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Chapter 4

16 summers later...

A beautiful girl of twenty-one summers peacefully and calmly walked through her mothers garden inside the palace walls.

Her beautiful fed hair that ran all the way down her back and finished at her hips was let free after hours of having it all up for the arrival of her brothers return form Sparta, but as the day progressed, she saw no reason to be the only girl in the family to wear her hair up.

"Kathrine!" yelled Ivaia, "Kathrine! Why in the name of Zeus is your hair out? I spent hours expalining to your servants how I wanted it done, do you not respect your mother?"

"Mother," Kathrine spoke with her angelic voice, " it's getting late, I'm sure my brothers will not be joining us tonight, besides shouldn't we be more concerned about weather or not they have made the peace treaty?" Kathrine finished with a questioning look.

"I'm sorry my gift but I just want you to look extra beautiful," Ivaia said, finally calming down.

"Mother its not like I have any suitors waiting in lines," Kathrine stated.

Kathrine knew that she would never get married, that she was to spend her life in a temple and be a preistess, even though she was treated much higher, she still disliked not being able to be married and have a child of her own to love and cherish.

"Dear, I know that somewhere inside you, no atter how much you hide it, I know you want your own family to take care of," her mother said kindly, "But I promise that its not as bad as you think, being in a temple and surving the Gods and no other," she finished, trying to convince her daughter.

Kathrine loved her mothr very much but she was surtain that something was wrong, something never fit right in her family and she wanted to know.

As Kathrine walked slowly away from her mother, wanting to be alone with her throught. Her mother understood and desided it was best to leave her child alone.


Kathrine sat down on the grass and let her eye's wonder over the beautiful garden as a guard came up quickly and spoke furmly.

"My Princess, the princes have arrived, please, they are with the King,"

Kathrine only now realiesed just how long she had been in the garden. Kathrine quickly stood and brushed herself off, trying to look presentable and walked as fast as she was allowed as a princess.

"Hector!" Kathrine cried, running to her brother and imbrassing him in a tight hug.

"My beautiful sister, my my, has the goddess of beauty herself allowed you to grow anymore beautiful than you were the last time I saw you?" Hector questioned, of course playing around, but at the same time being dead serious, but Kathrine didn't need to know that.

As Kathrine looked around to find Paris she saw a beautiful woman standing next to him.

"Hector, who is that woman?"

"Helen of Sparta, or as Paris believes, Helen of Troy,"

"But doesn't that mean..."

" yes, dear sister, but Paris believes that their love is more important," Hector exclaimed, "so hows knowing the truth of yourself, I hope you understand,"

"Knowing what? Understanding? Hector what do you mean?" Kathrine asked, confuesed at what her brother was saying.

"You meaning you don't know?" Hecotr questioned, "sister I must speak to our father, do not worry, you will know, I promise you," He finished as he walked off to his father.



Hector yelled at his father.

Hector respected his father and King but Hector knew what his father was doing was wrong.

"Son, you must understand, Kathrine does not need to know, your mother doesn't want to lose her daughter."

"Father how would you know? Kathrine is a very understanding person, please tell her! Before the Greeks come." Hector spoke, breathing heavily.

"Hector, if we tell her we may never see her again." Priam cried.

"Father! Kathrine has no where to go and I know she will still love you and mother, please! If you don't, I will," Hector threatened.

"yes, you will. You can tell her, but the results are on you my son," Priam spoke.


"Kathrine!" Hector said with the family behind him. Taking a seat for what was about to happen, Ivaia was crying as her husband held her.

"Kathrine please sit down," Hector said, kneeling down in front of her, "sister we must confess to you that you are not my or Paris' sister by blood," Hector breathed.

"When mother lost the second baby after Paris, father prayed to the Gods for a daughter, and that night you were delivered in a basket, this basket,"

Andromache brought over a basket, all the while Kathrine remained silent, taking in al this information, not knowing how to feel.

Kathrine peered into the basket, there was a letter in the bottom of the basket. With shakey hands, Kathrine saw that no one knew that the letter was there.