"One big mother..." Jacob grunted as he and Shepard balanced and guided the enormous stasis pod onto the dolly. Shepard nodded briefly before hissing, arms straining as the pod tipped off balance. With a grunt he pushed and slowly righted the pod before gently laying it flat on the dolly.

"Krogans don't do small." Shepard wiped his forehead and took a deep breath, lungs burning. "But maybe that's a blessing. One big angry Krogan on our side..." his mind glossed over the possibilities briefly then he simply shrugged.

"Unless he doesn't like you." Jacob shook his head at the risks piling up then waved over several crewmen before nodding at the commander.

"And who wouldn't like me?!" Shepard laughed and nodded back in recognition and Jacob began manoeuvring the tank towards the exit, Jacob only smirking in response the question.

Shepard let his chuckled fade as he watched for a few moments before turning to give one last glance at the corpse near the console and sighing. It was a small failure, but recovering the tank bred Krogan made up for it. And he had to admit... he wasn't too broken up over the loss.

I've met my quota for old, battle tested hard heads in my life. He chuckled slightly. Of course, a young unhardened Krogan could be worse. There better not be puberty... he almost shuddered at that horrid thought. His pragmatism hadn't quite made up its mind yet, old and familiar with Okeer or this new and mysterious tank bred Krogan. He shook his head free of the worry then walked over and knelt by Okeer.

"You died well at least." he gave a curt nod and took a deep breath before standing back up. His eyes flicked over the smoking rubble and mangled corpses littering the tank filled room on the other side of the glass. "Just another day at the office..."

He sighed and turned away from the carnage then walked towards the door.

I am far too used to this... He wiped his forehead again, this time from the heat and not exertion. It was damn hot. He wouldn't miss the horrid little junk scrap at all. He squinted as the door hissed open and he was greeted by the bright sunlight glinting off the hull of the Normandy. Hot and rank and filled with mercenaries.

Of course, the universe couldn't play nice and make it a quick pick up... he shook his head and stretched. It had to force him and his team to blast through several waves of frantic, loud mercenaries and several pissed of tank bred Krogan. His whole body burned and he pulled at his suffocating armour. Almost out of here...

He exhaled slowly then walked over to a ruined pillar, leaning against it and revelling in the slight shade it offered as he let his eyes wander over the dozen crew members wrangling the oversized tank over the bumpy terrain and slowly starting up the ramp. He watched intently as one slim, short blonde woman made several circles around the tank, checking readings on her omni-tool. She barked out several quick statements, punched in several sequences of information, and nodded before she gasped as several voices shouted and grunted loudly. The dolly slid diagonally, sliding back and off to the side. The woman quickly jumped back out of the way then retreated into the ship as t threatened to spill over the side, Several more crew members jogged over to pull at it without any orders, inching it back toward the centre before straightening out and hunkering down to keep it stable. With a shout of thanks and smile at the help, Jacob resettled beneath the dolly then barked an order and the team pushed it up and into the ship slowly. Shepard grunted and gave a slight nod in reluctant growing respect at the team's response before standing tall again and groaning, skin itching horribly under the armour.

"Note to self... stay far, far away from this scrap heap." he stretched and wiped his head yet again, flicking his hand out to shake the sweat from it as he started to walk. His eyes stung and the inside of his suit felt grimy, clinging to his body with a suffocating embrace. He almost broke into a run as he drew closer to the ship, the cool dark walls almost teasing.

"Very good. Keep me posted of all changes in the vitals or cognitive state of the Krogan, EDI." his eyes slid over at the almost imperceptible strain in Miranda's voice and his pace slowed slightly. He almost choked and completely missed EDI's response as his eyes gazed at Miranda. Her hair clung to her flushed cheeks and over her shoulders. The smouldering beauty of her cascading, clingy hair on the soft curves of her reddened cheeks stole his breath for a moment. He let his eyes slowly work their way over to her red lips before following one of the strands of clinging hair over her neck and down her shoulder. A slight darkness marred the normal white of her suit, sweat making it cling even tighter around her shoulders as he followed her hair to tips, where they clung to her just above the swell of her breasts, each breath straining the suit even further until small dark circles greeted his eyes. He took a breath as his eyes gazed at the faint outline hungrily for a few long moments before wandering down her body helplessly and widening slightly. The curve of her ass was almost maddening as the suit was basically a second skin, moulding around her in the heat.


