1. Romance

'Seriously, Swampy? While we're on tour?' said Danny, polishing his guitar. They were all sitting in the bus, on their way to their next concert, and Sherman was on the phone with his assistant, checking down a list of new books.

Sherman put a hand over the receiver for a moment and said 'Shut up, Danny. This is my job. I have to be responsible.'

He returned to the phone as Danny said 'Yeah, but someone else is taking care of that right now. Relax and enjoy your view of the states.' He kicked back in his seat and followed his own advice. 'And help me write this song.'

'Andy, you're going to have to get back to me about those books,' Sherman said coldly into the phone. 'I've gotta go. Bye.' He hung up, and tossed the phone roughly onto the table. Leaning back, he crossed his arms with a scowl. 'There, happy now?'

'Dude, I love my shop 'much as you love that library, but I'm happy to get out of it for a while. You can't work all the time.'

'What Danny is trying, and failing to say, is that he's worried that you're stressing out,' said Bobbi, putting an arm around Sherman's shoulders. 'And he's right, Swampy. We are on tour, darling.'

'It's my library,' Sherman mumbled, although he relaxed into Bobbi's hold anyway. 'Aren't you worried about your salon? And please Bobbi, it isn't Swampy anymore.'

'Fabiana is taking care of it.' He took Sherman's hand and began stroking his hair affectionately. 'You should drop by some time, you know. And you'll always be Swampy to me.'

'Oh cut it out, both of you,' Danny scoffed. 'I didn't bring you guys along to watch a soap opera. As if I need reminding that I'm old and single.' He have a small sigh.

'Go out with one of the fans,' Sherman suggested. 'You get plenty of fan mail to pick and choose.'

'They're my fans. I'll create a scandal, I can't afford that right now.'

'Then stay old and single,' Sherman said, rolling his eyes.

'Never mind him,' said Bobbi. 'He doesn't care about being single. He just gets jealous when he sees us.'

'Who wouldn't? You guys broke up for ten years, then got back like nothing happened. Now I'm trying to write a song, so if you guys aren't gonna help, go get a room.'

'C'mon Swampy, my bed's been calling your name all morning.' Bobbi led a blushing Sherman away as Danny groaned and ran off to the front of the bus. Absolutely sickening.