Chifuyu is in the bath. She's just come back home after a hard day of training. Her already difficult training was much more intense these days because of the presence of a few annoyances. The American IS representative and the second-in-command of Germany's Scwarzer Hase were two of them. They spent practically the whole day in mock combat, though to be honest it was more mock warfare since relief goods were being air-dropped into the test zone. "AIR DROPPED!" neither side wanted to lose and the whole thing went on for a prolonged skirmish until the staff forced the four to stop. Who was the fourth? Chifuyu's current protege, Yamada Maya, a Japanese IS cadet representative. Chifuyu was thankful as she felt the warm water work wonder on her aching muscles.

She stretched and thought that maybe it was a good thing she gave in to Ichika's whining years ago about getting a bigger bath. The tub they had back then was only good for one and pretty small for an adult. But the new one was big enough for Chifuyu to stretch in and still have room for more company. Speaking of company, Chifuyu remembered how back then she had to bathe Ichika because the young man was in the phase where young boys hated baths. It was quite funny that same boy now worshiped the bathroom like a temple. She remembered having to scrub him clean of dirt when he'd run back home covered head to toe. She idly wondered what his reaction would be if she did such a thing now, but the image that entered her head instead was herself relaxing against the bath edge as Ichika scrubbed her back. Chifuyu immediately dove into thewater. When she drew back up for air, she tried to convince herself that the warmth on her cheeks was from the water and not from her own thoughts.

The bath door opened and closed with a soft click and bare feet could be heard padding against the tiles. Chifuyu searched for the figure of the intruder and saw it was Maya standing shyly with only a tower to cover her front. Maya shyly asked if she could join Chifuyu in the bath. The raven-haired pilot nodded saying that she was already undressed anyway. Maya entered quietly and settled next to Chifuyu, face quite red.

"Sorry if I'm intruding. I really wanted to take a bath before dinner."

"Don't mind it, I wouldn't blame you with all that's happened today.", Chifuyu grimaced at the memory of having to lie low on dirt for hours under the sun.

"I'm sorry for not covering you better."

"Stop apologizing. If you weren't there then they might have actually had a chance against me.", Chifuyu sunk into the bath, till only her head from chin up was showing. The truth was that she was constantly being pinned down by long range attacks. It just added to her list of annoyances for the day.

"Pardon the intrusion.", a woman's voice cut through the steamy bathroom. A vocal scream followed then-



"Hahahaha! Loosen up instructor!", the second in command of Schwarzer Hase had just cannon-balled into the bath.

"That's right.", the light chuckles of american IS representative Natasha Fairs echoed mirth. She picked up the towel Clarissa dropped during mid-jump and sat at the tub side to slip in at her leisure. "You're normally so composed, but when it's private time you're so tense~ "

"It's all your fault.", Chifuyu's grumbled, deciding to completely submerge into the bath.

"My fault?", Natashia exclaimed innocently as she dipped in.

Chifuyu popped out of the water and grabbed Clarissa's head while the special forces officer was harassing a teary-eyed Yamada. "This one too.".

"Ow! Ow instructor that hurts!"


"That's pretty mean of you Brun"

"I don't want to hear that from you."

"Thank you Chifuyu-sempai."

Sounds of hurrying feet cut the rowdy atmosphere in the bathroom. The four women inside listened closely when they noticed it stopped by the sliding door. It shook for a moment as if someone was trying to force it open then stopped. The sound of feet went away.

"Did you lock the door before coming in here?", Chifuyu asked Natasha.

The American shrugged, "Standard practice if you ask me."

Those footsteps returned and now they were directly above the group.

"What the-", Chifuyu wasn't able to finish when a perfectly square section of the bathroom popped open and a woman came ninja-flipping down onto the scene in what could most innocently be described as perfect attire for a bath. Considering they were all female, it wouldn't be all that awkward, but the newcomer was covered in dust and was standing proud jutting her chest out. To be frank, it was utterly bizarre.

"Chi-chaaaaan!", the woman suddenly whined.

"Tabane", Chifuyu sighed in exasperation. Really, the whole day was perfect now.

"Chi-chan! That's so mean. Having a bath with this huge harem of yours-"

"Did I hear someone say harem?"

"-but never with your childhood friend.", Tabane covered her face with her hands as she cried out, "I never knew you were so unfaithful.".

"Stop spewing non-sense."

"But don't worry." A grin broke behind Tabane's hands. "I'll remind you of how close we are with my body!", she leapt into the bath.

"GAH!", that was all Chifuyu could come up with before the four were crashed into by Tabane. "YOU IDIOT!"


Tabane sat in her own corner of the bath, tracing little circles on the water. "So mean...", she mumbled.

"Idiot, jumping in like that when the bath's already over maximum capacity.", Chifuyu ground out irritably.

Natasha giggled at the disgruntled mess the whole thing had become and retained her poise despite the massive bump building on the back of her head. "We should enjoy this you know. It's rare for friends to bond so closely.".

A short silence fell upon the group.

"I-I agree.", Maya piped up. "I honestly can't believe I'm here like this with so many amazing people. I'm really thankful that I can spend time with you all.".

"I'd feel touched, really, but it's difficult with you people pressing up against my privates.", Chifuyu remarked dryly. Maya blushed and the raven-haired pilot felt the pressure against the base of her thighs lighten. "Thank you."

"Now...", Clarissa took the lead. "Since we're all friends here...".

Chifuyu didn't like the look in the German's eyes.

"Why don't we bond like women in Japan normally do?".

Chifuyu was now prepared for the worst.

"What would that be?", Natasha asked curiously.

"Breast checks!", Clarissa roared with a perverted looks. Drooling mouth and glinting eyes saying all sorts of things that are better left unheard. Somehow everyone was able to scramble away but poor Yamada who was the first victim.

"Oh! I like her.", Tabane pointed out the funny pervert girl.

"Good for you.", Chifuyu blew bubbles in the bath to ignore the madness.

"But you know...", Tabane's voice now had the same madness Chifuyu was trying to avoid. "I like you too.

Terror overtook Chifuyu, she tried to escape but was too late! Tabane had gotten hold of them!

"Oooh! They're really bigger than I last remembered!"

"Gah! I'm going to kill you!"

"Please stop!"

"None sense, it's good for you!"

"Good how?"

"I used to be a B cup until we started doing this back home. I'm C now."

"I don't want that!"

Natasha watched the two groups and looked down at herself. She cupped her chest and grumbled, "Why won't anyone play with me?"


Knock knock knock

Ichika sighed and grabbed the spare set of keys. It's been almost an hour and dinner was getting cold. He was starting to get worried that something had happened cause of all the ruckus before.

On entering though, he was glad he did. Tabane looked like she needed serious medical attention laying face down in the water. Clarissa was spread eagle on the floor with a nosebleed and sleep giggling. Yamada-sensei was shuddering in a corner and repeating over and over that she was "never going to be a bride". Natasha was in another corner of the bath, cuddling herself. Chifuyu was in the shower, scrubbing furiously.

"Uh... am I interrupting anything?"

Chifuyu gave him a withering look. "Out."

"Uh... Tabane-san looks like she needs-"

"Out.", Chifuyu repeated.

"Yes ma'am.".