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March 21, 2005

Sarah doesn't know how to explain the easy comfort of waking up in Chuck's arms without a single fiber of material between them. She just knows that she loves the warmth of his skin on hers. No matter where she is touching him from his chest to his toes, he is always warm and comforting. Even his hands wrapped gently around her on her back and ass are warm. She smiles up at him, knowing he is still sleeping. Morning has only just come around and after last night's love session, she knows he needs his rest. Apparently he really enjoys stripping her nude because the fire in his arousal was burning faster than a forest fire. She pockets that little information for whenever she wants to stimulate Chuck and too lazy to take her own clothes off.

She sidles up and cranes her neck to press a soft kiss to his lips. The conversation of last night is still fresh on her mind. Her emotions are a blessing and a handicap. And she knows how she would react to Chuck's death: she would die of a broken heart. Can you die of a broken heart, she questions in her subconscious.

She can just imagine the scene in her head. She would be on the hospital bed, looking sickly and tired. The doctors would be rushing by her, stabbing her with different IVs and hooking up multiple devices to her body as they try to find the reason her body is failing and her heart is shutting down. She can hear the faint whispers of the doctors saying how she no longer has the will to live. She finally closes her eyes and resides to her death from a broken heart, hoping to find Chuck again.

Sarah shakes off the dark depressing thoughts with a shiver. That got dark quickly, she muses in her head. She looks back into Chuck's eyes and notices he is stirring awake. His warm hand on her ass squeezes gently as he pulls her closer into his embrace.

"What's wrong?" he groggily mumbles without opening his eyes. He felt her tremor and wants to ensure she is comfortable and happy.

"Nothing," she relaxes into him with a gentle smile that shows she is happy to be loved by such an amazing man. "I'm just cold," she lies, but with ulterior motives that are unrelated to the true reason for the shiver.

Instantly, he pulls her even closer to him, which is a feat because there already wasn't any air between them, her chest now crushed comfortably between their two bodies. He also places his feet on top of hers. "Better?" He mumbles sleepily.

"Yea," she smiles into his neck, nuzzling her face into him as much as she can, loving the warmth he exuberates.

March 21, 2005

"It seems like the Ring closed up shop early last night," Beckman dryly states to the team through the Castle monitor feed. The team surrounds the table as they fully listen to the General. "The raid team I sent last night came up empty on anything tying the building to the Ring."

"But we were just in it!" Jesse argues quickly. "We talked with the damn Director!"

"We obviously tipped them off," Casey growls agitatedly.

"So we got absolutely nothing out of the mission last night?" Bryce questions dreadfully, annoyed at the failure.

"What about the Elders?" Chuck speaks up. "General, what did you find on them?"

"We're still searching but so far, it's not looking like a helpful lead," Beckman responds honestly, feeling no point in lying to her team.

"Well this sucks," Sarah deprecatingly states. "Even if these Elders were important somehow, they're probably long gone now."

"We don't know that," Chuck remains optimistic about the situation; something that's rare in the spy world. "Maybe the Director thinks we're no threat. We do know nothing about the Elders as it is."

"We can only hope for the lead to pan out," Beckman states evenly. "As of now, we have nothing on the Ring. I will contact you when I have an update."

"But what about Shaw?" Bryce brings up the sour tasting name. "Maybe he would know something about the Elders. Did you at least question him?" Bryce questions quickly, hoping something can be learned of these Elders.

"He doesn't know anything," Beckman states solemnly. "The Ring works in cells and his wife was his only real contact within the Ring. As of now, we have no leads and we need you all to remain on call just in case something reveals itself," she immediately ends the feed after seeing the team nod their heads, leaving the team with nothing to do for the meantime.

March 21, 2005

"I haven't seen you in like forever, man!" Morgan cheers ecstatically to see his best friend once again. "It's like I just disappeared from your life since you became a badass spy! It's like I had just been written out of the story of your life."

Chuck rolls his eyes dreadfully with his arm around Sarah's shoulders s they walk along the street. "Just tell the whole world, why don't you?" He sarcastically queries, mostly joking.

