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Of all the times for River to meet Rose Tyler, she had not expected it to be pre-Doctor. Honestly, she'd met her by complete accident. It wasn't her fault she'd forgotten all about Rose's life before she met that impossible man, and that Rose Tyler had actually been a sale-clerk.

All River wanted was a new pair of shoes.

She'd walked in, in true River Song fashion, with a flirty smile and a bat of her eyelashes. Turned on her heel holding the perfect pair of shoot-a-gun-turn-on-The-Doctor boots, and froze. Standing at the counter, blonde hair and all, was Rose Tyler.

She'd smiled tightly, her grip on the boots almost lethal had the leather been alive (but that's a story for another time), and strolled up to the girl.

She was so young, so innocent… No hint of the Bad Wolf she'd heard so many stories about. This… This was the girl before the Doctor. The girl River never got a chance to be.

"Morning, I'm Rose. Can I put them through for you?"

River nodded, handing her the boots and watching her as she moved.

"Thank you. My name's River."

She watched as Rose smiled, taking in every detail of the young girl. Would she have been like Rose Tyler was before she met him? Would she have been working the counter, going home to her mother at night and lounging on the couch to watch the telly with the family? She studied the blonde, smiling as she recognised everything she knew would draw the Doctor in. Blonde hair, brilliant smile… Didn't that sound familiar.

"Anything else?"

River snapped from her thoughts, smiling properly at Rose as the girl handed her the bag. She opened her mouth, prepared to say something memorable, when she noticed something through the window.

"What in the name of Sanity?"

Rose followed River's line of sight, frowning at the awkward looking man in the bowtie running down the street. He ran passed the window, turning his head and holding up a cylinder like object. It glowed slightly, a small explosion soon following the glow.

"Oh, honestly." Rose turned to the woman, watching as she grabbed the bag and ran out of the store, following the man.

Rose glanced around, confused as to how no one else seemed to react to the odd event. Ignoring her manager, she took off after the woman, just in time to see her turn the corner. Running down the street, she dodged people on the sidewalk, almost sliding on the icy pavement as she turned the corner. Where she saw what looked like the fading of a blue box. How strange.

Ignoring the image with a shake of her head, she called out River's name, receiving no answer.


Five years later, Rose sat on the sand of Bad Wolf Bay, her Doctor, or the cloned human version of her Doctor, sat beside her. They stared up at the stars, him rambling about something as she frowned. She was forgetting something. Something important.

"River." She mumbled.

The Doctor Duplicate stilled, turning his head to look at the woman beside him.


Rose startled, having thought he was too busy to have heard her.

"Nothing, sorry. It's just… About a year before I met you. I met the strangest woman. Her name was River. I just remembered seeing the TARDIS fade out after running after her."

"River? River… Song?"

Rose nodded, looking at him with a curious look.

"You know her?"

He shook his head, leaning back on the sand and dragging her down with him.

"Knew her."

Rose lay her head on his shoulder, staring up at the stars yet again.

"Tell me. I only met her once… But she seemed… Interesting."

The Doctor Duplicate smiled, nodding at Rose.

"Oh… She certainly was."

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