Please note that this story is EWE to some extent, because many of the characters featured do not follow cannon. It should also be noted that this story is currently undergoing some major edits and so the beginning may not entirely match up with the end anymore. This will be rectified soon. Please bare this in mind when reading and reviewing, as there will likely be moments when you read and think "Hang on, earlier she said this, but now it's saying that." Below is a list of the characters who feature with varying degrees of prominence within this story, along with their age, their House at Hogwarts and who they belong to.

Direct Blood Members of Brood:

Rose Weasley- 16, Gryffindor, daughter of Ron and Hermione Weasley.

Hugo Weasley- 14, Gryffindor, Son of Ron and Hermione Weasley.

Fred Weasley- 17, Gryffindoor, Son of George and Angelina Weasley.

Rory Weasley-16, Gryffindor, Twin of Roxy, son of George and Angelina Weasley.

Roxanne Weasley-16, Gryffindor, twin of Rory, daughter of Geaogre and Angelina.

James Sirius Potter-17, Gryffindor, Son of Harry and Ginny Potter.

Albus Potter-16, Slytherin, Son of Harry and Ginny Potter.

Lily Luna Potter-14, Gryffindor, daughter of Harry and Ginny Potter.

Victoire Weasley- 21, prior Gryffindor, daughter of Bill and Fleur Weasley

Dominique Weasley- 16, Gryffindor, daughter of Bill and Fleur Weasley.

Louis Weasley- 14, Gryffindor, son of Bill and Fleur Weasley.

Lucy Weasley-12, Gryffindor, twin of Molly Junior, daughter of Percy and Audrey Weasley.

Molly Weasley-12, Gryffindor, twin of Lucy, daughter of Percy and Audrey Weasley.

Arnold Weasley-11, Gryffindor, son of Percy and Audrey Weasley.

Shelley Weasley-13, Gryffindor, daughter of Charlie and Ana Weasley.

Remi Weasley-10, Not in attendance of Hogwarts yet, twin of Annon, son of Charlie and Ana Weasley.

Annon Weasley-10, not in attendance of Hogwarts yet, twin of Remi, son of Charlie and Ana Weasley.

Members of the Brood that are not technically related:

Teddy Lupin-24, prior Gryffindor, Godson of Harry and Ginny Potter.

Lauren Furnell-16, Gryffindor, Friends with Rose, Girlfriend of James Sirius Potter.

Dylan Parker- 17, Gryffindor, friends with James, Fred and Rose.

Scorpius Malfoy-16, Slytherin, friends with Albus Potter. Enemy of Rose Weasley.

Lorcan Longbottom-17, Ravenclaw, twin of Lysander, son of Neville and Luna Longbottom.

Lysander Longbottom-17, Ravenclaw, Twin of Lorcan, son of Neville and Luna Longbottom.

Lacey Longbottom-15, Ravenclaw, daughter of Neville and Luna Longbottom.

Patrick Finnegan – 9, Son of Seamus Finnegan and Arabella Luff.

Tobias Finnegan – 11, Son of Seamus Finnegan and Arabella Luff.

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Everything

Being a part of the Weasley/Potter brood is so much more than being mere family members. For a start we spend much more time together than the average muggle family. For another the majority of us are slightly insane, to varying degrees. If ever there was one among us that was completely around the twist though, it had to be me. Rose Weasley. That's right; of all of those among the Weasley/Potter brood I'm considered the worst. Personally I find that a little insulting at times, especially given that Victoire, Dominique and Louis have a partial Werewolf for a Dad and partial Veela for a mother. Let me just say that they have been known to flip out as bad as a dragon with a hangnail.

Anyway, apparently I'm insane because I live to duel. Whether I am sparring with words, duelling with my wand or throwing punches like a muggle (Uncle Harry and Uncle George taught me how) I just cannot get enough. Personally I feel it keeps my mind and reflexes sharp and the muggle fighting keeps me in shape. Last year I convinced Mum and Dad to get me a boxing bag. They did so on the condition that I substitute it for Hugo. He had been begging them to get me one for years. But I've totally taught him some kick ass moves in the times I make him practice with me so that if some crazy muggle decides to kidnap him and he doesn't want to break the Code of Secrecy, he can defend himself without serious issue. But what can I say? I'm just a good sister like that.