"My bad, dude," Morgan calms down, but is still excited to hang out with Chuck again.

"And I know, buddy," Chuck rings an arm around Morgan's shoulders. "I've been kind of M.I.A. and all. I guess we've just been busy, you know?"

"You don't have to tell me twice," Morgan assures joyously with an emphatic shake of his head. He suddenly drops to a whisper, "saving the world and all that." He quickly turns to the handsome blue-eyed spy, "And I never saw the day Bryce would ever settle down."

"Shut up, man," Bryce playfully hits Morgan in the stomach as he walks with Jesse beside him and holding hands.

Morgan jokingly cringes from the light tap. "And I was always afraid the one girl you settle down with would be ugly, but boy was I wrong!"

"I should take that as a compliment but I don't think it was," Bryce states reservedly.

"Thank you," Jesse peers in front of Bryce to smile at Morgan, who is happily skipping between the two couples.

"How 'bout you, buddy?" Chuck asks Morgan. "Any girls in your life?"

"Well there was this one time I went to Bennigan's with Jeff and Lester," Morgan fires off quickly as he starts to stare off into space, "and let me tell you those guys are stalking geniuses, but very very creepy."

"Come on," Bryce jokingly ruffles Morgan's hair. "Morgan loves being the fifth wheel."

"Actually," Morgan frowns at Bryce for a couple seconds when Jesse hits Bryce for being insulting. Morgan turns back to Chuck, "do you remember Anna Wu? Cute petite Asian; wears the tiniest little black skirt; looks like a sexy anime character—"

"Who worked at the Nerd Herd desk?" Chuck furrows his brow, trying to think of the few female workers in the sea of immature men.

"Yes!" Morgan hops with excitement. "Well, I'm in the process of wooing Ms. Wu!"

"Cool, buddy," Chuck is happy for his friend. He has honestly missed the bundle of joy Morgan can be.

"And now the test of all tests," Morgan steps ahead of them and turns around, walking backwards as if he is stalking his prey. "If my boy's girl," he points to Sarah, "doesn't like sizzling shrimp then all hope is lost."

"I'm not making any promises," Sarah states airily with a grin on her face. Morgan can really be an entertaining guy.

"And now may I present to you," he stops and raises both arms to his left, "the Bamboo Dragon." He bows gracefully like he's seen in so many Asian Kung Fu movies. "The best sizzling shrimp in L.A. for less than ten dollars a person."

March 21, 2005

"Nothing's as satisfying as a belly full of sizzling shrimp," Chuck sighs pleasantly as he sits on the bed back in his and Sarah's hotel room.

"Nothing?" She raises a single skeptical eyebrow, conveying her thoughts into his head.

"You know what I mean," he rolls his eyes playfully. "So how'd you like it? Did we finally find a seafood you like? Because you can't be my girlfriend if you don't like sizzling shrimp." He grins brightly at her, waiting for her response.

"That's the weirdest requirement of all time," she laughs happily. "But I guess I pass because I did like it. It's not my favorite food—"

"But you enjoyed it!" He finishes excitedly as he pulls her to him, lifts her shirt up and starts kissing her belly full of shrimp and noodles. Sarah giggles as his lips tickle her abdomen. After thirty seconds of kissing her toned delicious belly, Chuck looks up and huskily queries, "you think you can be more satisfying than a belly full of sizzling shrimp?"

Sarah smiles widely. Oh she knows what he is doing. He knows the competitive nature in her and he is feeding into it. And damn, is it working. She cannot help as her smile turns determined and confident. "How much you wanna bet?" She doesn't wait for his response as she pushes his back to the bed and attacks his mouth with a heated kiss; the idea of making herself his own personal pleasure device for the rest of the night in the front of her mind.

March 24, 2005

"It looks like we've finally hit something," Beckman addresses the team with excited hopefulness as they all stand before her inside Castle as she peers through her computer monitor. "Let's hope this isn't a fluke."

"What'd we get?" Casey questions heatedly, his curiosity overtaking his manners as he leans forward in anticipation.

