peacock at the thought of everyone knowing exactly who Sam belonged to.

"Please say something." Sam whispered, terrified that Dean was angry.

"Holy shit." Dean cursed himself for sounding like a fool but it was taking a while for his brain to come back online.

"I fucked up didn't I? I'm sorry! I thought you'd like it!" Sam blinked away the tears that blurred his vision. How could have been so stupid? Now I've got ink permanently ingrained into my skin and Dean hates it!

"Sammy that is by far the hottest thing I have ever seen." Dean growled, using ever ounce of self control he had not to take Sam on the couch at that very moment.

"Wait….Really? You like it?" Sam asked hopefully. Maybe I didn't fuck up!

"I love it! Oh Sammy you have no fucking idea."

Sam let a breath, relief coursing through him like a warm wave. He was so happy he almost missed the burning heart of arousal in Dean's eyes…almost.

"Really Dean? You like it? You like the fact that I'm forever marked as yours?" Sam teased, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth.

"Yes." Dean hissed , he knew Sam was teasing but he didn't care.

"I'm not sure I believe you, I think you're going to have to show me."

Dean growled and launched himself off the chair at Sam, who let loose a small squeak of surprise. Dean pinned him to the couch by straddling his thighs and pinned his arm above his head, careful not to put any pressure on his tattoo.

Sam wondered briefly if having sex on the couch would be a good idea considering what happened that time but when started sucking on the tender flesh beneath his ear and grinding their hips together, Sam found that he couldn't really bring himself to care all that much.

Dean tore off his pants quickly, much more efficient then Sam was at undressing. The warm weight of Dean's body crushed against his made his head spin and eyes glaze over in lust. Dean growled again, a sound that made Sam's body quiver in anticipation, his cock already hard and leaking against his stomach.

"Suck." Dean ordered, shoving three fingers into Sam's mouth roughly.

Sam obeyed immediately, covering the finger with as much saliva as he could produce. Dean was in a dominating mood and Sam knew from experience that saliva would be the only lubricant he would get. When Dean was satisfied his tore his fingers from Sam's mouth and without any warning forced two into Sam's tight hole.

Sam swore and twisted his hips to get away from the probing fingers. Dean used his free hand to hold Sam still, pushing his hips into the couch so Sam couldn't wriggle away. Saliva was not the best lubricant and was already drying.

Dean pulled his fingers out and spat on them before shoving them back in. Sam panted as his muscles relaxed and accepted the intrusion, replacing the pain with pleasure as Dean roughly jabbed his fingers against his prostate. Dean felt a spike of arousal when Sam stared the finger fuck himself on his fingers, whimpering and grasping the beds sheets.

"Such a little slut."

Sam whined and thrust himself harder onto Dean's fingers.

"You like that bitch? Do you like it when I call you a slut?" Dean purred. He was thrusting his fingers inside Sam with such force that Sam's whole body jerked.

"Yes!" Sam panted, his breaths coming in short jerky pants.

"What are you Sammy?"

"A slut."

Dean's hand slipped off Sam's hip due to the sweat gathering on Sam's body. He replaced it and dug his nails into the flesh so it wouldn't slip off again, hard enough to bruise. He continued finger fucking Sam at a punishing pace.

"What else?"

Dean was surprised to see that Sam was getting off on the dirty talk as much as he was. It would seem Sam liked dominating Dean as much as Dean liked submissive Sam.

"I'm a whore! A dirty little cock slut!"

"Yes you are. Who do belong to?"

"You! I belong to you, only you!

Sam body was shaking and he wasn't sure how much more he could take. He was ready to cum, had been for what seemed liked an eternity but Dean had a tight grip of the base of his cock, stopping him from coming.

He could feel every inch of Dean's fingers inside him, stroking him from the inside, pushing and prodding against his prostate. His head felt like it was going to explode if he didn't cum soon. Dean let go his hands and Sam automatically latched onto Dean neck, pulling their bodies closer.

Dean smiled and leaned down, smashing their mouths together in a kiss that was all lust and passion. Sam whimpered and tasted a bit of blood as his teeth bit into his bottom lip from the force of the kiss. Dean picked up his hand and placed it over his left nipple.

"Pinch it" Dean demanded.

