AN: Hello everyone. I am Corialanus and this is going to be my first story for Aria the Scarlett Ammo fan fiction. I like fan fictions, (I guess that's obvious as this is going to be my tenth story on this site.) And I really liked this anime so I was disappointed by the lack of stories for it. I think that my entry will be the ninth. This is going to be a Kinji and Reki (She's the super sniper girl) romance and action story. If you've only watched the anime then Kinji and Reki may seem like kind of a crack pairing, seeing as she's in it for like maybe ten minutes the whole series. I read some of the novels that the anime was based on and she becomes a much bigger character. I've read up to the eighth novel and this story will take place right after they battle the Cao Cao sisters.

If you've only seen the anime I'll give you a brief little breakdown of the plot points that have come after its conclusion that will have some bearing on this story. Reki holds Kinji up at gunpoint and tells him that if he can't escape her sniping range he has to marry her. Kinji loses to Reki and reluctantly agrees to the marriage and moves in with her. Aria of course is very upset by this and she and Reki have a falling out. As time goes by Kinji sort of starts to have feelings for Reki and she mostly stays an emotionless robot. Eventually the two of them go on a class trip to a hot springs and they both get pinned down by a sniper. Reki gets wounded in this snipers duel and tells Kinji to leave her to die but he manages to save her and get her to Shirayuki's shrine where they heal her. Then they all board a train and it's rigged with a bomb. They have a battle on the train with a trio of sisters who are decedents of Cao Cao (He's a famous Chinese General) and they all work together to defeat them, mending the relationships between Reki, Aria, and Kinji. When they get back to the school, they form a five person Butei team called Team Baskerville and consisting of Aria, Kinji, Riko, Reki, and Shirayuki. After they officially register their Butei team Reki tells Kinji that she cares a lot about him, but she won't come between his and Aria's partnership anymore. She does add that she still wants him and that she's worried about Aria taking him away from her. Kinji as usual denies that anything is between Aria and himself and then tries to downplay Reki's feelings. This story will start right after they form Team Baskerville.

Kinji sat on his couch mindlessly watching TV. He couldn't begin to describe how happy he was to just have a normal night like this all to himself. Aria was gone visiting her mother, as the authorities had become more lax about her restrictions since so many years had been stripped off of her sentence from all of the evidence we had gathered to prove that she was being framed. Shirayuki was spending the next week at the shrine so he would also be free from her intrusions for a while.

Kinji put his feet up on his coffee table as he checked his phone. He saw that just as he expected there was a message from Shirayuki, who texted or e-mailed him at least ten times a day. It was one of her generic "how was your dinner, are you fine by yourself?" messages that she sent every time she wasn't there to prepare his meals for him. He sent a short reply saying that he was fine. He sighed as he rubbed the back of his head thinking about how troublesome Shirayuki and all of these other girls in his life were.

Kinji knew that his greatest weakness was beautiful women, and the thing that made it even worse was that he was surrounded by them on a non-stop basis. Shirayuki had been there from childhood, his long-time friend. She was perhaps the prettiest girl in the entire school, and she was entirely devoted to him. She wanted to be his wife in the future and was already acting like it in the present. Most men would be envious of this situation, especially that idiot Muto, but when you had to deal with her non-stop check-ups and her attacking any other girl who even got close to you; you'd realize that it's a lot more hassle than it was worth.

Shirayuki by herself, Kinji could've handled. He had been dealing with her for years now, but in this past year it was the three other members of Team Baskerville who had really complicated his life, especially Aria. It was that day that Aria parachuted down and saved him from the Butei Killer that his life really started to spin out of control. Aria was so frustrating to deal with. Sometimes she would be like a spoiled little princess who would call you her slave and jump to absurd conclusions about situations, and then punish you for things you haven't even done before you can get one word in to explain yourself. Then just when you've had enough of her rudeness and bossing around, there will be a bolt of lightning and she'll transform from the overly confident descendent of Sherlock Holmes to the super cute and irresistible pink haired girl who's afraid of lightning and loves peach buns. Aria living with him was by far the greatest obstacle to him having a normal life, but she was not the only one.