So at the moment I'm sixteen. I go to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where I excel at Charms, Herbology and Potions. I make a truly intense Amortentia, which Uncle George pays me to supply for his Joke shop. As well as those subjects I take Care of Magical Creatures with Uncle Hagrid, Transfiguration, Defence Agianst the Dark Arts and Arithmancy. Other things I happen to excel at whilst at Hogwarts are assisting the Brood in the orchestration of pranks and being an excellent student, when I'm not getting detention for truly dominating the bane of my existence.

Said bane of existence happens to be none other Scorpius Malfoy. I truly detest him, which explains the scowl on my face as he sits opposite me at the hugely extended kitchen table at Grandma Molly's Burrow. You see, the entire brood are encouraged -namely by Uncle Harry and Mum- to promote and even practise inter-house unity at Hogwarts. This means that whilst the majority of us of the brood are in Gryffindor, sadly some of us (Albus Potter, I'm looking at you!) were selected for other Houses. The scrawny little git was chucked into Slytherin, where he met and befriended the prat currently smirking at me.

Dad's words all those years ago as I boarded the train for the first time have always stuck out in my mind. I beat him at everything. Now while I refuse to ever admit it out loud, the scrawny little shit does give me a run for my money. He is second in all of our classes and naturally he picked all the same subjects as me the entire way through Hogwarts, and he is on the Quidditch team, like me, though obviously we play for different houses. Honestly my only escape from his constant presence is the fact that I'm a Gryffindor and he's a Syltherin. The only time I ever get to be away from him is when I'm studying in the common room or hanging out somewhere that isn't in class, the Great Hall, or the Quidditch pitch.

The rest of the family, excluding Albus Potter, are in Gryffindor. We vary from first to seventh years and I think we might actually have at least one family member, be they Potter or Weasley, in every schooling year currently at Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat would have had a ball sorting all of us as the brood makes its way through Hogwarts. I'm fairly sure it was bored when it whispered in my head "Another Weasley." Which is a fair call, the brood is huge to the point where I sometimes question why Gram insists on having these massive family lunches inside. Why can't we all eat outside so that the house doesn't have to be charmed with Merlin only knows how many Extension charms to fit the massive table. I swear it's longer than the house tables in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Not to mention that after the War several parts of the Burrow were apparently rebuilt to allow for the expanding size of the family and the fact that everyone was awarded a fair bit of reward money for their contributions during the war and their sacrifices.

Excluding Mum and Dad, all of my uncles and aunts had at least three kids each. Grandma Molly loves it when we are all over in the summer. Like now, while we sit here eating afternoon tea. Then there are the others who strictly aren't related by blood but technically counted in the brood. Like Aunt Luna and Uncle Neville's kids and Uncle Seamus's boys. We all took a silly pact when we were kids that we might not all actually be related by blood but no matter what, we're all family and will do anything for each other. Of course given that there are currently 26 sworn members of the brood and I'm directly related to seventeen of them, tempers tend to fray between all of us at times.

I can't say that surprises me. Even the best of friends fight sometimes and given that three quarters of us are hot headed Weasley's it's not exactly surprising that we tend to fight amongst ourselves as much as we do with the rest of the world. But none of us fight so frequently or so famously as me and Scorpius Malfoy.

"Get your own family, Malfoy!" I growl across the table at him. He's here because he's friends with Albus, which is why he's also a sworn Brood member. All because Albus is a prat and made friends with an even bigger prat. Something I will never forgive Al for. Malfoy smirks at me across the table. We have all been warned by Grandma Molly that if we aren't all civil to each other she'll have us de-gnoming the garden. Again, since the last time we had a family gathering Molly and Lucy had a screaming match, Shelley told Dominique she was a snobby bitch, the twins Annon and Remi turned Arnold into the nasty little toad he is, and Rory ended up getting socked by Malfoy when he and Fred and James and Albus tried to break up a fist fight between me and Malfoy.

That's why I said it quietly. So there is no way Gram will hear me… yet. But many of my cousins hear me and they all begin to grin in anticipation. They all find the mutual hatred between Malfoy and me absolutely hilarious. Not to mention entertaining since we are incredibly creative as we find ways to hurt each other.

"I like yours better," He sneers at me.