Sam obeyed and shouted out in pain and pleasure. The tiny nub hardened under his touch and burned as Sam tormented the extremely sensitive nipple.

"Good little slut" Dean praised, brushing Sam's sweaty hair out his face.

Sam had slipped into the submissive role with ease and some level of gratitude. He and Dean didn't play this game often, neither were really fond of pain and both had to be in the mood. Sam knew all it would take was one word and everything would stop, Dean would go back to usual loving, goofy self.

This was the darker side of their sex lives that they only indulged in occasionally, in fact since they'd started dating nearly a year ago, they had only 'played' three times.

Sam continued to pinch the hard nipple obediently and grimaced when it stopped being pleasurable and just hurt.


Sam did.

"The other one"

Sam followed the direction and moved his hand to the other nipple, knowing this one would hurt just as much as the other.

"You look beautiful" Dean whispered although Sam heard him clearly. "You have no idea how much I want you."

"Then why don't you take me?" Sam dared to say. Desperation was making it harder for him to stay in his submissive role.

Dean pinched one of Sam's tortured nipples in punishment before wrapping it around his cock.

"Fuck Dean!"

Dean couldn't believe how hard he was, or how much pleasure Dean could bring just by touching. He saw stars as Dean bit down hard on his left nipple and shivered at the pain it bought but also the blinding pleasure.

"You like that don't you?" Dean asked.

Sam couldn't answer, he was too far gone. Dean growled and pinched the head of Sam's cock.

"Answer me!"

"Yes!" Sam screeched as he pinched harder.

"You like that don't you, cum slut?" he whispered harshly.

"Yes." Sam whimpered.

"What are you?" Dean demanded.

"A cum slut. " Sam groaned as he was rewarded by another pinch.

"That's right. My good little cum slut." Dean soothed, stroking Sam's cock.

The tip was now a angry red and had started leaking all over Dean's hand. Dean sped up his movements, causing Sam to moan and whimper like a porn star. Dean knew he was close, he pulled at Sam's cock and ended each movement with a twist of his wrist.

Sam latched onto Dean's shoulder and held on as tight as he could. Dean winced a little as Sam's nails dug into his skin. Dean steadied himself and carefully began to push inside.

Sam's entrance was wipe and gaping, shiny with saliva. Dean was pleased with himself, he'd stretched Sam out perfectly, his cock slipped into a place with a soft squishing noise and Sam groaned as he was finally filled by what he'd been waiting for.

Dean slowly pulled out and pushed back in. Sam whimpered as he felt every vein in Dean's throbbing cock. He felt so full, so alive and wanted. Sam screamed as Dean hit his prostate and wrapped his legs around Dean's waist and pulled him closer. He needed him deeper, he needed to be fucked harder.

"You're such a little cock whore."

"I'm your cock whore."

"Yes you are." Dean thrust harder.

He could feel his orgasm building in his stomach, the way his balls pulled closer to his body. Dean began to thrust deeper, needing Sam to cum before him.

"Cum for me baby."

Sam's breathing sped up and Dean could feel Sam's muscles tightening and knew he was close.

"Cum baby, come on baby."

"I'm cumming!" Sam gasped over and over as he rocked against Dean. "DEAN!" Sam screamed out as he came heavily over his chest and stomach.

Dean grunted at the feel of Sam's ass tightening. Sam's vision went white and for a moment he was afraid he'd pass out, but he held on to reality and sighed as the warmth of Dean's cum coated his insides and made his feel completely and utterly fucked out. Dean rode out his orgasm, making sure Sam's ass milked him of every last drop of cum.

Dean felt the muscles in his arms shake before giving out and he collapsed on top of Sam with a grunt. They lay there panting for a minute before Sam started giggling into Dean's ear.

"I'll have to fuck you harder next time if you can still giggle." Dean mumbled mainly to himself. "What could possibly be funny at this moment?"

"So much for using condoms." Sam said, wiggling his ass where Dean was still lodged firmly inside to emphasise his point.

Dean rested his head in the curve of Sam's neck and laughed with him.

"I didn't mean it." he muttered after a moment.

"Mean what?"

I don't think you're a slut, or a whore. I didn't mean it."

