As if seeing seeing Sasha and Xavier together wasn't bad enough. Later on that day Stu decides to log on to facebook and to add insult to injury the first thing that he sees right there on top of his home pages is

'Sasha Bezmel and Xavier Austin are now friends'. So the next thing that he does is click on the link with Xavier's name on it and he sees that Sasha has written something on his wall.

'Hey Xav. Thanks for the surfing lessons today. I had a lot of fun and you are great to be around and I can't wait to see you again'.

Then he reads Xavier's reply. 'Hey Sash. Yeah I had a lot of fun with you too. You did great today and are a fast leaner. I am impressed. So how about lunch tomorrow at the diner? My shout and I will meet you there at say 12.30, how does that sound?

Then he reads Sasha's reply. 'Yeah that sounds great. See you tomorrow.'

By now Stu was really angry and wouldn't accept that fact that Sasha and Xavier were friends. How dare she be with another man when she belongs to me Stu said in a very angry, violent and bitter tone and he decides to take revenge by trying to hack into Xavier's facebook page but is unsuccessful at doing so.

But it wasn't going to end there. He was going to make sure that Sasha paid for what she has done.