"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of ordinary."
- Cecil Beaton

Carly asked him to attend a party for her being home even though he knew the truth. He's not back for long and already he's itching to be back on the road away from this place. Away from the dram of the life and away from everything that only proves to stress him out.

He's not home for more than a few days and already things are complicated. Things are hectic. Things are just plain and simply put, stressful. Then he saw her. In the claustrophobic atmosphere of that diner, she became the calm of his storm.

He wondered if she knew the affect she had on him. He wonders if she knows just how badly he wanted her in his arms. How badly he wants to put her on the back of his motorcycle and leave Port Charles in their rearview mirror. What he wouldn't give to take her to Italy.

Walking away from Bobbie and Scott, he turned to walk over to her. He had to put his hands in his pockets to refrain from touching her. It seemed like a bad habit with him that every time she was close enough to touch, he wanted to do just that. To brush the hair from her face or just caress her cheek soothingly. God how many times had he wondered what it would be like to truly touch her. For her to choose him and not give it a second thought. To know that he was who she wanted and no one else mattered.

"Jason." she says his name in a way that has his blood boiling, having his body react in ways he has yet to control. "What are you doing here?"

The smile on her face sends sparks through his body. She's happy to see him, that much was evident, but how happy was the question. The light in her eyes shined so brightly in that moment. He was sure it was because she finally let go of Lucky. The conflict that had resided in her eyes the last time he was in town was no longer there. The hurt and the confusion were gone and he could see that she was happy. Even if it was as strong as he knew she could be, the happiness was still there.

"Carly asked me." he says, glancing around to see if anyone was paying attention to them.

When his eyes find their way back to hers, Jason sees the light dim a little. A simple 'oh' escaping her lips as the smile falters on her face. He dared to hope that she wanted something more from him, but wouldn't question it. He knows it wasn't long since she broke it off with Spencer. The idiot that guy was to hurt someone like Elizabeth. For Sarah Webber of all people...Jason didn't get it.

He has met that blonde before. He's had the unfortunate fate of meeting her through Emily and right off the back he didn't see anything special with her. She was like the female version of Jason Quartermaine and it only made him want to strangle her where she stood. Then he found out that she was Elizabeth's sister and he couldn't believe it at first, but then he thought of AJ. He and AJ were as different as two brothers could possibly be and so it was understandable that Elizabeth and Sarah were just as different.

Sarah is a brownnoser and absolutely pretentious, she's everything Elizabeth isn't. Why Lucky Spencer would choose the blonde over the vivacious Elizabeth was beyond Jason. There were times when Jason wondered what it would take for Elizabeth to open her eyes and see that she didn't need Lucky. That she didn't owe him, but better late than never.

"And I wanted to see you." Jason admits, hoping that would return the light to her eyes and it does the trick.

She smiles that smile that can make his knees go weak. Nothing in the world has ever affected him the way a single smile from her could. That smile had been the reason he wanted to break Lucky Spencer in two. For anyone to purposely break a woman with that kind of fire in her...it was something Jason would never accept.

He knew why Elizabeth stayed with Lucky. Out of obligation and loyalty. It was why he returned to work for Sonny time and time again, even though he didn't want to come back. He was obligated to Sonny after everything he did for him. He was loyal to Sonny for the chances that he gave him when no one else trusted him to take care of himself. Jason didn't doubt that Elizabeth cared about him. He could see it whenever she looked at him. Whenever she came back no matter what she or Lucky said.

She would tell him that she loved Lucky, but he knew it wasn't true. He could see it. She was trying to convince herself as much as she was trying to convince him. Like if he believed she loved Lucky then she'd believe it too, but he knew better. He knew her better than anyone in the world and he knew when she was lying. He knew when she's faking. He could distinguish her fake smiles from her real ones. Her fake laughs from the vibrant real ones.

He knew everything there is to know about Elizabeth. Her dreams, her fears, her hopes and wishes. He knew it all and he knew she didn't love Lucky anymore. There were residual feelings, a sense of honor to the relationship they had, but she didn't love Lucky. He was just hoping she'd see that.

