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Rebekah shot daggers at the brunette that just entered the ball with two Salvatores at her arms. "Just look at her, walking in like she owns our damn-"

"My damn-" Klaus cut her off

"-home. Ugh, I just want to snap that backstabbing bitch…" Rebekah trailed off just as Esther walked over gracefully, her lovely gowns hem trailing after her.

"Rebekah," She warned her only daughter, her usually calm voice taking on a stern tone.

"I'm sorry mother, it's just-"

"I realize that she betrayed you, but this is a family reunion. I do not condense violence around my family," The witch interrupted Rebekah, slowly turning around to wave kindly at Elena, who's heart began to race slightly. The smile plastered on Esthers face was fake, and everyone around knew. "Now, Niklaus, be kind enough to look for your brothers as I welcome our guests."

Klaus shot his mother a suffering look and pleaded with his eyes. Rebekah rolled her eyes and sighed. "It's alright, Mother, I'll go find Finn and Kol."

The blonde vampire walked away just as Klaus watched Elijah approach his doppelganger and the two 'SalvaIdiots'.


The atmosphere changed as soon as Elena entered the large mansion along with the two vampires. A tiny sweat bead graced her forehead and she wiped it away gently with her glove, being careful not to smudge her make-up. Her, Caroline and Bonnie had spent hours getting ready, and she wasn't about to make herself look like an idiot as soon as she entered.

Immediately, her eyes met Klaus' and he stared at her, his face turning into a frown as he gingerly watched Damon and Stefan enter along with her. The corner of his lips turned into a smear and he looked away, watching Rebekah as she talked to a blonde woman.

Her breath caught in her throat and her heart began to race as the woman turned around and stared directly into her eyes, her left arm raising slightly and waving. A smile quickly found a way onto her lips, but she stared blankly at her, showing just how fake her greeting was.

This must be Esther then.


Once she had shared a dance with Damon and Elijah, Stefan decided to cut in as he looked around the large ballroom for any signs of danger. Nothing seemed to be wrong, but even though Elena felt safe in her ex-boyfriends arms, she still held her guard up. The feeling of peoples eyes on her back sent a shiver down her back.


Kol pointed to the doppelganger who was currently dancing the spanish waltz with Stefan Salvatore as he spoke to Finn. "Actually," He began, and his eyes narrowed slightly, watching her steps. "If you look closely, she seems to be much more graceful than Tatia. Tatia had a case of two left feet, while Katerina and this one seem to be in complete control."

Finn shrugged. "Hmm, whatever you think, brother."

"What do you think of breaking a few rules-"

"No murder, no intercourse and absolutely no violence,"

"-around? Mother seemed especially harsh about the 'no itercourse' part."

"And what would bedding a Petrova prove?"

Kol smirked, his eyes finally leaving the doppelgangers back. "Well, it would be fun to see Nikki all riled up again, wouldn't it?"

"If you break a rule, Rebekah will follow and Mother will disapprove further."

"Oh come on, Finn, you're a grown man. Have some fun. Shed some blood."

Finn spared him a look and snorted."Nah-uh, this one is all yours. That Bennett witch seems interesting..."

Kol rolled his eyes but sent his older brother a cheeky grin. "You and your witches. I swear, you and Klaus are so alike."


"Mind if I cut in?" A voice from behind Stefan said, but didn't wait for an answer as he took Elena's hand and pressed it onto his shoulder.

At first, she thought it was Elijah, but this voice seemed a bit too soft and even though he held an accent alike Klaus', the hybrids voice held a slight harshness to it. When she did look up, the man was a complete mixture of Klaus and Elijah, with a hint of golden aura to him.

"I-" Her voice caught in her throat and she cleared it, looking down. "Finn or-?"

"Kol." He answered quickly and then smiled slightly, looking down at her curiously. "Don't you ever get-"

"Annoyed because people stare at me when they realize I'm a complete replica of Katherine and the Original Petrova? Yes."

"Uhh, no, I was I actually going to ask you if your beauty ever causes this much competition,"

The little doppelganger frowned. "What?"

Kol smirked and motioned to his left, where Elijah, Stefan and Damon stood. Damon pissed off, Stefan worried and Elijah a mixture of both along with jealousy. "I just- It's complicated."

"Long story?"

Elena nodded.

"Well, I've got time," Kol said, his face coming closer to hers as his lips descended above her ear. "Lots of it."

Yes, in the span of three minutes, he already fantasised of her becoming a vampire.

The shiver that ran across Elena's back felt foreign, but she welcomed it as he led her to the main balcony, leaving three vampires behind her.


"Have you ever heard the real story? About Tatia?" Kol asked as the doppelganger stood a good two metres from him. He wanted to close the distance between them, but this one seemed tricky.

"No," The brunette shook her head and shot him a longer-than-neccesary look. "And I don't wish to either. Not tonight-"

"Well, maybe some other night then?" He went straight in for the kill, hoping his eyes looked hopeful enough as he heightened the charm.

To say Elena looked surprised would be an understatement. "I-I mean- don't think that Damon would let me-"

"Just here. Two friends hanging out. No Harm. Besides, who is Damon to tell you what to do? He is just a friend right?" Kol said, and hoped to god he was, because killing the doppelgangers lover wouldn't be very charming.

