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She left Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie in the kitchen as they argued about Esther's sudden friendly dinner gesture. Elena had been puzzled over it too, but didn't really want to think of sitting across or beside Damon and Rebekah, so she just agreed blindly and hoped something came up before tomorrow night.


He didn't exactly do anything wrong, so he had no idea why she blew him off. It's not like he was going to kill her or anything. He doesn't bite on the first date.

Kol stopped his movements and frowned. What the fuck?

First Date?

Ohhh, boy.


Kol noticed the tension and narrowed his eyes. "What's going on between you two?"

Rebekah's eyes caught Kol's sharply and she glared. "Settling for humans is the first sign of weakness, brother, remember?"

Kol smirked deviously. "I'm not settling."


And just like she thought, she had regretted introducing Temple Run to Kol. He beat her, almost tripled her high-score within his first try. He had laughed at her playful wrath and promised her to help her improve her reflexes.

Kol looked at the laughing doppelganger out of the corner of his eye. "Are you coming to dinner tomorrow night?"

Elena sighed, her mood changing almost automatically. "Do I really have a choice?" She asked, turning to face him. "I don't want to anger your mother,"

"That is true. My mother's very demanding," He trailed off, his voice getting fainter. "It's fancy-dress, so dress nicely; just don't over-do it."

"Bonnie and Caroline are definitely coming, and Stefan should be there too. I don't know if Damon's coming-I really hope he isn't, actually,"

Kol didn't ask for a reason because he, himself didn't want him here either. A tiny beep shook them out of their thoughts and Elena directed her gaze over to her laptop. A new chat window was open as Jeremy quickly typed.

"That's the chat window. You can also inbox people ect."

Kol nodded and watched as the miniature pen moved across."That's your brother, I presume?"

Elena nodded and bit her lip, her finger typing. She had missed her brother so much. She selfishly regretted sending him away, but knew it was the right thing to do. Jeremy himself didn't want to stay in Mystic Falls, and he was better off without her anyway. She was a walking-and-talking danger magnet, just like that Bella girl from Twilight.

She ended their conversation when Jeremy said he was going out to a party with his friends. Elena clenched her jaw, keeping the tears from spilling.

Kol already knew the answer to his question, but asked it anyway. "Why doesn't your brother live with you?"

Elena sighed. "I had to send him away to live with our distant cousins,"


At this, Elena rolled her eyes. The answer was obvious and she was getting wary of him asking her so many questions. He already knew most about her life and she was yet to learn anything about him. Albeit that, she answered. "Klaus. The Hybrids. Myself,"

The last one surprised him but he left it. "You should stay the night, maybe we can watch some movies or something," he offered.

When Elena turned to him, she looked torn. "I don't know, I need to get home-"

"It's too dark,"

"-to take care of everything," she finished. Then, she sighed. "I don't feel safe here,"

Kol blinked harshly, his pleasant mood disappearing."You don't trust me?"

"I don't trust Klaus,"

"I'm not him,"

Elena shifted again and turned to face him, her mouth forming a straight line as she narrowed her eyes. "And how do I know you're not going to lock me up in a cell or something? I don't know anything about you. I know Elijah and I know Klaus, but I know nothing about you,"

Kol's eyes narrowed in challenge. "I'm Nikol Mikaelson. I'm from the first generation of vampires, the Original Family. I'm almost nineteen and I love my little sister, Rebekah even though she's a manipulative bitch. But then again, aren't the Petrova's all manipulative bitches too? I also love annoying my older brother, Niklaus, who in reality is a big softy and is infatuated with a baby vampire. I get along better with Elijah and Finn more than the others and I above all treasure my family most out of all of us, even if I may not show it." He finished quickly, his lips moving fast and harsh, giving Elena the impression that he was angered. "So there, you know me better,"

Elena nodded, her eyes never leaving his. "Well, thank you for introducing yourself-" she bit her lip, searching for the right word."-so properly, but I still need to go and get ready for tomorrow,"

Kol finally gave up and helped her pack. "It's almost one in the morning, you think you'll be alright? Or do you need me to drop you off?"

Elena groaned. He was reminding her of Damon. "I'll be fine. I have survived 17 years before all of this supernatural stuff came along. I don't need any help,"

When they reached the front door, Elena took her bag from him and looked around, searching for her car in the dark. Kol sighed impatiently and grabbed her bag. "I'm driving you."


"For fuck's sake, you can't even see where your car is, Elena,"

"You're acting like Damon,"

He grabbed her arm and unlocked her door, pushing her into the passenger seat.


"Sorry," he muttered after a while. Elena snapped her jaw together to keep herself from answering. She heard enough restrain in his voice to realise that he didn't actually want to apologise.


Truth be told, the force of his hands on her arm had hurt her. The bruise that Damon gave her last night was still there, and the pressure from Kol's fingers made the bruise worse. She's going to need to cover it up before Dinner tomorrow night, or else people will start wondering if she's being abused by her guardian, Ric or something.

