I really need to have a Kick-Ass fanfic here, cuz' it's my favorite movie. And sorry for my english. :P

Chapter one

New in town

This must be the fifth time we've moved. It's comes with dad's job. We're moving so often so it starting to feel like a habit.

Dad got himself a new job in New York. At a guy called Frank D'Amico. His salary was better and his working conditions were better too. Dad's new job would make us more richer and more powerful than we are now.

I'm the spoiled rich daughter.

Mom was only happy that we finally moved to New York, after being there on lots of vacations.

But I wasn't so very happy about it. I had an awesome friend in my old town and we hang out everyday. The only way for us now to talk is by Skype, Facebook and texts. But she will forget about me after a while, because I only exist on the internet for her now.

I didn't think that I would feel comfort here in New York, even if I've been here before. The vacations were great, I never regret them, but living here everyday now and just for a week is two whole different things. But I was wrong when I saw a big comic book store named "Atomic Comics".

"You see?" Mom said. "New York has something for everybody."

Dad drove up to the driveway and the truck with all our stuff was there and waiting for us.

Our house was big. Very big.

"It's one of the biggest houses in New York." Dad said proud.

"It's so beautiful". Mom said and gave dad a kiss.

"I love that you like it." He smiled.

"Hey, while you guys are snogging, can I go to that comic book store?" I asked.

They looked at me. "Um, sure." Dad said. "Or?" He looked at mom.

"Of course!" She said. "But Larry has to come with you."

Larry was our family's closest bodyguard. His real name is so hard to pronounce so we call him Larry. He's from Russia, he's a communist, he likes guns and... yeah, he's scary, but he's nice to the family and his colleagues. Larry has lived in the US for twenty years working for dad, but he still had some problems with his English.

"Why?" I complained.

"Because in New York there's people who wants to lay their hands on a rich daughter like you. Many people know who the Welker family is."

"You don't say."

"Amber, knock it off." Mom wanted to be strict, but she couldn't resist to smile. "It's for your own safety. Dads boss Frank have lots of bodyguards. More than us."

I gave up. "Okay then, Larry's coming with me."

"Do have money?"

"Uhh... no." I looked dumb.

Mom smiled and looked in her wallet. "Here", she gave me 200 bucks. "Buy so much as you want, as a welcome gift to New York from me and dad."

"Wow, thanks mom!" I smiled. "Well, bye." I opened the car door.

"Bye, and have fun!"

– –

The store was filled with comics. Everything from Marvel, DC to Tokyo Pop and Shonen Jump. (And they had coffee!) It's was like living in heaven. This was a paradise.

I got the feeling that I was gonna fit in New York, that this was the right town for me and I felt that Miami and my friends there were no longer important.

My bodyguard was also in the store, protecting me from the bad guys. But I don't think that anyone in here would love to kidnap me. But mom and dad always wants to be on the safe side.

"Hey Larry." I said. "I think you can be a little bit less protective here. It's just a store filled with teenagers."

"But you'll never now if someone here is having a gun." Larry said quiet.

I rolled my eyes. "C'mon, we are not in a ghetto or something, we're just in a store with geeks!"

"Okay then.. But only this time!"


"That's my limit. You can talk to anyone you want, but don't tell people your last name! ...I'm watching you from a corner."

I walked to a shelf with zombie comics. The shelf was filled with a comic adaption of the Shaun of The Dead, my favorite movie. "Awesome!" I said when I grabbed the first five issues.

"Excuse me, but can you walk a little bit to the right? I want to take issue ten."

A boy in my age was looking at me. He was pale and had black hair. He was dressed in jeans, a shirt and a suit jacket.

"Oh, sure." I walked a bit to the right so he could take the comic.

"Thanks!" He said.

"No prob", I said. "I'm Amber by the way. I'm new here."

"Oh, welcome to New York!" We shook hands. "I'm Chris."

I smiled. "Nice to meet you!"

"..um.. nice to meet you ..too."

"Which school do you go to?" I asked. It would be nice to know someone when I'm at my first day at my new school, and Chris sounded like a great guy.

"Home school." He replied with an shy smile.

"Oh, I'm a senior. I will go to a private school."

"Cool, I went to a private school when I was younger, but now I'm... well, yeah."

I laughed. "So... what do you in your free time?"

Larry came in that moment. He looked at Chris with suspicious eyes. Then he said: "Christopher D'Amico, we meet at last. I'm Larry Ivanov. I'm sure your father has spoken to you 'bout me?"

"Oh yes, he has. Nice to meet you." They shook hands.

My eyes went big. "What's going on?"

Both looked at me. Larry said: "You know your fathers new boss, Frank D'Amico?"


"That is his son." He pointed at Chris. I gasped and my eyes went more bigger. Chris grinned.

Larry looked at me. He saw that I wanted him to leave. "I will leave you two alone." Larry said and walked away to watch us from a distance.

"So", I said. "What do you do on your free time?"

"Oh, um.. I'm here at Atomic and I go to the movies. With my dad."

"Cool. Do you know if there showing some good movies tonight?"

"Uh.. no, I haven't checked today's program list yet."

We walked to the counter and paid for our comics. Then I wanted to ask him if he wanted to sit with me and talk, but he had to go home.

"Bye", he said and smiled.

"Bye", I replied and when he came out of sight I shrugged my shoulders and began to look for any place to sit and read.

"Hey, you!" Some guy said to me.

I saw three guys in my age sitting at a table to the left side of the door. The one who cried at me, was a chubby guy with glasses. The other ones who sat there was a guy to the right of the chubby one, next to the window had curly hair and looked quite confused. The third one sat to the opposite looked like a modern Frodo with Harry Potter glasses.

"Me?" I asked.

"Yeah, you. You're new here?"


"Well hello there", he began to smile. "I'm Marty."

I realized what he was doing. He wanted to make a move on me. Oh great. That Marty guy wasn't really my type at all.

"Nice comics you have there, have you read the Red Mist comic?"

"No, it hasn't come out yet."

Marty nodded, it was an awkward moment for him. "Um... that's Todd", he pointed at the one next to him. "And that's Dave." Marty nodded at the guy who looked like Frodo.

"A pleasure", I said. But it really wasn't.

"Do you wanna sit with us?" Todd asked.

"No." I walked away.

Larry grinned a bit when I walked to him.

"No comment." I said to him and stared. "Let's go home, those dweebs are annoying."

"As you wish."

– –

"Hi honey, how was it at the comic book store? Did you find something good?" Mom didn't look up from her iPhone.

"Yeah, I did! A Shaun of The Dead comic! Look, I bought five issues!" I showed her the comics.

"Oh so fun", she said, but didn't look up this time either.

I took my comics again and asked: "What's for dinner?"

"I don't know, ask the nanny."

Mom was too lazy to cook. And I was too lazy to ask our nanny.

Instead I went upstairs. I met dad in his new office. He said: "Amber, I hope you like your new room."

I nodded, but I didn't have a clue where my room was. Then I saw a note on one of the doors longer away. I opened the door and gasped.

My room was big and new furniture was there. A brand new mac, a brand new TV and a brand new X-box, my old games was there, but I got new games too.

But then I remembered my conversation with Chris D'Amico, and I forgot to ask him for his number. "Fuck!" I hissed.

Dad walked in. "Do you like it?" He smiled.

My dad was more caring than my mom, but dad could be a tyrant like Hitler. (Without the racist and the nazi bits.)

"I love it!" I said and gave him a hug.

"That's great. I just talked to the nanny, the dinner's ready in fifteen minutes."


"And the D'Amico family is coming for dinner tonight!"