Author's note: Just incoherent Bade thoughts. I know this isn't very good but I needed to write something after tonight's episode.

Disclaimer: Well, if I owned Victorious, I think Jori would be canon.


Don't do this to me, Beck, she silently pleaded to herself. Come after me.

Jade reached for the door, only just letting her hand fall to her side as she listened to the sound of silence on the other side of Tori's door. She stepped back, letting herself take in everything, listening to the sound of her own heart echoing in her ears as she finally turned and walked away from it all.

As Jade walked down the street away from Tori's house, she played back memories, trying to decide how everything fell apart so beautifully. Her and Beck weren't really ever the perfect couple, but she had always thought that what they had was something worth holding onto. The first time they broke up, they had gotten back together. But Jade realized now that back then, she was young and naive and everything felt like the end of the world. Now, nothing really felt like the end of the world, but this time it actually was. There was something so final, so deeply broken about the way that things had ended.

Jumping out of the way of a car as it honked at her and sped past, she realized then that she had wandered partway out into the street, and that her vision was blurred, so she couldn't see where she was going. Bringing her hand to her face, she wiped away tears, realizing that she was crying. She hurried off of the road, stepping back up onto the curb and looking around, trying to decide where she was.

Beck's house.

She knew he was still at Tori's, playing cards with the others, and she gulped back a fresh round of tears as she felt her eyes water up again, surveying the house she knew so well, the house that held so many memories.

"I need you..."

But he didn't need her anymore. He had made that clear.

Why, though? Because they fought all the time, and it made their friends uncomfortable? Just because you fight with someone, does that mean you don't love them? Jade had heard the term, "you two fight like a married couple" far too many times before. Was that what she had with Beck a bit like a married couple? Every couple had their ups and downs, right? That was part of a healthy relationship, right?

Too long, though. They had been fighting for too long. It wasn't healthy. Maybe they held onto each other for just a little too long with just a little too many negative emotions. Maybe they had fallen apart months ago and they hadn't realized it til now. Their fights had been getting more and more frequent and less and less sensible. They hadn't done anything romantic in so long. They hadn't really felt like a couple in forever.

Nothing had felt right in so long. Maybe it had never been right in the first place.