There was also Riko Lupin IV; a girl who managed at all times to be both an ally and enemy. While Aria often unknowingly threatened to trigger his Hysteria Mode, Riko knew his secret and actively tried to trigger his other self. She found out about it from his brother and now whenever an opportunity presented itself she threw herself at him trying to force him into Hysteria Mode, so that she could take advantage of him in his other form. He shuddered at the thought of what would happen if Riko ever got him for any length of time in Hysteria Mode. Kinji knew that his brain worked differently in Hysteria Mode and being around Riko who knew that as well led to a world of dangerous possibilities. Riko was dangerous because of her knowledge about him, but another one of his teammates knew about Hysteria Mode and she presented just as much of a threat to his sanity as any of the other three girls.

Kinji thought about Reki and the events of the past few months with her. He thought about how things have changed from that night where she kissed him and then held him up at gunpoint and told him he had seven minutes to escape from her or they'd get married. He thought about the weeks they spent together and the "dates" they went on and how despite her robot Reki persona he had actually enjoyed himself. Reki was the girl who was just as dangerous to him as Aria. Aria was the girl who could put him into Hysteria Mode faster than any other, but Reki was the only girl who almost made him want to be in Hysteria Mode.

Kinji remembered the way that Reki looked when she told him that she didn't want Aria to steal him from her. He remembered the openness and vulnerability behind her large and luminescent golden eyes as she admitted that to him. Kinji imagined that he was likely the only person in the entire world to ever see her like that, so weak and exposed. Up until the events with the Cao Cao sisters Kinji thought that Reki was just like her mantra said, "I am a single bullet. It has no heart. Therefore it does not think. It just flies straight towards its target." He thought she was a perfect weapon, devoid of emotions and attachments that could make you weak, but as he watched her try and sacrifice herself so that he could live he realized that she did have an attachment and a weak point and it was him.

Reki was so beautiful and perfect and strong that it flattered him in a way that he couldn't even understand that she thought so much of him. Aria made things so complicated with her embarrassment and reluctance to admit what they felt towards each other that she made it easy to not push anything further with her. It would be too much of a hassle and Aria might try to kill him if he ever tried to willfully activate Hysteria Mode with her, so that made it easy for him to keep things at the status quo with Aria.

Reki on the other hand was just as attractive to Kinji as Aria, and she was far more comfortable with her feelings towards him then Aria. The image of her saying "My body has become but one of your possessions. Use it as you will." Made him blush and he could feel his blood starting to excite warning him that Hysteria Mode could be activated soon. He thought to himself, "Great now just thinking about Reki can put me in danger."

He breathed in a deep agitated sigh trying to calm himself down. As much as he hated the way he acted in Hysteria Mode, he still was a teenage male who was constantly surrounded by beautiful girls who all wanted him, and he knew that one of these days his willpower would break and he'd give in to his natural urges, and the worst part was that he had no idea which girl it would be with. He took another deep calming breath as he thought to himself, "Well at least it won't be tonight, tonight will be the most normal and calm night I've spent in far too long."

About ten seconds after he finished that thought and relaxed back into his couch Kinji's doorbell rang. He got up grumbling to himself about who the hell could this be as he got to his door and looked through the peephole to see Riko standing there in one of her usual Lolita Cosplay outfits. He didn't want to answer the door as he knew letting her in could only lead to trouble, he started to turn away as he heard the doorbell ring again and then Riko's voice call out, "C'mon Ki-kun, I know you're home, just let Riko in, she promises you won't be disappointed."

Kinji called back, "Just leave me alone Riko, I'm tired."

Riko pouted as she answered, "Ki-kun, Riko has an important piece of intel for you, free of charge, just let me in and you can have it. I swear it's really really important."

Kinji looked through the peephole again and saw her holding up a manila envelope, and became curious because if there was one thing Riko was good at it was collecting information. He hadn't hired her for any intelligence gathering, but he was definitely intrigued by what she thought would be so important to him, so reluctantly and skeptically he opened the door and let her in.

Riko gave a little excited jump as the door opened and then walked past him and into the living room asking, "Is Aria not around?"

Kinji sat down on the sofa and answered, "Yea she's out visiting her mother, and Shirayuki is at the shrine so I was looking forward to a relaxing night at home by myself." Kinji instantly regretted saying this as Riko took this opportunity to sit on his lap, her legs parted on either side of him straddling him.

