Hi this is my new story A Different life. Enjoy!

Full summary:

A normal teenager with a normal shitty life and a sister she hates gets a visit from kid a black star. They tell her she is a Meister and that she must come and meet Lord Death. Any teenager would have trouble processing that. But dark forces arise as secrets unfold about the dark past she doesn't remember. And will she find love under all the secrets and lies and distrust that surrounds her when she gets to the DWMA. Along with the strange things that happen when she fights and the odd feelings she has for 2 meisters makes her wonder was coming here the right decision?





Insults hit one another before the younger of the two threw many punches at the older one. She simply dodged and threw her on the floor. "Face it. You're weak. You will never win against be squirt." She glared at her and ran outside and into a forest getting the oddest feeling that she was being watched.

"Is that her, Father?" Kid asked his father from inside the death room looking into the mirror and watching as she ran through the forest.

"Yes it is Kid. Don't go quite yet though she won't die. I want you to see something." Lord Death told his son.

"What is it Father? Why not just send someone after her?" Kid asked his weapons on either side of him.

"Because I want you to see why it is so important that she joins the DWMA." Lord death told him.

Ava screamed as some sort of monster charged at her. She was cowering by a tree as it loomed over her and squeezed her eyes tight, raising her arms in a defensive way. She heard screams and opened her eyes a little. She opened them fully and saw the kishen on fire, burning to a crisp. The fire started to spread around her. "NO!" She screamed and in that moment the fire was gone. Only the wet ground remained.

She ran off through the forest trying to find help.

"Amazing. She can control the elements? And she's a meister? That's why you want her here isn't it?" Kid stated.

"Yes. I will leave it a year. The personality we've seen today is not her true personality. She needs a year to get used to it. After that we'll start sending meisters after her." Lord death decided.

2 years later

A tall 16 year old girl with black hair, and purple eyes walked down a dark alley. A very egotistical assassin with blue hair was following her by rooftops. "He he he." He smirked and jumped down making the ground shake.

"He He He. It's time you come to the DWMA." Black*Star snickered. "Yeah, like that's gonna happen." She said with a smirked as she turned around. "I'll make this quick. Fire resonance." She said calmly and in a split second Black*Star was out cold. She turned around only to bump into kid. "Dude, Seriously? Ugh I don't have time for this." She jumped over a building and ran down a street out of sight.

So yeah that's the prolouge sorry it's a bit short but I promise the next chappie will be longer.