"That's because my family aren't a bunch of cowardly backstabbing Death-Eaters like yours are," I say sweetly, and I grin when James snorts his pumpkin juice and it comes spilling out of his nose. I love playing the Death Eater card with Malfoy. It always hits a nerve. A great big one. And Malfoy's an idiot who doesn't know how to hide the giant red button on his forehead that just begs me to push it.

Malfoy's face darkens with hatred and anger as he glares at me. His smirk completely wiped from his face at my statement. He struggles for a minute. Sometimes I suspect he would love to call my family a pack of Blood Traitors or maybe he's just biting his tongue on calling me a sanctimonious bitch like he did last week, but he wouldn't dare do either. Not in Gram's kitchen. I can't help but chuckle before I goad him further.

"Seriously Malfoy, I know you're obsessed with me but there is really no need to stalk me. Befriending Al just so you can see me through the holidays; taking all the same classes as me. I know I'm single, but I don't date scum. Stop stalking me," I state, my eyes twinkling as he glares at me in hatred. Another thing I'm far better at than Malfoy, is keeping my temper in check. Sometimes he is so easy to bait. The electricity between us amps up a few notches as he glares at me, and a gloating smile blooms on my face; I do so love to torment him.

"No one in their right mind would ever give you a second glance, let alone form an obsession with you, Bitch!" He snarls back at me. I grin wickedly at him and cock one eyebrow at him. He squirms as he catches the implication of my look.

"Oh Malfoy there's no need for you to tell us you're not in your right mind. We all know you have severe brain damage. It's probably the centuries of inbreeding…. maybe you should get your head examined," I say softly as the other scoff and laugh behind their hands, trying to avoid drawing attention to our argument. I long ago learned to ignore the shots he takes at my appearance.

After all hip length, cork-screw ringlets in hair the colour of sweet red wine, soft creamy skin with a spattering of cute freckles on my nose and ice blue eyes, long toned legs and a petite frame does not a troll make. He damn well knows it too. I smirk at him; clearly he didn't like my shot about the inbreeding.

"Weasley is that really the best you can do?" He smirks at me as he rolls with my jabs at him and tries to think of something witty to say back. "Well I suppose I shouldn't expect too highly of you. I mean, you can't help it that you're as ugly and dim-witted as a troll. That's the real reason you like muggle fighting so much. You're just a stupid brute; a bitch in need of anger management." He sneers at me, and I feel my hatred for him blossom from beneath the lid I try to keep on the anger my hatred births when the entire family is present.

The anger management comment hits a nerve. He isn't the first one to have suggested it. I glare at him, my icy eyes boring into his quicksilver pair. Albus holds out his hand, flat on the table for Malfoy to high-five him without getting caught. I feel the snarl building at the back of my throat. Sometimes I wonder if maybe Uncle Bill's condition rubbed off on me. Maybe that time I got drunk in the summer between fourth and fifth year and snogged Teddy passed the partial werewolf gene to me? Don't worry he and Victoire were on a break. She got a little too friendly with another part Veela when she was on holiday in France with Dominique. He wasn't a bad kisser either, I know because I tried it again at Christmas last year while I was sober.

I feel my fingers grip my wand as I point it directly at Malfoy's legs under the table. I hit him with a jinx that will give him nasty boils in his most sensitive area. Then I hit Albus with a leg locker curse for the high-five. Their eyes widen and I see some pain in Malfoy's.

Glee fills me…Maybe one of the boils erupted.

"Come now Malfoy. We both know that I beat you at everything, especially Quidditch and I'm still the top of our year. Do you know the real meaning of coming second Malfoy?" I ask him softly, the snarl making my voice vibrate a little.

"It means you're always the first loser," I say watching his face contort in rage. Quidditch is a definite sore spot with him.

Before he can say anything in repsonse, Albus jumps in to defend his friend. I guess he's a little pissed off about the leg-locker curse.

"Rose why do you always have to be such a bitch?" he asks me.

Then I remember that he didn't do so well in the O.W.L.s.

I think he only got five. It's not that he isn't smart either, he just doesn't work for it and he is the type that should. I focus my gaze on him. Al and I get along fairly well most of the time, but my hatred of Malfoy and his friendship with the git has always been a sore spot on our relationship. If not for that we could be best friends. We used to when we first went to Hogwarts. But now Fred is my best friend. Fred and Loz and Roxy.