"Elizabeth, can you spare a minute, please?" Bobbie calls over to her and Jason knows the moment is broken.

Bobbie, as good a friend she is to Jason, he knows that she wants Elizabeth with Lucky. All Spencers wanted that, but they had to get over themselves. Lucky wasn't really Lucky anymore and the sooner they got that the better off everyone would be. Jason saw that the moment he saw Lucky again for the first time. There was darkness in that kid's eyes. A darkness that Elizabeth didn't need in her life and he tried to get her away from him. Jason tried to do everything he could without crossing that line. Without telling her how she feels and without telling her what to do.

If Elizabeth hated anything, it was being told what to do and how to feel. That's why they were drawn together at first. They connected over feeling nothing and grew to feel something for each other. No matter what anyone says, he knows she feels something for him. Patience is the only thing he has left to use in regard to Elizabeth. He'll be patient until she sees that all these people wanted from her was for her to please them. They didn't care about her, not really, and she'll realize that the only person that truly cared about her happiness was Jason.

"See you soon?" Jason uses her words as he stops her from walking over to Bobbie.

"Yeah." she assures, shaking her head. "Definitely."

He allows her to walk away, knowing he had a mess of his own to deal with when Sonny walks into the diner. As he talks to Sonny, he realizes that Carly didn't tell him the truth. He realizes that Sonny was in the dark and that he had a choice to make. His loyalty was with Sonny more than it was with Carly and if it came down to it, he'll tell Sonny everything. Mostly because Sonny relies on him and Jason wouldn't break that trust for Carly. No way in hell.

Soon enough he's in an argument with Carly outside of the diner. He just couldn't handle this mess. Why were they such a mess? Jason never wanted this relationship to happen. It wasn't supposed to be Carly and Sonny, but now he realizes that he dodged a bullet. He couldn't handle being with Carly. If he had stayed with her, she would have destroyed him. Of course it would be unintentional, but she still would have done it and then where would they be?

No. He's glad that he and Carly never happened, but he could do without the drama that Carly and Sonny created. Yes, they loved each other, but they were bad for each other. They are always doing things to get back at the other and soon they will both crumble. Jason wanted to stop that before it could happen, but it wasn't his place. Jason knew that if he put his two cents into that relationship, it would give them free reign to comment on his love life and he couldn't let that happen. Especially since he wants Elizabeth to be the one he shares a love life with.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is standing outside of Lucky's apartment. She was over him. She knew that much, but if she opens that door and sees them together. It would be worse than losing him. It would prove that she didn't mean a damn thing to him. That everything they had was a lie and that she didn't register in Lucky's mind at all anymore. That she meant nothing because he's willing to sleep with her sister. The same sister he had ditched her to go to the dance with that resulted in her getting raped.

The same sister that didn't want him. That wanted his brother, but in a way they've come full circle. Sucking up her pride, Elizabeth opens the door and her fears are confirmed. There they were, laying in bed, clinging to each other and Elizabeth felt sick to her stomach. She had made love to him in that bed and now her sister has too. If she had anything in her stomach, Elizabeth would have thrown up on them. It was just so disgusting to see this. To know that the boy she had fallen in love with, really wasn't in that man anymore. Lucky wasn't her Lucky and she doubts her ever truly was.

Maybe it had always been Sarah. Maybe she was just the stand in because Sarah hurt him and she played the rebound girl. Whatever it was, Elizabeth realized that she didn't care. She thought that seeing them together would kill her. That she'd break inside to see them together, but she underestimated herself because she saw them and she was still standing.

She saw them and all she felt was disgust, nothing more. She wasn't hurt. She wasn't breaking apart inside. She was just plain and simply put, disgusted with the two of them. Slapping Lucky felt so good, she swore if Sarah had said something slap worthy, she would have slapped her too. Then she left. Done with both of them. Done with playing the understanding ex-girlfriend and dutiful sister. She was done! When that realization hit, another followed it. She only wanted one person in all of Port Charles at that moment. She only wanted to see and talk to one person and that was the man that she let go for Lucky's bastard self.

