Hey everyone, this is just a thought I had. The pilot is an OC.

Never the Twain Shall Meet

Hatsune could hear the excited cheering back stage.

"Just a few more minutes." she told herself in anticipation.

'Not much longer now. Just wait for the fog and count to ten."


He stood on a cliff over looking the sea.

Unit GX-07's pilot only had to wait for the target to appear. The estimated time of arrival was 19:37, only two more minutes until the target would become visible.

The teen remembered the instructions for the assignment, 'Only begin when MB-03 becomes visible, no sooner.'

The pilot breathed deeply continuing monitoring the sea.


Fog began to cover the stage, and the audience grew silent in anticipation.

Hatsune began to count down for when she would emerge.


A beeb sounded.

That was the signal, the pilot began to count.



Not yet, much too soon.


An excited chill could be felt going down the spine.


The sound of breathing filled the air.


'Where is it?'


'How many are there?'


Almost, just a little more.


A salty ocean breeze.


Sparkles, the fog was sparkling.


Silence, not a sound could be heard.



A spot light, the idol emerges from the fog

"Hello everyone! Are you ready?"

The crowd cheers.

Hatsune begins her first song.


"It's here." The pilot declares as he leaps from the cliff.

Six long, slender wings emerge from his back as his IS is deployed.

'MB-03 will detect your IS the moment you deploy.'

Realizing the target's attempt to flee, the pilot fires his wrist blasters. He then accelerate appearing in front of the target.

"MB-03, Dragon."


"Thank you everyone!"

The crowd cheers.

"I am Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid. As you know, my friends and I from Vocaloid are all giving our own solo concert this month and I want to thank all of you for comming to mine! Thank you so much!"

The crowd cheers and Hatsune begins her second song.


Unable to escape, MB-03 changed its tactics and retaliated against the pilot.

Swinging its left arm, a heat whip emerged from above the wrist.

The pilot blocked with his right shield-arm and countered firing his left wrist blaster. He then proceeded to charge the target.


Hatsune twirled and turned. Her left arm went up, the right shoulder shot to the side, the knee kicked up.

Hair flew, turned, and spun. Never pausing, not missing a beat, Hatsune danced as she sung.


Having drawn his first sword, the pilot use it and his wings to cut and slash MB-03.

Yet, the target merely used the claws on its hands to block and counter the seven blades. Not once did it need to use its draconian wings to readjust itself.


Hatsune was singing Levan Polkka.

In her hands she was waving a spring onion.

The fans too, could be seen waving spring onions up and down.

"Aba rippadta parip parii ba ribi, ribi, ribiriz den teahlando, La barillaz dillan deiallou ara va reve reve revydyv"


A city could be seen behind the pilot.

Having been pushed back from the coast, the pilot continued his struggle.

Suddenly, the heat whip wrapped around two of his wings.

With a jerk, the pilot was sent tumbling away.


Red, blue, and green flashed.

Lazer lights dazzled.

In the center, Hatsune performed.


'MB-03 will attack people if it detects them.' flashed through the pilot's mind as he descended after his target.

The dancing lights stopped and fog slowly covered the stage.

A dim spot light illuminated the center revealing Hatsune in a gown.

The crowd cheered.


The ceiling exploded.

Spot lights feel, the ground shook, dust was raised.

Hatsune lost her balance, the crowd screamed in panic.

Within the dust Hatsune saw a winged figure.

It looked back as her and lifted its right arm.

The dust slowly dissipated and Hatsune could make out dragon head being aimed at her.

The mouth opened and flames spewed.

Frozen, Hatsune shut her eyes.

A second passed, two seconds, three.

Hatsune felt the heat, but the flames had not touched her.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and saw another winged figure before her.

Six wings spread apart, it blocked the flames with its two arms.


Blocking the flames, the pilot used his IS to observe the girl behind him, the only other person in the room.

'She's unharmed, good.'

Feeling the flames weaken, the pilot charged only saying, "Run."

As the gap closed, the pilot grabbed his fifth sword slashing at MB-03 with the draw.


Hatsune watched in fear.

Her savior's sword never touched the dragon.

Midway from being drawn, the dragon kicked out knocking the sword and person away.

It then grabbed the falling person with a whip, jerking him into a wall.


Finally given the opportunity, the pilot cut the whip with his wings.

Charging, the pilot ducked below another fire attack emerging behind MB-03.

He prepared his attack, grabbing his sixth and final sword.


Unable to move, Hatsune continued to watch.

The dragon had stopped its flame thrower and was turning around.

Her savior swung down, drawing his sword from a wing.

The sword cut cleaning through the dragon's face and exited through the torso.

Going limp, the dragon feel to the floor.


Panting, the pilot landed near MB-03.

'It's over.' he thought.

"Who?" a voice began.


Hatsune's savior turn in surprised.

Within a brief silence the two stood. The pilot in his ocean blue IS and Hatsune with her sky blue gown.

"I'm someone who doesn't exist." he responded.

"I don't..."

"Forget I was ever here."


The pilot approached MB-03 and returned it to its stand by phase.

Picking up a simple coin, he left.


Hatsune watched the person fly off.

'How sad.' she thought to herself.

I hope you guys enjoyed my story. It's a one shot, but if anyone would like, I could continue the story. Tell me what you think.