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"HELLOOOO!" Maria beamed, loudly banging the door open.

Oh how fun, the three M`s are here, He thought, reffering to Matt (who had come in the room just a few minutes ago) Mello (who was lying on the bed with Matt between his legs eating chocolate, dont get the wrong idea, and Matt, by the way, was innocently gaming on his Gameboy) and Maria (who, by the way, with her blonde hair and everything was awfully pretty).

"Huh" Mello paused on munching his chocolate to look in the baby blue eyes of Maria,"What do YOU want?" He said, frowning.

"Oh cant I say hello to my little brother?" She said with too much excitment in her voice, if "saying hello to my brother" means pushing Matt straight and sitting on his lap, than yeah shure, she FULLY said hello to her brother.

This annoyed Mello, and quite frankly, Near.

Matt looked amused by 15 year old sitting on his lap,

"Maria, you know you look beautiful as ever right?"

Maria giggled and closed his face to Matt`s, just a breath away of kissing, Matt rested his eyes on her wristbands, he pointed at them and shot her a worried expression.

"Maria do you..."

"Oh of course not silly!" She smiled nervously and put her arms around Matt`s shoulders.

"Now where were we..." She said, her face again closing to his, Mello gave Near A Look, and although they couldnt speak out loud, the expression on both their faces said enough, their conversation was something like this;

Mello-Near for christ sake do something about your sister!

Near-Standing up is alot of trouble, they are on your bed, DO SOMETHING!

Mello-You damned idiot its YOUR sister kay?

Near-Matt is your bestfriend, and also the guy who you enjoy sticking your tongue down his troath.

Mello-I swear im going to blow your toys up.


Mello-God you`re annoying.


Near-Matt is doing the seductive eye thing again.

Mello-Oh shit.

Near-I agree.

Just as Matt closed his face to Maria`s, out of pure instinct Mello, who was forever sitting behind him, pulled his hair till his head was relaxing on his crotch.

"Jealous?" said Matt,smiling.

This mortified Near, however.

Near threw the Pillow to Maria, and urged her to leave.

"Right, you said hello, you can leave now" Near stood up and tried pushing his sister away, Near, however, had the strenght of your average 6 year old, and immnesly failed at dragging her off Matt`s lap.

Maria pouted and Mello grunted.

"Go" he said.

"No" she responded back.


"Uh uh" she looked at Matt and tried pulling him up from Mello`s grip.

"." His voice reaching a dangerous tone.

Near just stood there, Matt looked kind of...amused, and Kysuu seemed to not realize what was happening around him, he just stood there,looking at the kids, again murmmuring something to his bear, the vibe the boy gave out caused Near`s spine to chill.

Matt grabbed Mello`s head, pulled him down, and kissed him square on the lips, although it was just a few seconds, it was enough to put Mello in a temporal shock, taking advantage of his confusion, Matt sat straight again and grabbed Maria`s hands just to put them on her knees.

She was giggling, but her nails were digging in her own skin, Near`s blood was rushing, he hated seeing her like that, it was she bit her lips when Matt held her around the waist and stood up (Which must``ve fairly hard, considering that she was sitting ON HIS LAP.)

"Maria, if Roger sees you here he will tell you off, we can talk at dinner time okay?" He said, carefully placing the vragile girl on the floor, he kissed her cheek and suddenly Maria burst out in sobs, this weirdend everyone out, even Kysuu looked alarmed for a few seconds.

"Um, Maria..." Near started, but Maria`s cries turned into laugther.

"Okay Matty " she put on a huge smile, a smile that anyone could mistake for a "happy" smile, but Near knew his sister, that smile wasnt happy, that smile was the hiding smile, a mask she put up, the mask painted with her own despair, a mask she wished to become reality, but her pshyce wouldnt agree, and eventually she ends up in a emotional wreck behind that mask, a mask which she uses everything to fool everyone around her, for several years, with her 15 years of age, ever since mother died, that mask becoming less and less realistic, her true self hiding beneath those wrist bands, her cuts deeper and deeper, her friends are not much better, although they dont put up a mask; their emo black clothes, their hobby of writing poems,trying to dispose of their feelings, Maria was not quiet a person you would expect to see in such group, but she was. Being with people who shared her feelings sometimes made her feel better, but the mask she wore turned those feelings futal, the only person than actually made her feel better was Matt, Matt...Matt.

And Near knew all to well that Matt had commitment problems, and as he promised his mother, "Take care of your sister" he tried and tried to keep Matt away from Maria, take away that who she cares about, soo once he breaks the relashionship he wont break her.

That was his plan.

How foolish can you get?

