Mistaken Identity

Summary: Her life was an impossible lie. . She had been born a woman, but will always live life through the eyes of a man. Vega, Princess of all Saiyans, would be shunned from all Saiyan Society, and in her place Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans, will rise from her ashes.

Author's Note: This is a test chapter. Depending on how well it's received will decide whether or not I will deepen the plot and continue. Thank you CloudyThunder47 for giving me this challenge, please enjoy the fic!

Prologue: Rise Princess Vega

King Vegeta paced. His hopes and his visions of the Saiyan future hung in the balance. His mate, his one true hope had not given him the son he had desired. Instead the woman had born a girl, a wailing, frowning creature whose power may have screamed for elite numbers, but was pushed under the radar over such a simple matter as her sex. No true Saiyan warrior would follow a woman's rule. No true Saiyan would subject themselves to taking orders from someone who should be raised to be subjected and taken by true Elite men.

He couldn't let this expand. He had to protect his kingdom, and by god his people. He could already feel the cold breath of Frieza's laughter down his neck when he would find out. It boiled inside him to think that Frieza would see her as an open target to brutalize and push around. She may be female, she may end up soft skinned and frail on the inside as most Saiyan women tended to turn, but by god he would assure that his people, and Frieza would see a strong and vital leader.

He would raise her not a woman, but as a man. The first thing to go was all that hair. The spiraling curls and spike framing that face she had inherited from her beautiful mother. If released out the hair would be a dead giveaway and would have to be trimmed to a shorter, and much more boyish cut.

He wouldn't have to worry about her body for a while. The pudgy little form would be easily concealed under armor, and clothes until puberty. His wife, and mate settled the baby in her pod bed, before turning to him. The woman was a wonder, going through such strenuous birth and coming out not only standing, and walking, but doing it so regally as if it was just another day. "She's a beautiful girl, Vegeta. I know you hoped for a son, but I believe she'll be the pride of our people."

"She'll be it whether she wants it or not." Vegeta captured his wife's lips with his own before kneeling before the girl. "Arrange for the girl's hair to be cut, and all of the clothes to be altered. Everyone will see a boy, not a girl."

"What will we call HIM then?"

"Vegeta, Prince Vegeta," he grabbed his wife's hand before she could turn away. "However, to us, and only to us, she'll be Vega. Our lovely Princess Vega."

~8 years old~

King Vegeta nearly bit his own tongue. What had he been thinking trying to keep this all a secret from Frieza? The tyrant could smell deceit and dishonesty a mile away. The game was afoot and the more the subject of his son came into play, the more Frieza pried.

"Your son seems to be handling himself fairly well, Vegeta." Frieza laughed softly as he stirred the wine in his glass. The King of Saiyans bowing at his feet was a delicious sight to behold.

"Yes, he is, in fact I was thinking about putting him on mission soon. I believe he's earned a chance to prove himself."

"You're very right, Vegeta. Your young Prince has indeed earned his chance at success. However, I don't think his place is here anymore."

"Lord Frieza," A trickle of fear tingled up his spine, disgusting himself. "What are you suggesting?"

"I think I would like to have your son accompany me as an associate of sorts. After all the boy must be bored to death only having his own kind to bully upon. I think a little travelling and traipsing across the galaxy is exactly what he needs."

"I understand that, My Lord, but I'm sure he's more than competent to go out alone."

"Don't be silly, the boy's only eight, could you imagine the kind of trouble he could get in? I will not hear of it." Frieza held up a hand in a kind of flicking motion. "We'll not talk about it anymore. I will give you some time to think it over, but I expect you will see reason to hand him over. That BOY is of great interest to me."

Trapped between a rock and a hard place King Vegeta lowered his eyes. "Very well, I will discuss it with him."

"Very good, now tell me about the progress on Rashyk."

Thinking back on the conversation, King Vegeta wondered why he didn't just scream the truth to Frieza. His obvious hesitation to hand Vega over to Frieza had surely added more suspicion. However, Vegeta was uneasy. He didn't like having his daughter at the mercy of Frieza. He had done his best to shelter her from his tyranny, and raise her proud and true. Why he'd even taken it upon himself to train her. He taught her basic defense, energy use, and how to use her natural instincts in battle. As such, she'd become more powerful than he'd hoped her for. In fact he felt that the legend was true, he was beginning to believe that she would be the next Super Saiyan. She would push past all barriers of gender and reach that pinnacle of power and respect. So would he be doing the right thing by releasing her onto Frieza? If he asked it of her, she would surely fall through with it without hesitation. Hadn't she obeyed every command, before? Hadn't she grown up like a true male, strong and confident and rugged? She could handle it, he was sure.

Those were his very thoughts as he stepped into the training room and watched his daughter through the thick glass. She bat away her opponents as some would mere insects. Boys her own age, of the elite power were falling helplessly at her feet, and he reveled in it. What had ever possessed him to believe that his daughter wouldn't be an elite just because she was female.

His Princess, Vegeta sighed with great warmth, was all he had longed for, and more. "That's enough." Hiding his softness with a firm voice Vegeta rudely halted the slaughter and ushered Vega out. "Vegeta, come with me. I have much to discuss with you."

"Yes father," god even her voice had been practiced to perfection. It held virility, but the softness of a Saiyan in its youth. Without much more than the sound of her footsteps Vega followed her father. The hallways were quiet and absent of people. It left the fact that the tension in the air was thick and obvious between them.

