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Stein sighed in clear annoyance. "Ms. Williams if you would sit down before I give you detention."

She laughed. "Go ahead." She said with a grin as she sat down on her desk and let her legs swing off the edge.

Stein grinned sadistically and turned the screw in his head before throwing another dissection knife at her, she put one hand on the table and started to dodge them before Roderich absently pull her back into her seat. She pouted. "No fair specks."

"We will be doing some dissection today." Stein said.

"Woo hoo." Alice said sarcastically.

Alice sighed as she walked backwards with her hands under her head and then noticed teh task board. "Hm. Group of kishen assassins. I'll take it."

"They are no match for the all mighty Blackstar! YAHOO!" They both reachedFor it and grabbed it at the same time.

"Make your decision wisely Black Karp."

"I am." He growled as he pulled it towards him. Alice sighed.

"I don't have time for this." And with that said she glared at him, her eyes turning a cold blue. Waves came out of nowhere and washed over him, sending him flying back. She pulled the assignment safely away from the water. "Depart." She whispered as she had one hand up in the air and carefully closed it into a fist and lowered it to her side. The water seemed to shoot into her hand in it's own.

She grinned at her partner. "Come on Roderich." She said as she walked past a dumbfounded Black*star as he fumed. He was soaking wet head to toe.

Sge crouched on a roof and jumped down without her weapon. Her eyes turned a dark shade of orange and she had a fiery flame in them. She shot a glare at 5 of the assassins and they caught on fire.

Roderich sighed and rubbed his temples, falling from 10 feet in the air. "Roderich, Silver sword mode!" She yelled he glowed silver and she caught a beautiful looking silver sword with a type of tribal marking near the handle which was brown. The second her hand caught the sword by the handle her eyes, closed and wind whipped around them.

Her hair lifted from her shoulders and the smell of freshly mowed grass entered her nostrils. The assassins stared at her as she allowed a soft smirk to spread across her lips. She opened her eyes and they were Silver. She grinned and lunged forward.

She slashed and stabbed. Cut and teared. Screams filled the air and before long the place was filled with Kishen souls just floating around.

Roderich grinned as she tossed the sword up into the air. He transformed back into his human form before he started to munch on teh souls. "Okay that was 30 souls. Mixed with our other 18 that's 48 down 52 to go." Roderich said as he wrote it down.

She grinned and placed her skateboard down. She skateboarded away. Roderich rubbed his temples as he transformed into a ninja sword and flew into her hand.

As she walked through the streets of death city she felt a presence. She saw a tall woman with black hair. She wore a pair of silky black pants, a nice black leather belly button spaghetti strap shirt. There was one thing that looked out of ordinary. On her stomach was a tattoo of a scorpian and on each on her arms was a tattoo of a bunch of scorpions that were joined together by their tails.

She gasped as images shot through her head before she heard a "Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep." She jolted awake and looked around frantically for her alarm clock before smashing her fist onto it, denting it considerably.

She got up, changed into her typical outfit. A pair of black jeans, a black off-the-shoulder shirt, and a pair of combat boots. She walked over to the mirror in her room and grinned as she finished brushing her hair. She picked up a beautiful hair clip. It was black and hand with flowers on it. She sighed as memories flashed through her head of the person who gave it to her. She shook her head and placed it down on her bookshelf and walked over to her closet she pulled on a black leather jacket and walked out to the living room to find Roderich waiting for her.

She got to her first class. Combat. Black*Star stormed over to her about to challenge her when she pointed at him with one finger and swiftly moved her arm quickly to the right, sending him flying into the wall. "I don't have time for his crap today." She muttered to her partner before sitting down and actually taking notes. Before long the teacher dismissed them.

She grinned and opened teh window, climbing out of it and jumped down. She soon found herself in the death room.

She sighed and rubbed her temples. "You have a four way partner mission with partners Soul Eater Evans And Maka Albarn. Liz And Patty Thompson and Death the Kid. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa and Black*Star." He finished. She glared daggers at him.

"Alright. What's the bloody assignment?"She snapped.

"You three are going to a town that appears to have both a new meister and weapon. It's unusual that they are closer then any Meiter and weapon in history. This is a recon mission" Lord death said just as Alice jumped out teh window and grabbed Roderich from a window on a lower floor as she went.

The other 7 students were waiting for her in the courtyard.

'Well. Let's get going." Alice suggested as she got on her skateboard.

"You better inform us on the mission" Kid advised.

"Fine. Meister. Weapon. Unusually close. Your dad wants us to do recon." She informed them.

"Interesting." Kid said as he pulled out his own flying skateboard.

"Whatever. Whoever these two are, THEY ARE NO MATCH FOR THE ALL MIGHT BLACK*STAR!" He yelled.

"I wonder if these two will join the academy." Liz pondered.

"Wow. That would be awesome, sis!" Patty said.

"It would definitely be interesting." Tsubaki said with a smile.

"Whatever. So long as this mission has a cool finish." Soul said with a grin.

"So what's this meisters name?" Maka asked Alice with a small tilt of her head.

Alice grinned. "Crona."

Okay in case some of you are confused by the whole eye color thing here's an explanation.

Ok so basically the type of weapon Roderich is, is kinda like Tsubaki. His known weapon modes are a black scythe (silver handle black blade) and Black katana, a ninja sword(yes also like Tsubaki), A golden spear with a black blade and a silver sword (like the ones in claymore.) Oh and with each differnt mode Alice's eyes change color. With black scythe her eyes turn pure black, Katana green with black spots, Golden spear Gold, Silver sword her eyes turn silver, and ninja sword her eyes turn green.

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