A/N: This is actually the first Victorious fic I wrote, inspired by a Cade vid from youtube entitled 'little red riding hood' by turnyourcamon. I never got around to post it though. The story is broken up a bit, and that has nothing to do with my laziness, and everything to do with my unique type of storytelling…Yeah, sure. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


She shouldn't be out in the woods alone.

Alone but surrounded, laughing and dancing in the crowd of this basement party. She doesn't know many people here, her red hair like a beacon in the center of this room. An innocent smile that can't be faked draws out these hunters, hungry for her. They sense a naivety that makes them want her.

You understand it, because she's easy to want.

You're just like them.

You're a wolf, and the woods can be dangerous for a girl like her.

She's looking at you, and;

My what big eyes you have, so wide when they move up the length of her legs and trace the curves of her hips. You move with her and not the music, just a pulsing bass in the background, staring at her unashamed. She's smiling and staring back, just happy for the attention. Because it's not something you give often, but her skirt keeps getting shorter, and the gears in your head turn differently in the haze of alcohol. It makes your fingers tingle, making her worthy of your attention tonight.

There's still a smile plastered on her face as you take her hand in yours and lead her out of this pack of wolves, ignoring the resentful glares and hungry glances. Their eyes are as big as yours, wanting to be the one who gets the prey, but she follows you. Deeper and deeper in the woods, because she doesn't see who you are.

She says everything you knew she would, innocently sincere.

"What about Beck—", "I don't know—", "I've never done—"

And you sooth her, expertly whispering all those things girls like her long to hear. Deceivingly insincere.

It's easy to do, because you know she likes you. You've always known it, because wolves aren't naïve, they aren't innocent, and while they can hide in the bushes to watch their prey, they always know when their prey watches back.

And she watches you.


My what big teeth you have, a pearl white that forms into such a devious grin. A wolf's grin, as your teeth gently scrape at her neck, feeling her moan under your mouth, tasting sugar and salt.


My what big hands you have, so brazen and bold. They're moving between her legs and stretching her, filling her. She gasps, cries out a little, and there's tightness around your fingers that you barely recognize. It brings an unwanted tightness in your chest, pressing and hurting, a wrongness about this and everything else you—…but then;

She calls out your name softly.

And it's easy to forget, to fall back into place where you belong. Not with her, but on top of her, conquering and consuming. Taking everything you can from her. Taking this feeling of muscles adjusting, of fingers sliding against nerves, and she's moving her hips now. Moving and jerking against your hand, pulling and pushing you, drowning you. Taking this power that you have over her.

You do this to her.

You look down and see that red mixing with the deep brown of her wide eyes. Staring up at you with a trust that almost borders on insanity. You realize, with a choked breath, that you'll never be able to see anything else, but you close your eyes anyway. You shut them tightly, but you can still see her, looking up at you from behind your eye lids.

The air between you two grows cold, as does everything else inside you. She knows it now, sees it brightly, no longer innocent.

You're the big bad wolf.

Once she's gone, you close your eyes and try to ignore the brown staring back at you from behind your eye lids.