So making her way down to the diner, she looked around but didn't find him. Shrugging it off, knowing she'd probably see him later, Elizabeth tried to help clean up. Only to realize she was too angry to do anything and ended up breaking a dish. She wasn't angry because Lucky and Sarah meant something to her. She was angry with herself for believing in them. For believing that she could trust them. God, she was so stupid. To make matters worse Bobbie asked her the one question she hated, it was obvious nothing was all right, why freaking ask?

Not wanting to deal with anyone else, she asks as respectfully as she can manage to be able to leave. Granted that much, she walks away from the broken dish and straight to the door. She had to get out of there, away from Spencer central and somewhere that she can breathe again. Just as she goes to push the door open, its pulled open from the other side. And fate must love her in that moment because there he was. Just standing there staring at her.

"Can we go some place?" she asks, knowing that she needed him and voices it. "I really need you right now."

Jason doesn't know what happened, how the change could have happened so fast, but he steps aside for her to walk out. The happiness was gone and in its place was anger. Who the anger was directed towards was unknown to him. They walk in silence, he doesn't know what to say and he could tell that she doesn't want to say anything just yet. They make their way to her studio. The place that held so much meaning for him, a place he felt most at home. He could see she was at the brink and was ready to tear the place apart.

She starts to throw things, swiping things from her desk and he has to think fast. Seeing the blank canvas, Jason picks it up. Wanting her to get her anger out and this would help her, he's sure of it. She thinks he's going to tell her to not get angry, obviously not remembering who she was talking to. And, of course, she spills everything. Once again that son of a bitch Lucky Spencer has hurt her. If Jason wasn't worried about Elizabeth, he'd leave and track down that now blonde idiot, ripping every single hair out of his head before proceeding to do the same with this teeth. Jason could very well kill Lucky Spencer in that moment. Enough was enough.

Then out of nowhere, things take a different turn. A new light is in her eyes, a different emotion that had nothing to do with anger. He didn't know how it turned to that, but he wasn't sure he wanted to question it. She says something he wasn't expecting. She says something he has wanted to hear for so long that he thinks he's imagining it. Was he imagining it?

No. He doesn't imagine things and there was no way he could imagine this moment. It was too perfect. She was perfect. Everything about her is perfect.

She drags her fingertips down his chest and Jason could feel the warmth through his t-shirt. His heart starts to race the closer she gets to him. He wants so badly to touch her. She made the first connection, he wanted to make it complete. To be with her completely, but he wouldn't push it. He won't make that move until he's sure she wants it. Until he's sure she wants him.

"What do you want?" he voices, staring into her beautiful eyes, needing to hear her say it. Needing her to voice it for once in her life.

Elizabeth doesn't hesitate. She knows what she wants. She knows exactly what she wanted and who she wanted and it was him.

"I want you." she voices, knowing he had to hear it. To know that it was real. That this time she wasn't letting anyone tell her this was wrong.

Not Emily. Not Lucky or Bobbie or Grams. No one.

She wants this and for the first time in her life Elizabeth is going to be selfish. She's going to be with the only person she's ever wanted to be with and no matter what happens afterwards, she won't regret it. She won't regret a second of it and neither will he.

Once the words escaped her lips, Jason didn't need anymore encouragement than that. She wants him and she will have him, he won't deny her now. He leaves the move to her and she takes it. She closes the distance between them, making the first contact by framing his face in her hands.

The kiss is slow at first, soft and barely touching. They wanted to test it, to see if either would pull back, but neither do and the kiss deepens. His eyes close immediately, wanting to concentrate on her feeling of her lips on his. He reaches up slowly, unsure of touching her because he has wanted it for so long that he doesn't want to mess the moment up.

