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Aria with her guns still pointed at Kinji watched as Reki stepped in front of him and said, "I cannot allow you to harm Kinji-san."

Aria's face got even redder, unhappy to see Reki's relationship with Kinji was still like this and she was also curious as to why the two of them were returning to Kinji's apartment at this time of night. Kinji spoke up and said, "Aria, put those away, we don't have time to fool around, we need to figure out who is trying to kill Reki."

Hearing those words shocked Aria and in a panicked voice she asked, "What?

Reki stayed frozen in place acting as a human shield between Kinji and Aria's guns which she slowly lowered as Kinji's statement sunk in. Aria said, "What do you mean someone is trying to kill Reki?"

Riko came up from behind and said, "Well Riko found out about a hit scheduled for Reki tonight so she brought it over to Kinji and being the hero he is he rushed over there and apparently succeeded in saving her."

Aria put away her guns and with a concerned look asked, "Are you hurt Reki?"

Reki answered simply "No."

Aria ran over to Reki and gave her a big hug and then said while they embraced, "I'm happy Reki; Kinji is sometimes useful for these things."

Kinji laughed a little and then Reki said, "Yes Kinji-san is a true warrior and.."

Kinji cut her off saying, "Well let's head into the other room and sit down and talk about what our next step as a team is."

The girls all nodded in agreement and started to walk towards his living room. Kinji was glad that he managed to cut off the end of Reki's sentence. He had no idea what she was going to say but knowing how straight forward and direct Reki was it certainly could have given away what had just transpired between them. Kinji was still unsure of what to do about the massive step forward he had taken with Reki. It wasn't exactly that he wanted to keep their relationship a secret; he just knew the personalities of the girls around him and a change as big as this was likely to cause tremors the magnitude of which he couldn't even fathom.

The group made their way to Kinji's living room and he took a seat on the couch, and noticed that Reki slid in immediately next to him. She subtly brushed her hand with his, and shot him a shy smile that lasted nothing more than a nanosecond before she resumed her stoic Robot Reki appearance. Kinji looked over at the other two girls in the room, and luckily Aria seemed oblivious but he could see a smirk on Riko's face as her stare was locked on Reki. Riko then turned and looked Kinji in the eyes and gave him a knowing smile followed by a flirtatious wink.

Kinji swallowed hard; nervous about what that exchange with Riko meant but his thoughts were disrupted by Aria's voice asking, "So what happened?"

Reki was about to answer but Kinji put his hand up as if to silence her and said, "I'll answer Reki."

Reki immediately closed her mouth listening to her lords orders. Riko let out an excited giggle at Kinji's display of dominance as he turned to Aria and said, "I was here by myself and then Riko came saying she had some info I'd find useful. When I read her detailed report about the hit I ran over there and arrived just in time. The two assassins burst in about a minute after I arrived; I fought and disabled both of them."

Aria asked, "What happened afterwards?"

Kinji couldn't help but blush a little as his mind shot to a naked Reki and the memories of what actually happened, but ignoring that he finished his statement saying, "I tied up the assailants, made sure Reki was fine and then headed back here with her. I also called the police to come and apprehend them."

Kinji was still very uneasy about the look that Riko had on her face as she kept looking back and forth between Kinji and Reki. Aria who thankfully seemed unaware of the tension in Kinji continued on saying, "Well all we have to do is take this on as a job. That will be the next mission for Team Baskerville; we will investigate and then catch whoever is behind this plot to attack one of us. Reki until then you are going to stay here with Kinji and myself we'll act as your bodyguards."

Kinji looked over at Reki but saw the same blank expression as usual on her face as she nodded affirmatively. Staring directly at her face like that Kinji realized how much he missed all of the expressions and life she showed in her face earlier that night. That Robot Reki stare made her look beautiful like a porcelain doll, but the beauty of a doll was nothing compared to way she looked when her face was full of color and life like when he was touching and kissing her. Riko's giggle snapped Kinji out of his daze as he realized he was staring pretty intently at Reki.

Aria forever clueless continued talking, "Riko the three of us will stay here, you go and get more details about everything. I'll look over your first report, but I want a much more thorough one as soon as possible. If someone attacks one of us, it's like they attacked all of us. We need to find who they are and make them pay."

Riko nodded and smiled saying, "Don't worry I'll make sure to find out EVERYTHING" the emphasis on the last word was accentuated with a wink at Kinji.

