September 3rd 1991

Bobby was standing in the kitchen, his father standing opposite him.

"Punching women and kids is that what they call fatherhood in your day."

"Oh, you deserved it. Believe me. You were nothing but ungrateful."

"I was a kid! Kids ain't supposed to be grateful! They're supposed to eat your food and break your heart, you selfish dick! You died, and I was still so afraid I'd turn into you I never even had kids of my own."

"Good. You break everything you touch."

"Uh-huh. Well, as fate would have it, I adopted two boys, and they grew up great. They grew up heroes. So you can go to hell!"

With that Bobby sat up in bed, shaking off the strange Dream. Looking at the clock he saw that it was 3:32 am, just as he was about to roll over and got back to sleep the phone started ringing. Getting up he answered the phone.

"Somebody better be dying"

"Bobby it's John"

"What do you want Winchester?"

"It's Sam and Dean Bobby, Their missing."

And that folks marks the end of book one, thanks to all of you who read and reviewed, keep and eye out for book two, coming soon.