It seems to me, humanity is fleeting.
I mean that in more way than one.

I do wonder, how much more time will pass, before all the humans are gone?

And I am one of them. A human.

Except I'm not. Not really.
[Humanity is fleeting.]

I don't want to be.

I'm not afraid of the zombies. Why should I be?
They always made more sense to me, than my so-called brethren.
They eat. They make more of themselves. No more, no less.
Never a question of morality.

They just do. And are.

And soon, I think, I shall join them.
Why should I not?

I think a zombie is what I was always meant to be.
And now, I have the means.

And humanity is fleeting.
[a mere bite: fading, fading... gone.]