"Now Al, you know very well that if you hadn't befriended this arrogant prat and brought him home with you like a mangy stray cat, I wouldn't have to be a bitch at all. So ultimately I have to always be a bitch because of your poor choice in friends," I say nastily.

He looks a little shocked, and I watch as his ears begin to glow red. It seems Aunt Ginny passed on that embarrassing Weasley trait. Lily is beside me, and she and Al don't get on at all. She also detests Malfoy almost as much as I do; she giggles and cups her hand around my cheek affectionately.

"Oh Rosie you are truly awe-inspiring," She giggles again, this gets James snorting. He isn't much of a Malfoy fan either. And when James snorts the rest of the brood begins to lose it. They try to hide it, knowing there will be trouble if the parental units realise we have been arguing.

Clearly though, Albus is pissed off and Malfoy is still glaring at me.

"Rose Weasley you take that back! You were a bitch long before I became friends with Scorp. You've always been a bitch!" Al exclaims a little loudly. I didn't realise he felt that way. To be fair he's telling the truth. I have a rather vindictive nature and I always pay people back for anything they say or do to me. Brood be damned. They know better than to mess with me unless they want to find out which one of us is better at messing with people.

I smile nastily at him "Only to you and the scumbag next to you. It's really not my fault that you're a weirdo Albus. Just like it's not my fault you were sorted into Slytherin when the rest of us are in Gryffindor."

He looks at me like I've slapped him. Then he pushes himself up from the table and hops away until Gram hits him with the counter curse for my leg-locker.

"Weasley you are really pathetic. You are a bitch. You always have been. No wonder half the school hates you," Says Malfoy, glancing after Al before fixing me a death stare. I probably did hit a sore spot with Al and I feel a little bit bad about it since we're family and we used to be best friends. But he started on me when he should've known better.

"Malfoy the only one who hates me is you. I can't help it that every time I see you I feel like I might vomit. You are such a useless, arrogant toe-rag. I mean really Malfoy surely you know we don't want you here?" I say, my voice laced with malice and hatred.

"ROSEMARIE JEAN WEASLEY!" Gram screams from the other end of the table. Everything goes silent. Oh Shit. I guess she heard that.

"SCORPIUS HYPERION MALFOY!" she screeches angrily as she storms towards our end of the table. Oh this is bad, she's got that look. The one Uncle George told me to watch out for. This is gonna get ugly "BOTH OF YOU TAKE BACK THE THINGS YOU'VE SAID THIS INSTANT!" she screams at us. We just continue to glare at each other in hatred. She doesn't even bother to try and make us. Guess she finally worked out she is wasting her time.

"Alright that is it! I've had it with you two and your squabbles. Both of you outside right now!" She points us towards the door to the Burrow and I let my chair scrape loudly as I shove away from the table. Malfoy does the same, only he seems to do it with an air of arrogance that makes me want to punch him. As soon as I get outside I turn around to face the door. Malfoy is just coming out of it and I feel my wicked grin grow even bigger on my face.

"Oi Scumbag," I say softly and he glares over at me. Then I move. Striking like a cobra I lunge at him as I launch a stinging jinx at his chest. Gram screeches behind him as he rushes me and wraps his arms around my waist, catching my arms so that he has me in a body lock. His biceps are underneath my armpits and his fingers are interlocked at the back of my neck in a fulle nelson hold. Clearly he thinks this means I can't hurt him. I stomp on his foot and struggle to get out of his hold. I will eventually, I've experience with these things. Plus I took martial arts every summer from the time I was seven.

Gram is screeching behind us. I guess she left her wand inside. Otherwise she surely would have levitated us away from each other by now. I let my entire weight drop forward and Malfoy isn't expecting it so my arms slither out from his hold and I manage to roll forwards into a somersault. But he is quick to recover and manages to get his stupid arms around me again. This time my arms are glued to my sides and we are face to face. Then Malfoy smirks at me and cocks one eyebrow.