Elena was lost in thought, wondering how easily 'two friends' slipped from his perfectly perfect-looking lips.

"N-No, he isn't-"

"So tomorrow night? It's going to be a Saturday and I assume you're going back to school on Monday?" He rolled his eyes and then sighed, taking that risky step forward. "Rebekah has been talking about it non-stop.'Cheering this, Matty that,blah blah blah,"

At this, Elena laughed at how he was imitating his sister. "Are you older than Rebekah?"

"By 7 months exactly, because Mother sped up her pregnancy. Rebekah's stuck at 17 while I'm never going to reach the age of 19," He smiled as Elena's gaze got lost in his. He took that other step forwards, smiling a bit wider when the girl hadn't even noticed. "Physically, of course. I'm just a teenage boy on the outside. I like to think of myself as a grown man."

Okay, so Kol might have been showing of a little, but his arrogant angle didn't change Elena's thoughts. She was still lost in his dark eyes and charming smile.

"Yeah." Elena spoke, her presence only coming back from her clouded mind.

"So, I'll meet you here at 6:30?"


Kol chuckled and then inwardly patted himself on the back. "Good, The younger Salvatore just left outside, but the older one seems to be hanging around a bit longer."

The mention of Damon brought her back to reality and she stepped around Kol. "I need to see Esther, do you mind occupying Damon for a few minutes?"

Kols playful demeanour was gone and he frowned. "My Mother? Why?"

Elena shrugged as she began walking down the staircase seeing a massive crowd of people leaving. "She wanted to meet me."


While Elena was gone, Kol decided to keep messing around with Matt, just to annoy Rebekah further. Not that he was doing it because it would piss her off, but he could see straight through this Matt guy, and he didn't like what he saw. Rebekah was his little sister, and he had to do everything in his power to protect her, as cheesy as that sounded.

He wasn't going to hurt him yet, he just wanted to scare him about.

Once Damon had appeared and ushered Matt away, Kol smiled. Exactly what he was waiting for. He let himself be thrown around a bit, just for show -and for Elena to be angry at Damon as she ran to his aid- but was too late to respond when Damon snapped his neck.

Not that it would do him any damage of course, and this only added to it's plan.


Naturally, his wounds and bones healed extremely fast -him being an Original and all- so a few seconds later, he had his eyes open as his eyes gathered all the commotion outside.

Stefan had been compelling everyone along with Finn and Elijah, so that the people wouldn't start talking and gossiping. Rebekah had been glaring daggers at Damon, who was looking incredulously at Elena as she ran those few steps forward. Esther had just walked outside with Klaus, and even Caroline seemed concerned as she quickly ran to stand between Damon and Elena, shielding her from him.

"Blondie, what the hell, get outta my way," Damon said roughly and went to grab Caroline, who from her fury rose her arms and pushed the other vampire away, sending him to fly through the closest window.

Caroline turned around and Elijah examined Elena. "Are you okay, E? Did he hurt you-?"

"No, no," Elena said quickly but was too occupied hiding the bruise from her left arm and didn't even realise Kol had stood up.

"What's that from?" Elijah asked, pointing at the bruise Elena failed to hide.

Elena shook her head and stepped away from both of them. "Oh, that's nothing. It happened earlier. Doesn't matter."

Caroline watched as Damon stood up and stormed out of the property, probably going to the Grille for a drink, something Rebekah was planning on doing.

As the blonde vampire passed the group, she bared her teeth at Kol. "I told you to leave him alone,"

Kol rolled his eyes. "Whatever, Bekah,"


"You know, I still can't believe that you insisted on dropping me off at home like this," Elena said and shifted on the saddle, her legs slowly throbbing. "I'm pretty sure Klaus would've been ecstatic to drop me off."

Kol rolled his eyes but sent her a smile. "Klaus was occupied,"

"With what exactly? Hybrid bullshit?"

"With who, I correct."

At this, Elena laughed. "Oh please, who would even be interested in him? No offence or anything, but he's a sadistic psychopath."

Kol looked down and smiled secretly. "Yeah, something like that,"

When the horse had finally slowly trotted up to Elena's home, Kol helped her get off and straightened his back.

"6:30, don't forget, don't chicken out." He said as he mounted the horse again.

Elena frowned. "Why would I chicken out?"

But she received no answer as he had already disappeared into the night.


Guilt ate away at her heart, so she decided to take a midnight stroll to the Salvatore Boarding House. There was only one dim light on in Damon's room, so she made sure that she was quiet as she entered the house, in case he was asleep.

She watched for the third and eleventh squeaky step on the stairs and entered Damon's room, who's door was wide open.

In the dim light, she saw golden thread, only realising after a few seconds that it was actually hair, and Damon was actually sleeping with that person who owned the golden hair. And they weren't just sleeping, they were completely nude.

She saw the emerald material by the door and a black set of lacy underwear near the bed, along with parts of Damons tux.

Realisation finally hit her as she gasped, awaking the two people who lay in bed peacefully.

At first, Rebekah smirked slightly, and then blinked, seeing Elena there. "Do you mind?"

But Elena didn't listen. Her eyes never left Damon's, who's were filling slowly with regret.

And as she stepped around the bed and closer to Damon, she didn't regret the slap he received.


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