Beckman enjoys having a member of her team so ecstatic about a mission. That is why she has always believed Major Casey to be one of the top agents of the NSA because he enjoys doing the tough dirty things like crawling through wall spaces and skulking through sewers to accomplish his mission. He is one of the few patriots that do it solely for his country. The man hasn't even cashed in a bonus check since 1991 and that was sent to his ex-girlfriend he left behind when he joined Black Ops. "We've got a hit on a Sydney Prince, a suspected Ring agent. We believe she is in the process of turning an MI6 agent as we speak. According to our transcripts, this agent overheard her say something about elders into a private phone call he was eavesdropping on."

"Wait, so Prince and the agent are already in contact?" Casey queries; surprised how deep the agent must be.

"Yes, but so far we've got nothing concrete to tie her to the Ring," Beckman explains, knowing it is unnecessary to divulge the details of how the agent extracted the information from Prince.

"Does this agent know he is being turned?" Chuck wonders, worried for the agent over everything else.

"We're not certain he is even being turned or Sydney Prince is even a Ring agent," Beckman explains. "But yes, he is aware of the situation and is in the process of discovering evidence to link her to the Ring. But at this time, we have no physical evidence that she is associated with the Ring. I need you all to monitor this agent and provide support if Sydney Prince does try to turn him."

"Yes, ma'am," Chuck nods along with the rest of the team. "So where're we going, anyways?"

"New York."

March 25, 2005

"So this MI6 agent," Chuck explains to Sarah, sitting next to Chuck on the jet to New York, "Cole Barker… how do you think he got close to Prince?"

"The Infiltration and Inducement of Enemy Personnel," Sarah responds straightly, displaying no emotion in her face or tone of voice.

"So seduction?" Chuck ponders the scenario in his head as he blankly looks over some mission files on his lap. He quickly comes up with an image of Cole in bed inside a hotel room eavesdropping while Prince is on the balcony making her private phone call.

Sarah can tell just by the way he said those last two words that he doesn't agree with the method but understands its use. "It's not like they're just buddies that hang out and play video games," Sarah chuckles sweetly, trying to keep Chuck's mind off the darker side of the spy world.

"That would be my kind of seduction," Chuck quips excitedly, happy that his girlfriend can make him as happy as he makes her.

"I know," Sarah grins up at him from her position just to his left.

Chuck smiles as he runs through some more files when he lands on an image of Cole Barker. He is rugged looking with some manly stubble on his chin and upper lip that gives him a suave, confident look. "He's a handsome man," Chuck explains lightly with a grin, showing the image to Sarah.

"Sure," Sarah shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly like the MI6 agent is no big deal.

"He's not your type?" Chuck queries jokingly as if he's appalled. "Suave, rugged, attractive in a James Bond kind of way?"

"I guess he can be…" Sarah suddenly yawns, "Attractive," as she is affected by the soothing hum of the plane.

"You're already falling asleep on me?" Chuck jokingly whines.

"What can I say?" She cuddles into his left upper arm and gets comfortable in her seat. She lets her eyes close as she mumbles," plus, he's probably an arrogant douche…" her voice trails off as she succumbs to the inviting embrace of sleep.

Chuck smiles at his gorgeous girlfriend as he stifles a chuckle from her last statement. He presses a soft kiss to the top of her head before looking back at the mission files.

March 25, 2005

"Wow, the government has given us some really nice digs," Chuck muses as they all filter into Casey's hotel room; Chuck's eyes scanning the luxurious room with white walls and marble counters.

"Only the best for us," Bryce quips as he eyes the large fluffy white king size bed.

"Don't even think about screwing up my room," Casey snarls, knowing Bryce too well to leave it to chance that he won't distraught something in the room.

"Ye of little faith," Chuck remarks comically as they all find seats around the white glazed marble table.

Casey grumbles disgruntledly before residing back to the reason they are all in his room. "Let's get to the mission," he corrals everyone's attention. "Barker has been consistently seeing Prince and taking her back to her hotel room inside the Rochester across the street."