I freeze. I don't like that smirk at all. I've only seen it a few times but I know it means trouble. He leans closer and closer to me until I can feel his ragged breath against my skin. You would think that Quidditch would make him a little more fit. Unless it's my proximity testing his stamina…. I smirk nastily at him and try to wriggle away from him. The top I'm wearing really isn't the best for wrestling and I can feel that I'm almost popping out of the stupid cleavage-revealing thing. Then I see him move.

The bastard bit me! Gram is still screaming. I screech at the pain as he saws his teeth across my tender skin. I can hear him laughing wickedly as he continues to hurt me and I buck again, trying to get away from him. Then I hear his breath catch in his throat. Oh this is bad, I know what that breath catch means. He loosens his grip on me a little and as soon as he does I break it free of his grasp and swing my fist towards him.

Suddenly we are both a few feet in the air and he is several yards from me. My fist hits nothing but air and I realise that Gram must have finally gotten hold of her wand. I look towards the ground and see Gram, Mum, Dad and Uncle Harry all with their wands trained on me, whilst Aunt Ginny, Uncle George, Teddy and Grandpa Weasley all have their wands trained on Malfoy. Damn it! I know those looks. Mostly because this is not the first time Malfoy and I have had a fist fight.

They lower us both slowly to the ground. Then the worst possible thing happens. Gram's voice takes on that soft, deadly quality that she reserves for when she is so angry she can't yell. I glance at Uncle George who has gone pale as he hears his mother's voice.

"What did I say were the rules Rose?" she asks me in that deadly tone, she doesn't let my answer though, "Scorpius didn't I say that anybody arguing or fighting would be severely punished?" she asks him. "I said that if any of you kids caused any kind of trouble or started a fight of some kind like all of you did last week, that the guilty parties would be punished."

Malfoy's face has gone pale and I wonder if mine has too at hearing that tone from Gram since it tends to mean she on the verge of doing something drastic, the likes of which she hasn't done since Fred Senior and Uncle George were little kids.

"Clearly though, the idea means very little to either of you. This isn't surprising since the two of you are so childish and incapable of any form of maturity that you barley go a week without getting detention or letters home about the most recent trouble you've both caused. I shudder to think what would happen if the two of you ever combined your creativity. However, your clear disregard for the consequences of your actions leaves me no choice but to do something drastic that might pull the pair of you into line. For the rest of the day the two of you are going to learn how to get along. Is that understood?"

Before I can make a break for it she waves her wand in a few violent thrusts and suddenly I am connected to Malfoy.

I stare at Gram in horror. She can't really mean to go through with this. She has just magically grafted to two of us together. The outside edge of the skin the length my left arm is attached to the skin the length of his right arm. I feel sick to my stomach at the mere idea of touching Malfoy, yet here I am magically grafted to him. Oh sweet Merlin in Tartarus I think I'm going to vomit!

"Now, the two of you will work together to get rid of all the gnomes in my garden and anywhere else in the lawn. You are to stay out here until every last one of them is gone. Then, maybe, I'll let you have dinner and separate you. Maybe." That deadly voice says softly as she glares at us.

I'm attached to Malfoy. The person I hate more than anything else in the world! Attached! I can feel his pulse in my arm. It's disgusting. Before Gram can say or do anything else I open my mouth and begin to shriek and scream. I scream for almost an entire minute before Malfoy wraps the hand that isn't attached to me around my face, cutting off my air supply until I stop screaming. Then he lets go of my nose but keeps his hand over my mouth as my entire family grins at me from all over the yard. None of them are game enough to even suggest Gram comes up with some other form of punishment and many of my cousins look to be achieving a great deal of delight from this. Most of the adults look peeved at us for causing a scene like always and I notice that Mum and Dad both look as though they believe I deserve this torture.

How could they do this to me? What sort of twisted old hag makes this her punishment? The only thing that could be worse would be if we had to stand in the corner and cuddle while we thought about what we'd done! I glare at my Grandmother with as much hatred as is usually packed into my glares at Malfoy.

"Something you want to say to me Rose?" She asks in that deadly soft voice. I'm vibrating with rage as I sink my teeth into Malfoy's hand to get his hand off my face. I look my grandmother right in the eye

"I hadn't realised you disliked me so much that you want me sent to Azkaban for murder grandmother. I do hope you think enough of me that you'll write to me, but judging by that fact that you clearly have no regard for my feelings, I won't hold my breath!" I say to her packing my voice with as much malice as my gaze.

