This is a short prologue to another piece I am writing called 'The Star of David' and this is my first fan fiction.

The former Israeli Mossad officer walked alongside the Italian womanising ex-Baltimore cop turned federal agent and the MIT Graduate, computer genius bestselling author as they headed towards their crime scene. The three came from very different backgrounds; one from violence, the other affluence and the third normality. It seemed an unlikely trio to be work colleagues, never mind friends or even family.

The man on the rooftop watched them carefully; none more so than the beautiful Israeli who had suffered so much. He stood watch over her like a guardian angel keeping her safe despite being a ghost. He felt strangely comforted that she should find a family in a foreign land so far away from home. A dysfunctional family definitely but a family nonetheless.

The man observed the woman as she set to work on the orders given to her by her boss, the gruff ex-Marine sniper with the fatherly instinct and infamous gut. He stood next to the Scottish storytelling medical examiner who busied himself with the body and tutored his hapless, yet loveable assistant. The man knew that back at their headquarters lurked the paradoxical genius Goth with the ability to kill without leaving any forensic trace.

Yes, they were a family; something the Israeli had been deprived of for too long. She had endured so much terror, so much pain, losing everyone dear to her and yet she still held her spirit. It was that spirit which helped her cope through the dark times and help her gain a new life in America. And more importantly, that spirit had given her a family. This family like any others had been through its trials. Before her arrival they had lost one of their own and they had lost their mother figure too, shot down in a desert diner. They had faced betrayal, danger and unrelenting grief when it was believed that they had lost the Israeli in the searing heat of the Somalian desert. And in a way they had. She would forever be changed by her experiences but she and her family were thankful for her return. They had started to rebuild the fragile remains of their relationship which had been so cruelly torn apart. It would be long and tiring but in the end it would be worth it. Eventually the Israeli would win her freedom.

The man would always watch over the Israeli. He always had and being a ghost made it somewhat easier. He was content with the knowledge that for the time being-the first time in many years- she was safe. It would not last forever. There were approaching events which would not only destroy even the safest of relationships but forge new relationships and even change the MCRT Team for ever.

But for now she was safe. But he would keep watch just as he always had done in order to protect both her and her family, knowing that the time to reveal himself was steadily approaching. But that time was not yet here and for now Ziva David was home with her family.