Riko took the envelope and said as she used her teeth to bite and rip the top off of it, "Ooh we have the place all to ourselves."

Kinji felt his blood starting to rise as Riko rocked aggressively on top of him as she then continued with a frown, "It's a shame that this information is about something big going down tonight, Riko is very sad, she rarely gets Kinji all alone and to herself in his apartment."

Kinji asked, "You say that something big is going down tonight, let me see."

He reached for the envelope and Riko pulled it back saying, "I'll give this to you Ki-kun, but I changed my mind there is a price."

Kinji snorted and said, "Of course Riko, I've dealt with you enough to know that nothing is ever free from you. I don't think I actually have any interest Riko, so get out of here."

Riko laughed and said, "Oh Ki-kun I promise you that you need to see what's in this envelope, if you let Riko leave without seeing it you'll regret it for the rest of your life."

Now Kinji's curiosity was really eating at him and he thought could it be something about Aria as he reached for it again and Riko pulled it away again. She shook her head no and taunted him as she pulled it away saying, "Now, Now Ki-kun Riko has a price and that must be paid."

Kinji sighed in exasperation as he said, "Fine Riko whatever it is you want I agree."

Riko chirped in excitement as she put the envelope in his hand finally and said, "Ooh just as Riko wanted, Ki-kun you have to take me out on an official date sometime in the next week."

Kinji answered, "Whatever" as he eagerly tore through the envelope pulling out a folder. He opened the folder and perused its' contents, his eyes going wide in shock as read the information within. He looked over at the clock and saw that it was 8:43 pm and he shoved Riko off of the top of him forcefully as he went to grab his guns and knife. He shouted at Riko, "It's already 8:43, and this says there are two assassins attacking Reki at nine o'clock, how could you fool around like this Riko, you should have just told me right away."

Riko shrugged and answered, "It's no fun for Riko if we don't play first Kinji-kun, don't worry; her apartment is just across the street you still have plenty of time."

Kinji didn't even respond to Riko as he sped out of his apartment running like hell to get to Reki in time. He could feel his heart racing in fear as the hit order for her read specifically said that two S class hand to hand assassins were hired to take out Reki. They must have scouted her well, because whilst Reki could more than hold her own against another sniper, in fact she seemed to even have a sixth sense about where they were attacking her from, Reki had almost no hand to hand skills. She would have no chance against two S-Class close combat experts. Kinji being an E-class Butei didn't know how much he could help, but at least maybe he could warn her and get her out of there before they attacked. He really wished Aria was there to back him up. He felt so much more confident about going into battle with his partner there to back him up, but as it was he was here by himself and he just had to save Reki.

His feet hit the pavement of the girl's dormitory and he sprinted like a mad man up the stairs. He found the key card Reki gave him to her room and quickly swiped it opening the door. He burst into the room and saw Reki standing by the bathroom door soaking wet wrapped only in a towel as it appeared she had just come out of the shower. She had her Dragunov sniper rifle pointed directly at his chest as she asked shocked by his sudden appearance, "Kinji-san why are you here at such a late hour?

Kinji answered, "We have to get out of here Reki, a hit has been put out on you for any second now." Right as Kinji finished saying that the lights went black and the sound of a gigantic crash echoed throughout the room as a man slammed through the window.

Reki turned her head towards the noise aiming her gun, but unable to make out a clear target in the dark at such a short range. Kinji panicked knowing that in this situation Reki and himself were at a great disadvantage against two S-class assassins, he knew that they had one chance, and that was Hysteria Mode. He screamed, "Reki I'm sorry about this." As he ran up and grabbed her and brought his lips down onto hers in a passionate and forceful kiss. Reki was stunned at first but soon moaned in delight as she parted her mouth to accept Kinji's invading tongue. Kinji grabbed onto her ass through the towel and sucked in her minty scent as he felt the blood rising in his veins as Hysteria Mode overtook him.

Kinji's heightened instincts kicked in and he could feel the first assassin approaching with a katana in hand. Kinji kept the kiss with Reki going for a split second more savoring it and then he pulled back saying with a wink, "Reki my love we'll continue this later." As he whipped out his butterfly knife to block the swing of the katana just before it hit Reki, who he pushed into the bathroom with his other hand and kicked the door closed behind her.

