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Chapter 1

The Beginning

The Queen cried in horror as she looked at the midwife with the baby in her arms, the child that would never know life beyond her womb. She was so close, only two months until the baby was safe to give birth to. This was the second child she lost, the second chance she had to have a daughter.

"My Queen?" the healer asked for her attention.

"yes?" the queen replied, waiting for the healer to tell her when she can try again for a baby.

"I'm afraid that your highness can no longer have children," the healer paused, give the queen time to take it in before she continued, "I am very sorry my lady,"

As the healer turned and left the King came in.

"What did the healer say?" the king asked trying to read his wifes face, "my love?" he tried again.

With her head down and no expression on her face, the Queen stated, "I can no longer have a child, a baby girl... of my own," her voice slowly cracking as tears made their way down her face, "Just Go...Please," the Queen finished with and turned to lie on her side facing away from her Husband.

And with that the King left, deep in thought.

Surely this was not the Gods will? Did he not promise to his wife on the night of their engagment in front of the Gods a daughter, a little girl was all the Queen asked for, all she wanted. After their first son, Priam also wanted a daughter and then once their second son came, he was much more eager for a girl because then the pressure of a son was off. Priam and Ivaia wanted a daughter they could love and care for, a girl that Priam could protect from the evil was of men, a daughter Ivaia could spend countless hours pampering and talk about things men weren't made to understand.

Priam went to the temple to pray. No matter what happened, the King & Queen never lost faith in the Gods and praying right now seemed the best idea.

"All mighty God, please bless my wife with a daughter, please, I will sacirfice anything for happiness of Ivaia, Please," the King spoke.

After Finishing his prayer a servent approached him with a large basket in their arms.

"My King! This was at the door for you and the Queen," he starte, "it came with this message to you, My Lord,"

He placed the basket at Priams feet, the message too and scurried off leaving a curious King.


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