When he had dropped her off, he followed her up to her door. She fumbled with her keys, her hands shaking lightly as he watched her. Thank god Ric decided to sleep at his apartment tonight, or else she would have already been busted with a teenage boy on her porch.

When she had finally calmed down enough to unlock the front door, the tension between them returned and she wondered how to tell him to leave.

"Well," she began, her feet fidgeting."Thank you for dropping me off," she said lamely and then sighed, stepping through her door.



A hand suddenly pulled at her scarf and pulled her forward, sending her right onto Kol. If it wasn't for the sudden pressure on her lips, she would have thought that he wanted a hug.

As his soft lips moved against hers and the kiss began to build up, her mind drifted to the last kiss she had on this porch. Almost a month ago, she kissed Damon. And she had liked it. She felt the butterflies in her belly, and her heart fluttered. But with Kol, everything magnified. Heat pooled through her body, her fingers felt like they were set on fire when she ran them through his hair, and his body felt deliciously right against hers.

They would have probably dived straight into further activities if it weren't for the awkward throat-clearing.

Elena pushed Kol away and covered her lips quickly as her cheeks flushed bright red. She had been caught. She stole a peek at the person and saw that it wasn't Alaric. She groaned. Couldn't it have been anyone but him?

"Kol," Klaus addressed his younger brother with a nod and then turned to Elena. "Sweetheart,"

Elena rolled her eyes at the endearment as she walked through the door, hearing the 'woosh' of air as Kol left. The hybrid, on the other hand, walked right in like he owned the damned house.

"Mucking about with my brother?" Klaus muttered as he observed the house. "Really, Elena? You could have anyone. Matt, Damon, Elijah, but Kol?"

"Who are you to tell me what to do, Klaus? You don't particularly own me."

He shot her a look as he touched a framed photo. "I need to keep you safe, and you're making it hard for me when you're around Kol."

Elena smirked then and crossed her arms. "You just want to impress Caroline, I bet."

Klaus shook his head, his lips pouting. "My mother is planning something. She'll need you for something, like everyone always does."

Elena nodded. She agreed with him on that. She was always in the front and centre when it came to that. She was always needed. Her blood was always needed.

"You need to help me stop her."

That was probably one thing she admired about Klaus. He didn't beat around the bush, he just struck right for it.

"Why would I do that?"

"Do you want Elijah to die?"

He had her there.

"Elijah is a very noble man, and I trust him. With my life. But even thought I know why he did it, he still betrayed me. Right when I needed him."

"So you're just going to let him die, all because he wanted to be re-united with his family? Wow, you really are a selfish bitch."

Heat rose in her as she stomped forward. "You want me help? Why don't you just compel me instead? It'll save you the trouble."

Klaus walked forward. He was so close that Elena was sure that she would be able to count his long eyelashes if she wanted to. "I'm asking for a favour, Elena. I don't need your help, but it would be welcome."

Their staring contest continued. "Fine." She muttered finally.

He left.


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Elena started fidgeting as Caroline curled her hair. Bonnie and the blonde vampire along with the doppelganger had been getting ready for almost an hour now, and were happy with their result.

Bonnie's dress lay just a little higher than mid-thigh and she wore brown sandals, which matched her light green dress. Her accessories matched both her outfit and skin-tone.

Caroline wore a baby blue dress with a think pink belt. Her dress was also made from lace and fell mid-thigh. She wore pink high-heels and matching accessories.

Lastly, Elena wore a nude-coloured, lace dress which Caroline had picked out. It matched nicely with her olive skin-tone just as any other pastel colours. She wore mostly pearls and fit on her cream coloured pumps that she wore for her birthday party.

Damon and Stefan were tagging along too, but she doubted that they were as enthusiastic as the girls were.

Her thoughts drifted back to Klaus and she realised that she needed to inform Caroline, and most importantly, Bonnie. She shut the door to her bathroom as she guided them inside and shut the door to Jeremy's room. The brunette turned the shower on and pointed her pointy finger to her lips. Caroline and Bonnie nodded.

"Esther is planning something bad. We need to help Klaus-"

Bonnie's eyes widened."We need to help Klaus?"

Elena shut her eyes and shook her eyes. "Either way, we need to get rid of her. She's planning to do something bad to all the vampires in Mystic Falls. We need help him. Even if we hate him."

For once, Caroline agreed. She sighed. "Yes, we do, Bonnie."

Bonnie gasped and looked at both of her best-friends. "I can't believe you're actually siding against me."

"We're not." Elena protested. "Just make sure that Esther doesn't get into your head. Better yet, pretend like you want to help her."

Bonnie nodded warily, her straight hair clouding her face as she looked down. "I'm supposed to be protecting the people of Mystic Falls from evil. But if Caroline, Stefan and Damon are involved..."


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