Vega was young, but she knew when her father was in a mood. She had been aware of Frieza's presence in the building. It was hard to miss what with his power level causing every man to shudder with fear or disgust. She hated that her men showed such weakness. So what if Frieza was strong? Wouldn't it be better to die than to live like a bunch of cowards?

The war room was a large empty space with a single table smack dab in the middle. Despite its plainness it held the strength and importance of her father's nobility. The walls were a strong steel gray, and it smelled of the musk of warriors. The windows to the side exposed the large open launch platform where the space pods of the lower levels shot out like shooting stars.

"Those pods are being sent out to distant planets. From the day we are born we Saiyans are examined for our power and leadership. Those weakest are sent to planets far away where they are not threatened by our enemies."

The thought amused her. "Good riddance to them then."

"Vega, you my daughter, are not like them. Despite everything holding you down you have shown great strength. You will become the strongest of our people. Do not forget you are from a long line of noble blood, and possess more than the potential to rank among the super elites."

The words her father spoke not only warmed her heart, but they left Vega with a sense of strong pride and focus. "Yes Father."

"Vega," He knelt and pressed a hand to her shoulder. "You must train hard, do not forget where you come from, and do not let anything stand in the way of your destiny."

She pressed a hand to her heart in the symbol of loyalty to their people. She bowed to him. "I will not let you down father."

"I know you won't Vega. Which is why I'm leaving you to decide your own fate."

"My fate, Father?"

"Frieza has asked that you join him on his ship and travel with him as an associate in order to test your powers across the galaxy."

Her eyes widen. She had never had to deal with Frieza on her own before. The secret of her identity was a burden she had carried, but never alone. She had had help from her father, mother, and those few of her sworn guard who protected her from his taint and his accusation.

"I know this is sudden, and it's not what I want for you. However, we can't go against Frieza, not without proper caution. He's already suspicious of you, my daughter, so if you do decide to go you must be wary."

King Vegeta watched, thoughtfully, as Vega's eyes go dim with thought. What had always impressed him, was his daughter's sharp and careful mind. When left with instinct she had great power, but what made her rival over every male her age was her ability to tact and analyze her opponents before going in for the kill.

"I understand, and I will give it considerable thought." She bowed again and hurried out the room not wanting her father to sense her own fear. He left her with this decision, and Vega wandered the halls alone so to freely think without having the scruitiny of eyes upon her. She had just scolded her own men for fearing Frieza and now she was doing the same. Why? Why was she so afraid of being closer to Frieza? Was it because she was afraid he would find out she was a girl? What did it matter if she was a girl? It wasn't as if she had been raised as being Princess Vega to her father and Mother, the young girl found herself trapped in the pseudonym of Prince Vegeta, given to her by not just her father but her people as well. When she walked outside they didn't cry for a princess, but for the Prince of all Saiyans. The responsibilities and weight of this name had been placed on her shoulders and was exhausting to carry. Despite the pride that welled inside her, Vega wanted nothing more than to doff the disguise and scream at the top of her lungs. "I am a girl!"

Why did she have to be a boy anyway? What was so wrong with being a girl? She could fight just as well if not better than the other boys her age. She could converse, order, and show just as much pride and success in her true form as she could in this boyish figured she'd been forced into.

Pausing in her angry strut Vega took a moment to eye her reflection in the windows of the palace. The hair on her head was frumpy, spiked and styled in a disarray fashion that exposed her neck and ears. She had a thin neck, like a swan, and did her best to hide it under the full body spandex. Her chest, though years from puberty, was already showing some arch and curve which had been taped and straightened and was unbearably suffocating. Though her arms were well toned they were thin compared to the other boys, and yet they held the strength of twenty in each. Her tail flailed and curled irritatingly and she bit her lip to keep herself from pouting. Pouting was for under privileged Saiyans. She may be trapped but she was still a Princess err Prince. She was a royal elite, top of her class and future ruler of her people.

One day she would provide an heir through special means, which would mean she would expose her true identity to the man worthy of her true form. That man would become the true King, and she his Queen. Hopefully by then she will have proved herself a true and competent leader. No, not hopefully, but for sure. She knew deep in her gut that she was the true leader. She was the future of the Saiyan race, a future of strong powerful females rising against the male oppression in which Frieza and her father seemed to have become accustomed to.

Oh, and wouldn't it be sweet when one day her power would exceed Frieza's? She would be able to stand over his form, full grown and the true power of her people exuberating from her. She would watch him cower and would doff the disguise then. She would reveal herself to him and to the entire galaxy that she was not Prince Vegeta, but Princess Vega!

Oh and how sweet, how deliciously sweet to see the sheer shock and humliation on his face. That he, Frieza, the most powerful being in the universe had been taken down not just by a Saiyan, but a girl Saiyan!

With a new confidence she turned away from the reflection and lifted a hand. She blasted away the glass and ultimately the weakness in her heart. She would never admit to sadness, irritation maybe, but never sadness or regret. She heard feet rushing and a slow smirk crawled to her lips. "The window misbehaved, be sure to clean up the mess." Her voice rugged and rich with youth she continued. "Oh, and tell my father I have decided to play Frieza's game. Let him take me." Her eyes lit with fire and amusement. "He won't break this Saiyan Prince down."

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