He slowed unconsciously, his gaze trapped on her maddeningly teasing suit as he watched her ass move as she simply shifted her weight. It was almost hypnotic. He bit his cheek at the sight then blinked and shook his head, the pain clearing his addled mind just enough to pick up speed as he started to look away. But his eyes weren't quick enough in gazing back to the ship before she turned slightly toward him. He swallowed and would have blushed if not already flush with heat as his eyes snapped forward. The suit was definitely tighter as the brief little glimpse of the suit tightly clinging around her thighs and the small crease as it pulled up between her legs tugged at his imagination.

Professional... be professional. Stop thinking about it!

He tried to banish the memory, tried to reclaim some manner of gentlemanly stature but his lips only curled into a tight small smile as her wonderful curves refused to fade from his mind.

Maybe the little scrap heap wasn't all bad.

She took a deep breath of the cool air as she waited for the lift. Her shoulders rolled as she stretched her neck and she exhaled slowly. She brushed the hair from her cheek only to sigh as it flopped back to cling to her skin stubbornly.

Korlus certainly lived down to its reputation. She growled and tried to flick the hair out of her face again as the lift returned. She stepped in with a huff, her shoulders rolling at the clinging and sweat soaked suit. She punched the console and it lurched up toward the crew deck.

At least this wasn't for nothing... she fidgeted, the suit binding and pinching uncomfortably in several places. The lift was slow, infuriatingly slow to her. I want out of this damn suit already!

She tapped her foot against the metal grates of the floor, taking deep breaths of cool air and trying to settle down. She wasn't a huge fan of the heat, but normally she could tolerate it. But the prolonged march through waves of mercenaries under the scorching sun had torn her tolerance away.

Couldn't have been Noveria... she closed her eyes and rolled her shoulders as she stretched out one leg, the suit pinching at her thigh and chafing just under her ass and her panties pulled uncomfortably tight between her legs. Maybe I should rethink my uniform... she toyed with the little fantasy for a moment before shaking her head as the doors finally opened. It had proven itself useful a thousand times over. She smirked

What you can get people to do just by flaunting your curves... she stifled a chuckle and marched out of the lift and immediately veered to the left and into the showers. The maybe ditch the damn underwear... she stretched, trying to dislodge the panties before she caught her reflection out of the corner of her eye and she smirked again.

It does makes me look good... she rolled her shoulders and stretched again. Small price to pay. Even Shepard can't resist stealing a glance! A small little smile curled her lips, the memory of his wide eyes wandering over her body before he had almost run up the ramp, eyes futilely snapping forward to hide his glances. The small little girl inside her fluttered to life briefly before Miranda turned to face the mirror and her eyes widened in shock. She growled. That's just a little too much!

She tore the zipper down violently and shook her hips slightly as her eyes glared at the dark circles of her nipples peeking through clearly and the crease teasing from between her legs, the suit clinging far too tightly and showing far more than she wanted. With a sigh, she pulled at one side of the top of her suit and began to peel the soaking clingy monstrosity off her skin. She mumbled near silent curses to herself as she wiggled her hips, pushing the suit down her thighs then unzipping her boots and kicking both them and the sweaty suit off to the side.

She shook her head with a grunt as she unhooked her bra, soaked completely through and flimsily transparent. She slid it off and with a casual flick she tossed it away before sliding her fingers toward her panties with a growl. She grabbed the waist band and pushed, straining slightly as they resist sliding over her ass and clung tightly between her legs. She exhaled when they finally gave and slid down her legs. She stood up then kicked them into the pile too and took a relieved breath at the feel of cool air on her naked skin. She stood for a few moments and stretched, glad to have the pinching, clinging clothes off.

Much better. She took a breath then stepped forward into the shower. With a quick flick of her wrist she started the water and shook her head at the pile of clothes.

He better have enjoyed the damn show... She moaned as the cool water began to cascade over her skin and shiver, smiling slightly before coughing and closing her eyes, doing her best to convince herself that the shivering moan was for nothing more than for the wonderfully relieving and cool shower. The slight, tickling flutter deep in her stomach made that almost impossible.