The entire family gasps in shock. Even Gram looks stunned. Guess she's never had anyone suicidal enough to say that to her.

"APOLOGISE ROSE!" Dad thunders as he stalks towards me angrily. "You have no right to talk to your grandmother that way. If you had any self control at all you wouldn't land yourself in trouble every other day because you can't tolerate being in the same room with Scorpius. He is Albus's friend and a guest at these dinners. Just because you don't like someone does not give you the right to continually disturb the rest of the world with your petty hatred and childish behaviour. I'm disappointed in you that you haven't grown mature enough to reason beyond stamping your feet and pounding your fists against things just because you don't get your way. You're a pathetic excuse for a daughter. You're sixteen years old young lady and you had better start acting like it or you'll be thrown out of this family. Do you understand me?"

"RONALD that is enough" Gram screeches as I bite my lip until it bleeds. There is no way I will cry in front of Malfoy. I absolutely refuse! How could Dad do this to me? I can taste blood in my mouth, thick on my tongue as I try to keep from crying at the humiliation of what he's said to me and the way he's so publicly reprimanded me. How can Dad say that and do that to me for fighting with Malfoy? He's the reason for my stupid rivalry with Malfoy in the first place! That and the fact that Malfoy stole Albus's friendship away from me.

"Rose, I'm sorry you feel that this is unfair. What is really unfair is the way you and Scorpius continually disturb the peace within this house and everywhere else you go. You have no regard for the feelings of anyone else around you, and no respect for anyone, least of all each other. You two will both be of age within a year. You need to grow up and start acting like adults rather than little children on the playground fighting for the slipping slide. You actions directly affect the rest of the family not just each other. In fact you both owe us all an apology."

"Sorry Gram." I murmur lowering my head so that I don't have to see the expression on the faces of my family members, shock at Dad yelling at me, or at me insulting Gram or irritation that I'm such a brat.

"Don't just apologise to me Rose. Find that defiance that burns within you so often, square your shoulders and apologise to everyone for what you've done. And I expect you to make it sound sincere." Gram chides me, her hands on her hips as she glares at me and Malfoy.

My mouth is full of blood from biting my lip to keep from screaming in anger or bursting into tears at what Dad and Gram both said to me. My cheeks feel like they're on fire as I muster my courage to face my family in spite of my humiliation. Taking a deep breath in, I square my shoulders and lift my head to look at the entire family where they stand milling around on the lawn.

"I'm sorry for starting a fight and inadvertently disturbing everyone's day. In future I'll do better to reign in my childish tendencies and endeavour to improve my restraint and self control as far as wanting to pull off Malfoy's face to see what colour the goo is inside. " I say, trying to sound sincere and to keep the defiant little smirk off my face when I catch Lily's eye where she is silently grinning at me for my words.

"Sorry everyone." Scorpius says from next to me in a low voice with far less poise than I managed to muster. I glance sideways at him just as his eyes slide away from everyone else to land on mine.

Oh how I hate him. Even the sound of his voice makes me want to stomp on his foot. Even if my lip is still bleeding from biting it. This is all his fault after all. If he didn't exist I wouldn't always be in trouble over him.

I can't believe Dad would say those things to me. He hates Malfoy as much as I do. And yet he thinks he can lecture me about my behaviour. I know for a fact that Uncle Harry and Uncle George were seventeen when they beat up Malfoy's dad. He would've been right there with them if he could've been and he wants to tell me I'm immature and childish and pathetic? I feel myself flush again as his words about throwing me out of this family if I don't fix my attitude and start acting like a young lady should, play through my head again.

Surely he can't mean it. Right? He wouldn't throw me out of the family and never talk to me again if I don't grow up. Would he? I feel my lip begin to tremble at the idea of being shunned by the entire family. And the tremble makes the fact that I bit a hole it in sting like I've been caught by the stinger on a Blast Ended Skrewt.

"Get to work the both of you," Gram says softly. Malfoy steers me away from them by turning until the skin where our arms are joined is pulled taut and begins to sting. He leads the way to the very end of the garden, out of sight of the house. The whole way he doesn't say a word, even when a few of my tears spill over out of my eyes in pain as I lightly touch my bleeding lip.

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