Kinji then confidently said, "I'm sorry boys but the lady is with me, so I'm afraid you'll have to leave now."

The one with the Katana swung it again, but Kinji once again deflected it with his knife. He pulled his Beretta out and shot a few bullets in the direction of the second assailant. The one with the katana kept coming very aggressively and was pushing Kinji away from the bathroom door. He could tell that they had an unspoken plan for the one in front to distract Kinji whilst the other one would go in the bathroom and take care of Reki. While Kinji knew that Reki was capable of defending herself he also wanted to prove to her that he could be the man to protect her. He allowed the one brandishing the Katana to succeed in pushing him back, because he knew that in that moment when the second one went for the door; that would be the moment he could take them both down.

Kinji continued to keep deflecting blows with his butterfly knife as he watched the darkness behind the assassin he was fighting, waiting for the second assassin to make his move. He saw what looked like a flurry of movement and Kinji pounced. He suddenly closed the butterfly knife on the blade of the katana and then quickly spun around behind the attacker. He used the momentum of the assassin's sword swing to push him forward and crash his head right through the wall of the apartment knocking him out cold. He then calculated in the dark where the door knob to the bathroom would be and fired two shots from his gun at that exact location.

Kinji heard a groan of pain as conformation that he had hit the second assassin and rushed headlong into him tackling him to the ground. He dodged as the man swung his fist at him, and then used that opportunity to bring his forehead down at maximum velocity right on the bridge of the assassin's nose shattering his night vision goggles and breaking the man's nose. Both of the assassin's hands went to his face instinctively and Kinji grabbed the sides of his head and bashed it into the floor until he lost consciousness. Kinji got up off of him and checked to see that the other assailant was still out cold. Once he confirmed that he was Kinji went to the bathroom door and knocked saying, "It's all right Reki, its Kinji I stopped them. I'm coming in."

Kinji opened the door slowly and saw Reki standing there holding her Dragunov, bayonet affixed to it. There was a tiny little bathroom night light that must have been battery operated illuminating her. Kinji was taken aback by how breathtakingly beautiful she looked standing there in only a small towel glowing softly in the gentle light present in the room. Kinji walked towards her saying, "I know you want to protect me Reki, but I want you to know that I will always be there to protect you too."

The normal Kinji cringed inside his head as he could feel the blood of his body in Hysteria Mode still going crazy, even after the fighting was done. He knew that Reki was what he wanted now, and he also knew that she was more than ready to give herself to him. Hysteria Mode Kinji closed the distance between them and grabbed Reki looking deep into her eyes as he finished, "I'm here Reki. If you still want me I'm ready to be part of your Ulus, for now and forever."

Kinji then brought his mouth down on hers hard again and pushed her back against the wall as they kissed deeply for about thirty seconds. When they broke apart Reki looked up, and Kinji was entranced by the look behind her eyes, it was far different then her usual dead stare. He saw an intoxicatingly beautiful mixture of happiness, shyness, passion, love and lust as she said, "As I told you earlier Kinji-san, I am for Kinji-san to use, my body is but one of your possessions to do with as you please." Finishing that statement Reki let her towel hit the ground.

AN: I hope you liked it, and thanks for reading. Just in case you don't know Reki is descendent of Genghis Khan and Ulus is the name of her tribe. This is going to be an ongoing story involving all the characters, not just Kinji and Reki. Ideally Kinji and Aria will still be partners while he and Reki are lovers. The next chapter will start where we left off with some citrusy goodness and then move on in setting up the plot and villains of the story. We're going to find out who ordered the hit on Reki eventually. I'll probably post the next chapter near the end of February. I know this is a small fan fiction community, so I'm not sure what I'm expecting, but I would love to get some reviews. I'll keep writing anyway as I mostly do this just to get these thoughts out of my head, but I would really appreciate hearing some feedback. I realized I left out Reki's wolf, but I promise to include him the rest of the way. Thanks again for reading and like I said I'd really love to hear your thoughts whether good or bad. And oh yeah I don't own Aria the Scarlett Ammo, becuase if I did there would definetly be a second season.