Mornings, aren't quite what ichika used to remember them anymore. He used to remember a time when he'd wake up way before dawn on a schedule that would make a robot jealous. He would prepare breakfast and enjoy the scent of fresh morning dew and vegetables. The soft fires of the kitchen stove warming his freezing limbs as they still felt cold from the mint of his toothpaste foam. The enjoyable silence that reigned when he and his sister would take time to savor the meals he made while discussing the day's plans. He never imagined turning the house into a rented dorm would make things so volatile!

Ichika sat down unsure of how to proceed in eating as his chopstick arm kept being harassed by his sister's friend, Maya. The green-haired little woman was shaking like a leaf, wide doe eyes focused fearfully on a certain playful(perverted?) bluenette on the opposite side.

"What's wrong Fee?", Clarissa leered. "Are you lonely without me? Maybe I should go ov- Aaahh!"

"You're going nowhere Harfouch.", Chifuyu sighed as she pulled the one-eyed German back by her nostrils.

"Ing-hrukt'r. Id bh'rths."

"No fighting during a meal. Really, where are your manners.", Natasha admonished quietly from her corner of the round table.

Chifuyu shot her a flat glare, "I don't want to hear anything about manners from you. You don't even live here!".

"Now, now don't mind the details.".



The bowl of rice in Ichika's hand went flying at Maya's shrieking jolt. A vein ticked at the side of his head.

"Hey everyone! I finally got those pictures of us from the bath last night developed!"



"Lemme see!"

"I must look gorgeous."

Hands grabbed at the pictures in Tabane's hands as she skipped into her spot at the table. "Don't worry everyone.", she squealed in excitement as she produced four identical envelopes. "I printed a set for each of us!".

The women were looking through their less than innocent looking pictures during last night's fiasco in the bath and ignored their meal. Another tick on Ichika's head.

"Wh- How'd you get these angles? I swear that I've gotten rid of all of the hidden cameras you planted right before I stepped in.", Chifuyu growled.

"Tut underestimate me Chi-chan.", the mad scientist puffed out her ample chest in pride. "I installed a new set while the others were keeping you busy."

"You what!?".

A third tick. That was the last straw. Ichika stood up and promptly collected all of the photos. He headed to the kitchen with them. The women were surprised at exactly how fast he pulled it off that he was already in the kitchen when they realized what he'd done. They quickly ran after him with varying ideas of what he'd do.

"Oh Ikkun you perv!"


"Bozu is growing up!"




The women watched in haunted fascination as Ichika dropped the photos into the food processor which proceeded to shred the tough papers with unthinkable ease. Once all the packets seemed finely chopped enough, he pulled the plug from the socket and set the machine on the floor. Snapping a match ablaze from the counter, he tossed it into the feeding hole of the food processor's chopping chamber and watched the contents burn.

The dancing flames seemed to be hypnotic, even for Chifuyu as she had only seen this side of Ichika only once or twice. Their attention only snapped back to Ichika when he picked up the still burning appliance without a care in the world and a frosty smile that made Cocytus seem warm in comparison. "Everyone, please return to the dining room and finish your breakfast.".

A chorus of gulps sounded as they all silently nodded before leaving in compliance.

Ichika returned to the table after disposing of the dirty material. He noticed that the women were all silent as they stared hard at their breakfasts while sweating bullets. "What's wrong?", he spoke still with that cold tone. "Does my cooking not appeal to your tastes?".

Chopsticks quickly clicked to life as each female was scarfing down their respective bowls.

"I-It's delicious!"

"Best meal I've ever had! Swear!"

"I can't believe I always thought bacon and eggs to be breakfast. Hehe".

"Mrhm hrm hr hr hrm."


"Chew your food.", Ichika decreed.

Silence fell on the dining room again as the females did as they were told.

The young man finished cleaning up the mess back into the bowl and told them all. "I'll be heading to school now. I'll leave the rest to you all okay?".

Clarissa, ever brave and foolhardy Clarissa took the charge of being representative and nodded nervously, "D-d-definitely. Leave everything to us!".

"Good.", Ichika turned around and headed to the kitchen again. Leaving the three veins of anger at the back of his head visible for the girls to see. He was at the foyer in a few minutes putting on his shoes and bidding the inhabitants of the house adieu.

Once the clicking sound of the doorknob was heard, chaos erupted again.

"Oh my God! Brun! Why did you teach him to be like that!?"

"I-I-kkun's scary now, waaah!", Tabane cried.

Maya refrained from commenting and ate her food with fanaticism born of terror. Driven by the fear Ichika instilled in her.

Clarissa was doing much the same, treating breakfast now like a mission and eating with the clean efficiency of a soldier.

Chifuyu ignored them all and showed no signs of being shaken, save her twitching hand as she drunk her tea. As much as she was feared by the world round as the most powerful IS pilot alive, Kami bless the fools that would desecrate mealtimes before her brother.

Fee - supposedly means fairy in German.