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The Gang's All Here

"Daleks? In this universe?" Guinan looked ill.

All of the so-called "guests" stared out of the bubble in shock, except for the Ninth Doctor. He seemed to have gotten it all out of his system while the others had been greeting the Eleventh. He was looking at Q, horrified.

"What have you done, Q?" The Demigod rocked back and forth on his heels, grinning.

"Oh, this wasn't me, Doc." All three of his incarnations flinched visibly. "The little squids fell through a space-time crack and landed here. The Continuum sent Q to investigate the crack, and when she saw them she thought of me." He scanned the room full of concerned faces. "Oh, don't worry, the rift was sealed. I invited her to the party too, but she couldn't find a babysitter and she doesn't enjoy Humans as much as I do."

Doctor Eleven scowled at the scene unfolding above them, the formations of small dots flying from the saucer to the cube and the cube's energy weapons beginning to fire. He ran a hand through his hair and circled around to sit next to Guinan. "Damn it, how many times do I have to destroy them?"

"Actually, I think these are from one of your parallels. Q didn't bother to trace the rift, she just wanted to seal it."

Finally Picard was able to speak. "One of?" Guinan leaned over to answer.

"His universe has several parallels." She looked at the Doctor next to her. "But I was under the impression that they were all quarantined in that war of yours." Eleven just shrugged blankly.

"How exactly do you know about that?" Nine snarled. Guinan pointed a thumb at the Tenth Doctor.

"It's complicated. You'll figure it out."

Q looked behind Guinan at Eleven, speaking quietly. "You travelled with her? You really are a masochist, do you know that?" Ten smiled widely at an obvious memory or two.

"OI!" Eleven barked, pouring himself a glass of the blue drink and refilling Guinan's. "I could comment on that archaeologist who followed you around all of those years ago! Of all the professions…"

"Yes, what was her name?" Nine mused. "Valerie? Vanessa?"

"Vash." Picard groaned. Nine smiled at him in thanks.

"I liked her."

Q and Eleven were still going back and forth. Janeway had turned to watch, leaning against an end table.

"Well, at least I didn't marry my pet archaeologist!" Q threw at Eleven, pretending to look scandalized. Nine choked on a piece of popcorn, while Ten just stuttered out a "What?"

"I'm married?" Nine hacked around the kernel, barely audible. Picard slapped him on the back a couple of times.


Q held up two fingers at the older-looking Doctor. "Twice, almost!"

"Spoilers!" Eleven interrupted. Nine finally dislodged the kernel enough to speak again.