"I wonder why," Bryce snorts before he is abruptly quieted by Casey's hand slamming the table.

"Tomorrow we are going to set up bugs inside her apartment while Barker leads her outside," Casey continues as if he was never interrupted by Bryce.

"Are we going to contact Agent Barker and inform him of his backup?" Jesse queries straightly.

"We can't risk spooking Prince or disrupting Barker's mindset," Casey responds seriously. "We cannot even let him feel like he has us watching over his shoulder."

"What exactly are we looking for?" Chuck questions curiously.

"Anything," Sarah instantly responds. "Just something that can tie her to the Ring if it is a phone call or something in her room."

"That's all for tonight," Casey grunts as he stands up. "Now get out of my room."

"Geez," Chuck drawls as he stands up from the marble table, "how're we going to get some sleep when we're on three hours back?" With the time change from the time zone difference makes it feel three hours earlier for all of them. "Especially, you, missy," he jokingly chides Sarah with a pouty stare for having slept on his shoulder the whole plane ride.

"I can think of a few ways to burn some energy," Sarah responds almost entirely nonchalantly, but with a very tiny inkling of mischief sparkling in her eye and grin.

"I said get out!" Casey barks agitatedly before mumbling, "damn CIA pansies and there stupid lady feelings," to himself as all the CIA agents shuffle out with comical grins on their faces.

March 26, 2005

"Don't you think it would be better to tail her instead of just waiting for her to return to her room?" Chuck queries as they all languidly watch the computer screen on Casey's laptop. They have been sitting there for the last few hours keeping watch for when Prince returns to her hotel room.

"She could be a trained agent and we can't risk being made," Casey responds shortly. "I don't know how the CIA does it, but the NSA teaches their agents to always watch for tails."

"The CIA teaches us that too," Sarah defends her occupation. "Chuck's just impatient."

"I bet you can really *drill* some patience into him," Casey smirks at his latest analogy for sex.

"Is that a sex joke?" Chuck questions with a quizzical brow as a grin grows on his face.

"I would think Chuck did the drilling, having a 'you know' and all that," Sarah humorously responds, knowing just how aggravating it will be for Casey.

"You don't wear a strap-on and dominate him?" Casey fires back instantly with a confident scoff. "I've always found Carmichael to be a little on the submissive side."

"Hey!" Chuck retorts defensively.

"You'd be surprised how rough he can get," Sarah winks at Chuck with a bright grin, defending her boyfriend's honor. "He loves dominating me in the bedroom…" Sarah starts to tease Casey with different locations she would love to be taken by Chuck at. "And the kitchen counter… and the shower—"

"Alright," Casey groans in grotesque aggravation. "I get it. You like being bound and gagged."

"That does sound like fun," Sarah turns to Chuck with a mirthful hopefulness that even surprises Chuck.

"Do a little roleplaying?" Chuck raises an eyebrow as his grin turns mischievous, following Sarah's lead.

"Get out of my room and get it out of your system," Casey points to the door as he is sick of hearing the intimate plans of the couple.

"Wait; are you actually giving us permission to have sex?" Chuck questions in shock and surprise.

"Just… get the hell out… or shut up," Casey grumbles without keeping his eyes off the screen.

"Sounds like fun," Sarah perks up playfully. "Chuck, you get the ropes, I'll get the gag."

"Ugh," Casey groans helplessly as Chuck and Sarah laugh and start heading for the door. Suddenly Casey latches onto Chuck's arm as he demands, "Where're you going?" His demeanor is completely void of the agitation and disgust.

"But you just said…?" Chuck responds confusedly.

"Prince just entered her hotel room," Casey answers gruffly as he gets straight into agent mode.

"Finally!" Bryce huffs as he and Jesse jump off the bed and join the rest of the team at the table.

"And look who's with her," Jesse states scathingly.

"Wow, they're quick," Chuck embarrassingly admits as they all watch Agent Cole Barker attacking Prince's lips with a fervent ferocity of a lion devouring its prey.

"And there goes his shirt," Jesse adds to the commentary as Prince rips Barker's shirt from his chiseled and waxed torso.

