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A Change of Life: Book I


It was too much, Dean couldn't bare it. After everything, the apocalypse, Crowley, Eve, Cas and the leviathan. Having to sit there and watch Sam, lost, locked within his own mind, trapped in his own personal hell with Lucifer. Dean was at the end of himself, he was ready to end it. For both him and Sam.

If the world wanted to end so badly, then fine. Let it end. It wasn't his problem. He was done, him and Sam. Yeah, they were done.

"No, nononono. Oh God, please, no. Deeeeeeeaaaaaaaannnnnnn." Sam pained cries echoed in the small room. Dean having already tied his brother down earlier when Sam in the midst of his wild flailing, had almost hurt himself.

Sitting in the chair opposite Sam's bed, Dean hunched over, putting his head in his hands and closed his eyes. Then Dean did something surprising, he prayed. "God, ah, I don't even know why I'm doing this. Seriously though, if you're out there, I can't do this anymore. I mean dude, come on. I'm human, I've stood against everything that life's thrown my way, but please. I can't... I can't lose Sam, can't lose my brother. I'm not going to bargain or make any promises, you'd probably just see strait through it anyway. But please, I'm begging you, give me back my brother."

Then something happened that Dean really wasn't expecting. There was a reply. "OK." Dean leapt out of the chair and spun around to see that the owner of the voice was none other than Chuck. "What the hell?" was out of Dean's mouth before he even realised that he was speaking, as he stared incredulously at the sudden appearance of the Prophet of the Lord.

"Your right Dean. Life has dealt you a crappy hand. I mean first your Mum dies, and then your Dad became a dead beat. Then he goes and dies. Then Sam dies and in order to save him you end up in hell. When you get back Sam's gone off the rails and ends up releasing Lucifer, and you find out the only way to fix it without destroying the planet is to let Sam go to hell. Then miraculously you get him back. But he's different, wrong even, and it turns out, he doesn't have a soul anymore. You manage to get it back, but by then he's been in hell so long that he needs a wall in his brain in order to function. Which is all well and good till your BFF Cas needs to distract you and breaks it, sending your brother down the inevitable crazy road. Then to put the icing on the angel cake, Cas gets himself eaten by the leviathan. Did I miss anything? Oh yes of course, the head Dick goes and kills Bobby."

Dean could only stare, as the Prophet put his life in a really sucky nut shell. "So now what? Huh, why are you here?"

Chuck gave Dean a level stare and then sighed. "You prayed Dean, and I'm here to answer it." Chuck held up a hand to forestall any questions that Dean might have had and continued on. "You and your brother have stood against everything that has been pelted your way, you didn't always get it right, but you did always make it right. Together. Then Cas came along and you got something you never had, a friend. A friend you will need to forgive. But nevertheless something that was yours. So now, I'm going to send you and your brother to your next life. It won't be boring, in fact, you will properly recognise it. Cas is going to be there with you too as well as another. A leviathan, one who has both a human soul and is one of my Prophets, so there will be no reason for you to fear it. Good luck Dean. We won't see each other again."

"Whoa Whoa, wait. Next life? And What about Sam, I mean his fruitcake is fried..." Dean asked waiving his hands as his brain tried to process all the information he had been given. Chuck just smiled indulgently and replied with "Sam will be fine." Then as Dean watched Chuck press two finger to his forehead, his whole world went dark.

Fire. Tearing. Pulling. Breaking. Fire. Pain. Dean. These were the thoughts that were circling in Sam's mind. An endless cycle of torture and fire and pain. And then suddenly there wasn't. It was weird. Sam sat up and looked around the room. It was white. It was a white box, no doors and no windows. In fact there was nothing but him and the bed he was sitting on. "huh.."

Sam got up to look around, even though there wasn't much too look at, when there was suddenly a voice behind him. "Hello Sam"

Spinning around, Sam suddenly came face to face with Chuck. Thinking he was hallucinating Sam's only comment on the magically appearing so-called Prophet of the Lord was, "wow, that's a new one."

"I'm not a hallucination Sam." Was the reply Chuck gave, this and the look that he leveled at Sam, that deep Soul penetrating gaze that he had only ever received from an angel, led him to believe that he was telling the truth. Except that Chucks gaze cut deeper, the sharp blue eyes of the Prophet seeing everything, everything he was, that he is and all that he could have been. Suddenly Sam's legs couldn't hold him up and he sat heavily on the bed. Swallowing hard Sam asked the question that he knew was really a statement. "You're God, aren't you?" Chucks only reply was only a single nod of the head and with that Sam couldn't look at the Prophet? Man? God? anymore.

