I hold my breath as the music begins, slow and familiar. Outside, in the gardens of Malfoy Manor, I hear the rustle and whispers of guests falling silent as they await my long walk down the aisle. Biting my lip nervously and praying I won't trip on the hem of my dress or puke all over myself, I begin to walk at the steady pace dictated of bride's on their wedding day.

"You alright, Rosie?" Dad asks me quietly. He's been stoic and nervous all day and I can tell from the hitch in his voice and the way his tone sounds forced that he's got a lump in his throat.

Mum and Dad are still a little put out with me over the idea of having the wedding so close after graduation, but I honestly didn't see the point in waiting. I'm desperately, irrevocably in love with Scorpius Malfoy and that's never going to change. Even without the bond linking our souls together, I know I'll never stop loving the giant goofball.

I almost giggle to myself when I recall that this time two years ago, if I'd been told I would one day be gushing over my love for Malfoy and be walking down the aisle, I'd have probably hit someone upside the head and told them they belonged in St Mungo's.

"Don't let me fall, Daddy," I whisper to my father as we teeter on the steps out of the house that lead into the garden. The warm summer sunshine beats down upon us and I smile to know that the weather is cooperating for a change.

"You going to be alright, living here?" Dad asks me in a whisper as I find myself smiling at the many gathered friends and loved ones waiting, watching and beaming at me.

"Of course I will," I tell him with a mischievous smile, "Besides, we're going to need the space all too soon."

Dad's steps falter as I tell him that and I glance at him slyly, unable to completely keep the enjoyment off my face. Because you see, I've got a secret.

It turns out that night not so many months ago in the garden with Scorpius when I touched the Glowing Dirigible Plum, there was an unknown effect of the plant. One that negates all forms of contraception used within the prior twenty-four hours and wildly increases fertility.

More than once over the months since we got engaged people have whispered that we're rushing into this because I'm knocked up… and well, they're right. As horrified and simultaneously delighted as I am by the notion of being pregnant at eighteen, it seems fate stepped in and dealt me a sly card. I'm currently five months pregnant. And the only person who knows is me and Madam Pomfrey. I expect she might've told McGonagall since it's kind of a big deal when a student is pregnant at Hogwarts, but McGonagall's never mentioned anything to me about it so I can't be sure.

I haven't even told Scorpius yet. He's been guessing of course, since I've been unable to entirely hide all of my symptoms. The morning sickness was the worst. I had to have some help with my dress too, for today, since I didn't want to be noticeably pregnant at my wedding. I managed to pick a dress that flows free from below my cleavage, meaning that the little baby-bump that is my tummy is hidden unless I pull the fabric taut.

Of course the choice of style for the dress only emphasised people's suspicions but as of yet I've not dared to tell anyone the truth. Dad glances at me hard for a moment, having stalled the procession of leading me down the aisle and I smile at him charmingly.

"You better not mean what I think you mean, Rosie," he whispers, escorting me forwards once more when I give a slight tug to keep him moving. I've perfectly planned out having hinted at my condition whilst in the middle of the ceremony in an attempt to keep Dad from murdering Scorpius and from going completely ballistic. This way he has to keep his cool so he doesn't make a scene and ruin my big day.

"I love you Daddy," I tell him innocently rather than answering his unspoken question.

"Bloody hell," he sighs and I glance at his resigned expression. Maybe he's not going to flip. Maybe having a whirlwind romance that's plunged head first into marriage whilst I'm still a teenager means he's rather accepted the idea that like everything else, I'll be jumping into having kids early.

My attention is distracted when we turn the corner on the aisle and I can finally get a glimpse of Scorpius. He looks dashing and handsomer than I've ever seen and I can't stop the wide, delighted smile that spreads across my face. Merlin I love him. I can feel his utter joy and his excitement with just a touch of nervousness thrown in from across the crowded garden and he beams at the sight of me.

"Well, at least I know you're happy," Dad says, chuckling and holding me steady when my feet stumble clumsily, my brain much too occupied with admiring my soon-to-be husband rather than focusing on controlling my legs.

When we reach the end of the aisle where Scorpius waits, Dad comes to a stop and turns towards me slowly, lifting the veil from across my face. He beams at me for a minute when I find myself smirking at him.

"I love you, Rosie," He tells me quietly, "Always have, always will. And we're only a floo away when you needs us, alright?"

"I love you too Dad," I reply honestly, leaning in and kissing his cheek affectionately. He returns the affection gently before turning to Scorpius. Despite Dad's growing opinion of Scorpius he seems reluctant to place my hand inside Scorp's outstretched one.

"You can let go, Daddy," I promise him softly, squeezing his hand, "I'm ready."

Tears glitter in his blue eyes for a moment before he places my hand in Scorp's. Scorpius closes his hand around mine resolutely, his gaze fixed adoringly on me and I can't help but return the waves of love pouring off him. Happiness swells through me as Scorp leads me towards where Fred is standing looking particularly debonair in his dress robes. We asked him to officiate the ceremony on a whim, thinking it would be a laugh but he's been very serious about it and I think he knew it was important to me to have not just any old wizard officiate the ceremony but someone who's been my friend all my life.

He smirks at me when I glance at him, looking entirely too pleased with himself over the idea of officiating the ceremony for us. I think he was a little surprised to be asked, but since then he's taken the matter very seriously. He had to go to the Ministry to become certified to officiate for us, and he's been very pleased over the idea.

"Ready?" he asks softly, still smiling. I glance at Scorpius, who is still staring at me as though he can't take his eyes off me.

"Ready," I nod at my favorite cousin. Beaming, Fred raises his voice and begins the ceremony.

"Dear Beloved," He calls, waving everyone towards their seats, "We are gathered here today to celebrate the love and union of Rose and Scorpius. To bear witness to the public and eternal joining of the souls of Rose and Scorpius in an expression of love and commitment to reflect the union of their hearts."

He continues on through the vows and I find myself staring up at Scorpius. The nervousness I've felt about saying my vows ebbs away and before I even realise it, the words are out of my mouth and he's sliding the wedding band down to rest against my engagement ring.

"You may kiss your bride," Fred tells Scorpius.

I gasp as he pulls me close with enough gusto to make our friends and family laugh, closing his lips over mine hungrily and sealing us together in holy matrimony for all of time. My body flushes with heat and love and happiness as I snog him, revelling in the familiar feel of his tongue sweeping in to tangle with mine.

I clutch him close, pouring every ounce of love I have for him into our kiss and feeling that love reciprocated back at me with resonating power. Our family and friends begin to clear their throat and titter when we snog on and on, lost in our love for one another.

When we finally break apart Scorpius lays his forehead against mine, peering directly into my eyes, a smile so wide across his face that he's going to get sore cheeks.

"I love you more than anything Rose," Scorpius tells me as our family and friends cheer in the background.

"I love you more than everything," I reply, my heart skipping a beat, "There's something else I've been meaning to tell you too…."

"Oh?" he asks, pulling back slowly, his hands still clutching mine. I nod seriously, unable to completely hide my smile despite biting me lip on it.

"I'm five months pregnant with our firstborn son," I admit softly, revelling in his utter shock and underlying swell off possessiveness and love. He stares at me blankly for a full minute as he tires to process that.

"Oh shit," he blurts finally, a huge grin curling across his face and completely stealing my heart for all eternity. Merlin I love him!


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