"Are we really going to just sit here and watch the whole thing?" Chuck queries awkwardly, a blush creeping up his neck and cheeks. "Shouldn't we give them some privacy?" Barker slides both shoulder straps of Prince's dress, causing it to pool around her feet and leave her in just a black bra and black panties.

"We can't afford to miss anything," Casey responds seriously, completely tuned into the camera feed for any possible evidence of Prince being part of the Ring. Casey is willing to admit that Prince is an attractive woman, but if there is one thing that turns him off more than anything, it is a traitor. Prince is suspected of turning agents against her own country and Casey doesn't tolerate that in the slightest. So he doesn't care about the show he's about to sit through. He just hopes he gets something useful out of it.

"This isn't turning you on in the slightest?" Sarah jokingly whispers salaciously to Chuck as she runs her hand up his thigh.

"Hi-oh!" Chuck flinches in a nervous twitch.

March 26, 2005

"Jeez," Bryce groans tiredly. "How can they even keep going? Even I would be worn out by the sixth round."

"Are you sure about that?" Jesse wonders with a devious twinkle in her eye. "Maybe we'll have to see how long you can last later."

"We're getting nowhere," Chuck whines as he lowers his head into his hand.

"I think they're almost done," Sarah exasperatedly states as she watches the screen where Prince rolls over onto her back and sighs heavily, trying to catch a break after the eighth round of intercourse. Cole is breathing heavily too with a slight smirk on his face.

"You really wear me out," Cole sighs through his labored breath, hoping to get her to lower her guard.

"Good," is all Prince says in return. She then flips herself on top of him to straddle his naked waist. "You ready for one more?" She winks as she presses her chest to his face and her hands reach behind the headboard.

"I think I can manage," he mumbles into her cleavage when he feels something cold tighten around his right wrist with some clicking noises. "I didn't think you were into that sort of thing," he cheekily states as she leans back.

"You'd be surprised what I'm into, Agent Barker," she states haughtily as she lifts herself to her feet and towers over him on the bed. His naughty smirk quickly fades into slight dread and shock as she explains her devious plan. "That device on your wrist is packed with enough explosives to not only tear your wrist completely off but to kill you on impact. And you wouldn't want anything happening to that hand of yours. I'm sure the girls love how well those fingers work. I sure enjoyed them."

"Shit!" Casey huffs as his body tenses and he habitually reaches for his handgun on the table.

"We can't just barge in and arrest her," Sarah halts Casey from his shortsighted plan. "We don't know if she has the trigger to the explosives. We can't risk losing Agent Barker."

"At least we know she's officially part of the Ring," Chuck tries to stay optimistic.

"There's a GPS tracking device in there too so don't even think about running," Prince explains confidently and proudly that her plan worked perfectly. She never really understood why the CIA trained their female agents to avoid sex. It's a proven fact that men think about sex every twenty seconds and someone as egotistic as Cole Barker only lowers the average because he thinks about sex every ten or so seconds. It's just sex after all. Someone gave her this body for a reason and she's found the best way to utilize it. "And it's waterproof and all that stuff," Prince lazily adds in as she steps off the bed and starts putting her clothes back on. "So, please just don't try anything stupid," she states sardonically sincere. As she sidles into her dress, she smiles over at Cole who is still lying nude on the bed as he inspects the device on his wrist. "What's the matter? You're awfully quiet tonight."

"You think this is going to work?" He questions, trying his best to be resilient.

"Oh I know it's going to work," she responds honestly. "As long as that thing is on your wrist, you will do exactly what I said or you'll be dead. Now, listen carefully," she walks over to him and stares down into his ears with pure seriousness and all humor and arrogance gone from her tone and demeanor. "There is a Ring agent that's been running his mouth off since he got captured and locked away at an NSA prison in upstate New York. You're going to kill him for us."

"I don't work for the NSA," Cole responds begrudgingly. "How do you expect me to get in there?"

"That's not my problem." Prince shrugs her shoulders. "It's your life on the line. Make it happen. Your target is Daniel Shaw."

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