"I know that Dean. People say things all the time during sex they don't mean. In case you hadn't noticed, I liked you calling me those names. I'm not saying I want you to call me a whore or a slut every time we have sex but once in while it's alright." Sam assured him, brushing his fingers through Dean's short hair.

Eventually they both fell asleep where they lay, naked, sweaty limbs entangled together on the couch, both too exhausted to move to the bed.


Sam took one last look at the empty house. The place looked bigger being empty and Sam felt a profound sense of sadness at seeing the house that had become his home being so empty. It was this place was his home, the home he'd made with Dean. He had lost his virginity here, fell in love here. This was where he and Dean started, all his memories, it was all gone with just an hollow shell left behind. All their furniture was on its way to their new house. They would be leaving later that night to give time for all their stuff to reach the house before they did.

"You ok Sammy?"

Sam turned and gave Dean a shaky smile.

"I don't know. I think its just hitting me that this is actually happening."

Dean wrapped a arm around his shoulders and pulled him close. Sam sighed and rested his head on Dean's shoulder.

"You're not having second thought are you?"

"Of course not! It's just….It's one thing to talk about leaving, it's another to actually do it."

Dean nodded in understanding and lifted Sam's chin up so he had access to Sam's mouth. He moulded their mouths together in a gentle kiss and Sam felt the tension leave his body.

"I think I have something that might cheer you up."

Dean's surprise had turned out to be one last trip to the bar where they'd met. Sam sat at the bar and watched Alex and Collin dancing under the disco lights. Alex and Collin had been dating for the past month and Sam had to admit they were a good couple.

At first he'd been unsure, afraid Collin would just be another in a long line of disappointments but he was wrong. Collin was the best thing that had ever happened to Alex, they grounded each other. Alex could be a bit overwhelming for most people but not for Collin, he encouraged Alex's…oddness.

Sam sighed and drummed his fingers on the wooden bar impatiently. Dean had been in the toilet a long time and he was getting lonely.

"You should keep a close eye on your boyfriend, he seems to be getting a little grabby."

Sam looked over at Dean who had just appeared in the seat next to him. He was about to ask what the hell he was talking about when he remember. That was the first thing he said to me the night we met.

"He's not my boyfriend." Sam answered, playing along with Dean's little game. It was easy, he'd remember that night for the rest of his life.


"Why is that good?"

"Means I wont feel like a jerk for flirting with you."

Sam raised his eyebrows and suppressed a urge to laugh. How did I ever fall for that line?

"Just because he's not my boyfriend, doesn't mean I'm single."

"True. But I find it highly unlikely."

Sam smiled and felt the same surge of attraction pooling in his stomach he had that night. The only difference was this time it wasn't just attraction or lust. It was love. Although thinking back on it, the way he felt that night, Sam realised he started falling in love with Dean the moment he sat down next to him.

"How can you be so sure?" he demanded, licking his dry lips.

Dean smiled and curled a hand around Sam's neck, pulling him so close their faces were almost touching.

"The same way I'm sure you're not twenty-one." he whispered so no one else could hear.

"And how did you possibly come to that conclusion?" Sam whispered, closing the tiny distance between them and nipping at Dean's bottom lip before pulling away.

Dean chuckled which made Sam's stomach flip Some things never change. He still swooned like a school girl at Dean's laugh.

"I'm good at reading people."

"Really? What can you read from me?" Sam asked softly.

"Come with me and I'll tell you."

"And where would you be taking me?" Sam teased.

"My place."

"And what would we be doing at your place?" he enquired innocently, cocking his head.

"I'm sure we can think of something." Dean, cupping Sam's cheek and tracing a thumb across his plump bottom lip.

Sam caught the thumb between his teeth and nibbled on it playfully. Why not? The house is empty and our plane doesn't leave for another three hours.

Sam allowed Dean to guide him out the bar and chuckled when he realised this was the second time he had ditched Alex in a bar to go home with Dean. As Sam slipped into the car with Dean he couldn't but help reflect on how much had changed. Who would have thought the night he went home to find comfort in the arms of a stranger would be the night his life truly began? It seemed strangely fitting to replay that night. Tonight this chapter of their lives would close and tomorrow their future would begin.


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