Near again stood up and tried pushing Maria out of the door, when this seemed to be a failure, Mello stood up and took all the chances to be better to Near,

"Time to go" The blonde said, and swept Maria off her feet (literally) and put her toes on the floor just outside the door, "MAAATT ARE YOU DOING SOMETHING TOMMO-" she was unable to finish her sentence as Mello closed the door with a loud "bang".

"You." He pointed at his goggle wearing friend.

"And YOU." he now pointed to the white-haired boy who was standing at the door with a blank expression on his face.

"How...the hell, do you keep up with her?" He stuck his thumb above his shoulder to point to the door.

"Oh I dont have to keep up with her" Matt smiled and pushed the blonde haired boy on the bed, Near just shrugged.

"Matt" Near said with a tone that didnt seem to belong to him.


"Try something with her, and you are dead" If he had eyebrows, Near would be shure to lift them, instead he looked to Kysuu, who reacted to the whole act as if it didnt happen, his knees against his chest and his doll clentched against him.

Matt grinned and seemed awfully interested in Mello`s necklace (If you considering pulling the necklace towards you soo that person is forced to lean over as interested than shure)

"Near, I do care about your sister, I really do"

And he was speaking the truth, but his past, his commitment issues, Matt couldnt trust himself to anyone anymore.

The last sentence cause Near`s stomach to lurch, and he had to sit down to recover from the headache that his sister caused him.

-Just two days later-

It was 19:00 on the dot.

Time for Dinner at Wammy`s house, Near was about to leave the dorm as he looked once more to the boy next to the window, the past two days he said nothing, and just moved from that spot to crash on the bed and sleep, his teddy always clutched against him.

Near was getting worried, and the feeling in his stomach?

Near pretty much figured it out, the boy...the vibe he gave...the feeling in his stomach...the sudden sadness that fell on him as he looked at the spacy look in the boys eye (his other eye was always covered with the black hair) it reminded him off...

of his mother.

But why? why did he remind him of her? Nathalie was always full with energy, positive, never giving up, and this boy was soo...depressing.

Point cross, Near was worried that the boy might drop dead in the near future, and took the risk to speak to him.

He didnt get too close to the boy, he didnt seem to keen on having people near him, Near remembered what Roger had said "This is Kysuu Morigana" with that in mind, he spoke up.

"Hey, Morigana..."

No answer.

"...You know, you didnt eat anything in two days, aren`t you hungry? or thirsty?"

No aproach.

"Morigana, not to sound creepy or anything but if you are not going to drink anything you will drop dead sooner or later"

Kysuu shrugged, his expression remaining emotionless, and with a soft, breakable yet serene voice, Kysuu also spoke "That might be true" the volume of his voice was barely hearable, and his lips didnt seem to move, Near almost thought he was imagening things.

"Wish to leave to the canteen?" Near tried.

Kysuu shook his head.

"Should I bring something up for you?"

Kysuu slowly nodded, he clutched the teddy even thigther against his chest.

Near shortly smiled and left, and he didnt know, wheter Kysuu was talking to his teddy or Near, but he again spoke,with the same serene and soft voice.

"Thank you."

Near walked up the stairs with a tray of food in his hand, why was he being soo carefull for the boy? Near tried to shrug the feeling off and opened the door,

Umbelieveable, how can someone not move for two days? He asked himself.

"Here you go, Morigana" he put the tray on Kysuu`s bed, he tried to catch his eyes as Kysuu nodded politely.

"Thank you." he said again, his voice sounding like chords from a harp.

Near, although it wasnt very polite, stared at the boy as he rose from his usual spot, his blue eye looking sad, but it had a spark of something...hope.

His lips looking pale as a ghost, his serene beautful dark hair falling on his shoulder, it was quite a picture.

He moved slowly, it seemed to take him alot of effort to move,

Just like mother on her last weeks...Near thought, and nearly helped the boy, but that wasnt needed, the boy, Kysuu, at the sight of food.

Collapsed. Fell on the floor, first he fell on his knees and then his body went out and his whole body crashed on the floor of you seek details,

Near`s eyes widend, and his instict caused him to lean over and shrug Kysuu, he got his pulse, atleast he wasnt dead.

Near, with his hear thumping in his chest ran to the Wammy`s nurse, he probably ran that day more than he will ever run in his life, passing the kids, the frames, the vases, and eventually crashing in the Doctor`s room, out of breath, but he managed to give her a hint.

"Morigana...food...collapsed..." He looked at the doctor () in the eye,

"Kysuu Morigana..." Near added, when he said this, eyes also widened, and she stood up fastly to run to the room, she had a expression on his face that Near had never seen before, and Near could swear she could hear her, just as she ran out of the room, hear her say.

"Roger...that idiot!."

Near let out a big sigh and slowly walked to his dorm, not knowing what to expect.

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