ORPHAN Chp – 1

"Boy how old are you "the lady asked. The man next to her observed me with keen and deep interest.

I opened my mouth to say something, but instead closed it.

"Don't worry we are not going to hurt you"

"I hesitated but said , " 13 years , mam "

"That's lovely I always wanted a small boy and here you are "

"You sure you want him? "The man asked

"Yeah I'm positive about this young, handsome man ".

The man shook his and said "what's your name again "

"Gary sir. Gary Petrick "

"No formalities from now on, we are mom and dad"

The women spoke "well Jake talk to Miss Railey, we're taking him ". The man walked off.

The women turned towards me and asked gently,

"Are you ready for your new life Gary?

You from now will live a life of a normal school boy .Go get your things."

I nodded and walked towards my dormitory,

reached my bed and picked up my things.

It's not many things I own,

just my diary, pad and colors along with my clothes.

I took a deep breath and proceeded towards the beginning of my new life.

{ ME }

As the car moved forward I caught the last glimpse of my orphanage.

I'm about to start a new life, I always dreamt about.

I'm going to live my dream now on.

A quick introduction, I am Gary prtrick an orphaned kid and this is the beginning of the twist in my life.

And it's not until I realized –

"Hey don't kill the suspense "Samantha prompted.

"." , this is just just a feedback .

And the story continues ..