"Talk about aging..."

"What's wrong, Gallows? You worried about your age?"

"Yeah... You know Clive, it's been 7 years since we've been travelling around Filgaia, and this year I'm turning 32. But still, I haven't got any woman to make a wife. Lucky you to have such beautiful wife and cute kid."

"Perhaps it's called fate. Don't worry, Gallows. You'll find one sooner. But before that you should know, becoming a husband and a father isn't something I'd say easy. You'll be showered with responsibilities and burdens. And even experienced more headache than your solo life."

"Huh? How can that be? But from the way I see it you seems like having no problems handling your family at all."

"Well, not much... It depends on certain situations."

"Like what?"

"Look at them."

Clive points out to Jet and Virginia, which right now arguing and surrounded by their two violet eyed daughters, running and circling them, while their blue eyed son sitting on the dining chair, awfully quiet and looking over his sisters.

"I told you to take Vircellia, Jessica and Junior for a walk while I'm cleaning the house! Now it's messy again!"

"I know that, but Jessica kept running away from us! How can I chase her when I carried Junior on my shoulders and holding hands with Vircellia all the time! As their mother, you should go, too!"

"I would but who's going to clean the house then? Besides, it's a father's duty to take their kids for a walk. Not to mention that you're awfully too quiet to tell them stories. Even Junior got your less talking habit."

"Ah, and don't forget that Jessica got your hyper active type. And thanks to that I haven't been able to relax whenever she's up!"

The married couple keeps on with they everyday quarrel.

"Get what I'm trying to say?" Clive politely stated to Gallows, with a single sweat drop on the side of his face and smiling.

"Oh...right. Now that you've mention it. "

"So, have you decided on planning when to get married?"

"I...I'll think about that."

How life can be so unpredictable sometimes...no, always.

A/N: I decided to use the three names as their children's name in my upcoming fics. Please enjoy this short story of mineā€¦^^