Thoughts, feelings, and guilt suddenly raged through Sam and he wasn't sure how much time passed till the one all encompassing thought of Dean swelled within his overloaded mind. Turing back to Chuck (and Sam really couldn't reconcile the drunk prophet that he first met with the idea of God) "Please help Dean, he didn't deserve any of it. Our life, hell, me always screwing up. He deserves to be happy. Please"

Chuck looked at Sam and chuckled. "You've learned some hard lessons Sam, and I'm proud of you, good luck in the future."

"Wait, what? What do you mean?" Sam asked as Chuck stepped towards him. Then the one time prophet pressed two fingers to his forehead and Sam's whole world went dark.

He was floating. He wasn't in his vessel, but his true form. This was the first time he had seen it since raising Dean from perdition and taking Jimmy Novak as a vessel four years ago. He was defiantly surprised by what he saw. Castiel, as one of the seraphim knew what he was supposed to look like. The seraphim were large, they had six wings along with four faces one each of a man, lamb, eagle and a lion.

His current form however, looked nothing like that. He had Jimmy Novak's body and face, which he had come to identify as his own and a large set of raven black wings. He was also naked, which in itself wasn't that worrying. What was worrying though, was the condition his body was in. He was covered in burns filled with sulphur, infected cuts, other people's blood and thick black ooze. The feathers on his back which should have been a beautiful shining expanse of smooth black, were instead matted and covered in filth, along with various patches where the feathers were missing.

Looking at himself, Castiel knew that the current condition of his body had nothing to do with his physical state and everything to do with the sins and atrocities that he had committed in the last two years. Falling to his knees Castiel did the only thing he could think of, he prayed. "Father, please, hear me. I know that I am not worthy of that but please. I have sinned against my friends, my brothers, against heaven and against you. In my arrogance I have released the ancient serpent into the world once again. I surrender myself to your will. Judge me as you see fit."

As he knelt in the silence of eternity, Castiel felt a hand on his shoulder and watched in amazement as the wounds healed and the filth that covered his body fell away. Turning and looking over his shoulder he saw Chuck, but a deep longing, buried at the very core of his grace told Castiel who this man really was. "Father". Chuck smiled, "Hello Castiel".

Castiel didn't know how to react, he had spent so long searching, so many prayers trying to find his father and yet here, now at the end of all things he was there. Standing there, in the presence of his father, the only thing Castiel could feel was shame.

"Castiel, this was a lesson." his father's voice was stern, and his gaze unyielding. "One you needed to learn. I cannot condone what you did, but you need to know the price of pride, and of arrogance." At this Chucks gaze softened and he continued. "I'm sending you to the same place that I have sent Sam and Dean. Don't worry if you Don't run into them straight away, and I'm sending a prophet as well. I believe you met her when you opened purgatory, do you recall Illyria?"

Castiel paled. He did remember her. She was a monarch, a ruler amongst the old ones. Powerful and bloodthirsty, Castiel didn't understand why his father was sending such monstrous entity with them, but given everything that he had done recently, he did not question his father's will.

"She won't be as you knew her, Cas, but she will still be a leviathan, just as you will still be an angel, although where you're going, that won't mean as much. Good luck Cas." And with that his Father touched his forehead with a kiss and Castiel knew no more.

Illyria was pleased. At first she had been pissed, some worm of an angel had decided to absorb all of purgatory, the ancient well where all beings the human maggots considered monsters were imprisoned. Millions upon millions of souls as well as the entire leviathan race, all forcibly housed within one angel, a tight squeeze wasn't even close to describing the lack of space. So when the angel went to return the souls, Illyria went with them.

Besides herself, only two other leviathan returned with her, and with the mother dead the three of them had the rule of purgatory firmly within their grasp. So yes, the ancient monarch was pleased. But alas it was not to be. Illyria had just set out to ensure the obedience of the lesser monster souls that inhabited purgatory, when she felt a presence that she had not encountered since the beginning of time itself. "El Shaddai* it has been a long time." The entity smiled and replied "Indeed it has. I have a job for you my child."

"Really?" came the reply "As lovely as that sounds El Elyon*, I am quite content here. You should be happy, I'm not off terrorizing your barely sentient beings made out of mud."

Taking on the form of Chuck, God leveled Illyria with a firm gaze. "I'm not giving you a choice in this." And suddenly there was what appeared to be a ball of light in Chuck's hand.

At the appearance of the light ball Illyria looked truly terrified "You wouldn't? A soul would kill me, the guilt of all I have done, I wouldn't survive it!"

At this Chuck smirked "Am I not El Shaddai? El Elyon? I free you from the weight of guilt, for this is my will, you will be my guide to those I send you to. Enjoy the truth of emotion and free will." With these words Chuck pressed the human soul into the leviathan. Illyria screamed as the human soul merged with her native form, just when she felt she could endure no more, blackness enveloped the leviathan.


El Shaddai ~ Hebrew ~ God almighty

El Elyon ~ Hebrew ~ God Most High