Riko then left the room. Aria turned to Reki and said, "Don't worry Reki you can sleep in Kinji's room with me, he has no problem crashing on the couch."

Kinji just shrugged and said, "Whatever."

Kinji was used to Aria bossing him around like this, but Reki answered, "It is OK, I can just sleep on the floor I have no need to take Kinji-san's bed."

Kinji just turned and said "Don't worry Reki, it's probably better if you stay in there with Aria."

Aria nodded and ran over to grab Reki by the arm and say happily, "It can be like a slumber party, we'll make it fun."

Reki looked back with a confused look at Kinji as Aria dragged her out of the room. Kinji smiled and laughed at how Aria had transformed from the ultra-serious leader of a Butei team into a little girl having her first sleepover with her friend in a matter of seconds. Kinji sank back relaxing into the couch. He was glad that Reki was here and safe with him and glad that he had his team to support him and protect Reki as they investigated this matter. He was also very nervous about living with both Reki and Aria. The dangers of Hysteria Mode would be ever present, and now that he had actually taken the plunge with Reki he wasn't sure how to act around her. He still needed to talk about their relationship, but he had no idea what he would say.

Kinji knew that Reki meant a lot to him, and he supposed that he accepted the idea of being engaged. But what did that mean? Were they going to be together like tonight more often? He couldn't deny that a large part of him did want that, but then the other part was still terrified of being caught by Aria and how she would react. He felt like he maybe had betrayed Aria a little bit, but he also was committed to treating Reki like she deserved to be treated.

Riko walked back into the room as Kinji was lost in thought and said breaking his concentration, "I'm off Ki-kun to get some more info, but I want to talk to you about something in private so walk me out."

Kinji sighed, concerned about what was on her mind, but aware that knowing was better than not knowing so he stood up and followed Riko. The two of them exited his apartment and then when Riko closed the door she turned to look at Kinji and said in a cutesy voice, "OOOH Kinji, Riko can tell you've been naughty."

Kinji just laughed nervously deciding to deny, and keep denying as he said, "I don't know what you are talking about."

Riko smiled and poked Kinji as she said, "Uh-huh Ki-kun Riko could see the way Reki was acting. I don't think Aria noticed but I could tell how lovey dovey you two looked after you walked in the door."

Kinji cringed, he didn't really think that he and Reki had acted all that different, but Riko was sharp and she apparently did notice the change in their relationship. Riko leaned in close to Kinji and whispered seductively in his ear, "Don't worry Ki-kun I know you are not the type to kiss and tell, and Riko can be really good at keeping secrets when she wants to. Just now that Reki got her turn I think it's only fair that I get mine."

Riko gave Kinji's ear a playful bite and then gave his neck a small kiss. Kinji could feel his blood starting to excite a little as Riko gave his ass a squeeze and said, "Well I'll be off now. I will be calling soon to schedule our date."

Kinji watched Riko leave, cursing at himself for agreeing to a date with Riko. He knew that now since she was aware of his new experience she would be more aggressive than usual. He shuddered; not looking forward to extended alone time with Riko. He normally feared getting sucked into Hysteria Mode around any woman, but now that he was trying to be loyal to Reki he feared it even more since in Hysteria Mode he lost total control of himself.

Kinji's eyes snapped opened as he felt movement beneath him near his legs. He had been sleeping on the couch and he reached for his gun which was on the nightstand. He then stopped cold in his tracks as he saw Reki's face appear from underneath his blanket. He seemed confused as she gave him a shy smile, and then he jumped in shock as he felt her cold hands reach into his boxers and grab his penis. He felt the blood in his body begin to move close to Hysteria Mode as the beautiful sniper slowly started to stroke his cock which was quickly becoming fully engorged in her grasp.

Kinji said, "Reki what the hell are you doing?"

Reki just leaned forward and kissed Kinji. She had spent all night leaning against the bed holding her rifle. Her mind which was usually much more calm had been swimming with thoughts about Kinji. The thoughts about Kinji and all the other girls around him which had been troubling her some over these past months, those thoughts now were amplified a million times over now that the two of them had become intimate. She believed what Kinji had told her earlier about not being with those other girls before, but now that she had made him hers she was determined to be his perfect lover. She wanted to satisfy him in every way imaginable so that he would never need to look towards Aria, Riko, Jeanne, Shirayuki or any other girl again.

