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Chapter 1

Finn loved Quinn. He really did. But all the time he was going out with her, he felt like there was a piece of him missing. When they kissed, he was always the first to pull away. And when they went out, she had always asked him. She sometimes felt like he was using her, but he wasn't. He loved her, and she knew he did. But he just didn't feel right.

When Rachel Berry came to McKinley High, everyone was talking about her. Puck asked Finn if he had seen her yet.

"No, I haven't. Is she nice?"

"Oh yeah, the girl is smokin'. And she's a Jew. She's smokin', and a Jew. Perfect! You know, you don't see hot Jews in Lima very often, except for me, of course."

Finn had zoned out by then. He usually did when he was talking to Puck. Puck snapped his fingers, making Finn jump backwards and crash into someone stood behind him.

"Ouch!" Rachel cried. She'd finally been left alone for five minutes to go to her locker, and now someone was throwing themselves at her. Man, this was a strange school.

"Sorry, I'm really sorry!" said a tall, brown-haired guy, and she guessed he was the one who knocked her over.

Finn held his hand out to the girl he'd knocked over. Scowling, she took it and he pulled her up. Unfortunately, he misjudged her weight, and pulled too hard, banging her against him.

"Whoops! Sorry. Again."

Now she was stood up, he could see how short she was, only barely reaching his shoulders with the top of her head. Then again, he was inhumanly tall.

"Whatever." She turned to go back to her locker, but Finn grabbed her arm.

"Wait, I didn't catch your name."

"Probably because I didn't tell you my name." She said, then yanked her arm out of his grasp. Then she grabbed a book out of her open locker, slammed it shut, and walked away. Finn was gobsmacked. No-one ever treated him like that. Most of the girls would be honoured to have the Finn Hudson, Quarterback and all-around popular guy knock them over. But this girl couldn't be less bothered. It bemused him, but at the same time, fascinated him. He had to find out who this girl was. Luckily, he didn't have to go far.

"Man, I almost saw her pants! Thanks Finn, you're a star. But you could've left her there a little longer. I wanted to see what colour panties she wears!"

"So that's Rachel Berry?"

"Yeah, in the flesh. But keep your hands off her, she's mine!" Puck mock-punched his arm.

"Yeah, duh, man. I'm with Quinn anyway, remember?" Finn laughed it off, but couldn't help feeling a little disappointed at his words.

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