Their lips parted and Reki continued to stroke Kinji's cock as she lowered her head towards it. Kinji asked again, "Reki what are you doing?"

Reki looked up and said, "I want to please you, I want to make you happy."

Kinji looked down into her eyes; he realized that the events of earlier tonight and being around the other girls must have made her insecure. He knew that he had become everything to Reki and that his closeness with the others troubled her. He said, "Reki don't worry you don't have to do this to prove to me…"

Kinji's sentence was cut off by the surge of excitement he got as Reki's mouth engulfed his cock. Reki's head bobbed up and down as she voraciously went to work pleasing her man. Kinji lay back on the couch no longer able to protest against something that felt so incredible. There was a small voice of reason screaming, that this was dangerous and there would be hell to pay if Aria catches us, but Reki had managed to suck every ounce of resistance out of his body.

Reki continued at the furious pace as she now was also running her hands up and down Kinji's chest and stomach. Her mouth and throat seemed like heaven, and her tongue somehow managed to tickle and delight a new spot on Kinji each time it flicked forward. He heard her making that same gagging noise but no matter how deep she took him into her mouth her pace never once slowed down, "Fuck how hot that is" Kinji thought to himself.

This continued for another several minutes and soon Kinji could feel his climax fast approaching. Kinji grunted, "Reki, I'm uuuhh, I'm guunna, Reki I c-c-can't hold it."

Hearing Kinji's groans of pleasure seemed to only encourage Reki even more and she continued her work. Soon Kinji lost his battle and he felt bad as he erupted inside of Reki's mouth, which did seem to take her by surprise at first, but she never once pulled away. She slowed her pace down as Kinji sunk back in the couch, his mind in post orgasmic bliss as he felt Reki continue to lick and kiss at his penis. He heard Reki cough a little bit as she pulled back, Kinji realizing that she had most likely just swallowed the cum he had unloaded in her mouth.

Reki then pulled the blanket up over both of them and snuggled into Kinji laying her head on his chest. Kinji stared down, still dumbfounded by what just happened. A few minutes of silence went by until eventually Reki looked up into Kinji's eyes and said timidly, "Kinji-san, I hope you liked it."

Kinji was once again mesmerized by Reki's beauty. A beauty that a few minutes ago was that of a sultry seductress who woke him up in the middle of the night to give him a blowjob, and now had transformed into one of a naïve girl, eyes full of self-doubt and apprehension.

Kinji now felt a pang in his heart every time Reki gave him one of those looks. Ever since he saved her at her apartment and then had sex with her he decided to give this relationship with Reki a true try. Now every time she looked at him doubting or worrying about his commitment towards her he felt like he was failing her as her fiancé.

Kinji squeezed her tight and answered, "Thank you Reki it was incredible."

Kinji then grabbed her by the cheek and held her eyes in a strong gaze as he stared deeply into them, trying to convey the seriousness of his tone as he continued with the rest, "Reki, I want you to know you don't have to do things like that to prove yourself to me. I picked you; you are the girl I want to be with. No matter what the others do or say you are the only one I want to be holding in my arms like this."

He squeezed her even tighter as he finished that statement. Kinji then continued, "We're both new to this, let's just take our time, don't feel pressured, I just want you to be safe and happy."

Reki smiled and said, "I didn't feel any pressure Kinji-san. I wanted to do that. I want to please you, feeling you like that makes me feel more alive than even sniping. As long as I'm yours Kinji-san you will never be left wanting, I am but one of your possessions and you can use me as you want wherever and whenever. Not because that is my duty as your wife, but because I want you to use me all the time. Any second Kinji-san is not touching me, not tasting me is a waste in my eyes."

Kinji looked down stunned by the intensity of Reki's words and stares. He didn't doubt her words, and while a lifetime of never being away from the flawless flesh of Reki did sound appealing, that was too unrealistic. They still had a Butei team and work and school, and much more pressing was the mystery of who was the person after Reki. Kinji said, "You should probably move, we need to tell Aria and everyone about us eventually but I don't want her catching us like this."

Reki snuggled deeper into his embrace and then said, "That's fine Kinji-san, but let me have just a little more time, I won't fall asleep, I just need a little more."

Kinji could not deny his Mongolian Princess so he acquiesced saying, "OK Reki take as long as you need."

Kinji then kissed her on the top of her head and squeezed her tight as he closed his eyes thinking how the warmth of Reki pressed up against him seemed just so right.