But he does touch her. He reaches up and he holds her the way he wanted to. His hands rest against her neck, keeping her postured so that his lips had free reign over hers. He has wanted to kiss her so many times, came close to so many times, but now he was finally kissing her. He was finally getting everything he ever wanted. He's getting his Elizabeth. His beauty. His everything.

The leather jackets are the first to go, not failing to notice that she was using the jacket he bought her. Maybe she knew that he wanted to see it on her or what, but he was glad she still had it. That she still wore it. Once both their jackets are cast aside, their shirts were next.

They wanted to take this slow. It was their first time together and they wanted to make it last, make it memorable, make it worth the wait. At first their hands merely slip beneath the other's shirt, feeling their way over the skin there. When the clothing feels like a ton of weight on their bodies, they strip the other of it quickly. Jason pulls away for a moment to just look at her. This was really happening. They were really doing this.

Elizabeth's lips turn into a smirk before she pulls his lips back to hers again. The room becomes charged as they kiss each other soundly. Wanting, needing, burning of passion. Elizabeth has wanted this for so long, she fell in love with this man without knowing it and she just wanted to be in his arms. To be loved the way she loved him. Jason pulls away again, to set up something on the floor for her to lay down on. The couch was too small and he wanted to make love to her completely. To his heart's content.

Jason kisses his way down her chest, to her stomach before finding his way to her pants. He unbuttons it slowly, pulling the zipper down just as slowly, before pulling her pants off from the bottom. He pulls one leg off and then the other. Kissing his way up her legs once the offending material is cast aside. Elizabeth's breathe is caught in her throat as he makes his way back up her body. Kissing the tops of her breasts before kissing her lips again.

Everything about this man had her wanting him. Needing him. His muscles ripple against her palms as she roams over his body. The heat building between them as he lays his body against hers. Elizabeth quickly makes away with his pants. Unzipping it and releasing the rock hardness of his manhood. She anticipates what it will be like inside her, but takes her time. Using her feet to pull the pants off his body, Jason impressed with her skills.

He kicks away his pants before she starts doing away with his boxers, her panties following soon after. The only article of clothing left between them was her white cotton bra. He takes his time to remove it. Wanting to watch as her breasts are released from the thin material. Everything about Elizabeth engulfed him. He was drowning in the essence of Elizabeth and found that he never wanted to resurface from it. Once all articles of clothing are thrown aside, Jason lays his body atop her.

Their bodies molding perfectly against each other. Elizabeth's hands roam the muscles all over his body, it was so beautiful and perfect. Jason doesn't make her wait too long, he brings himself to slid into her and a small gasp of pleasure escapes her lips. She has wanted this for so long and she was finally getting it. She's finally giving herself to Jason completely, only to be given the man she loves in return. The moment couldn't get any better.

As they rock together, they stare into each other's eyes. Not wanting to miss a second of this moment, a second of their bodies passions exploding. The moment was so perfect that they both feared they were dreaming. Jason didn't normally dream, but if this was one he'd never want to wake up from it. Curled up together, Jason places kisses on the bare skin of her neck. He always wanted this and now he's finally gotten it.

"Jason?" she whispers, snuggling into his chest, bringing his leg over hers so that she can bring herself closer to him.

He thought that maybe she wanted for them to become one because she was nestling in deep.

"Yeah?" he breathes, holding her close, not caring for anything or anyone outside that room.

"Just so you know...I love you!" she says, closing her eyes, not caring if he says it back or not, but wanting it to be said. "I always have...since we stayed here together."

She's confused when he turns her to look at him. He stares into her eyes for a moment and she wonders what he's searching for because he's looking at her so intently. Jason stares into her eyes and is overwhelmed when he sees that she means it. After all this time, she's finally said it. She has said it and meant it.

"I love you too!" he says, gently touching her face with the back of his fingers. "For as long as you've loved me...I've loved you too."

Elizabeth is overwhelmed with his admission that she claims his lips in a burning desire to feel his lips against hers. Jason doesn't complain, he pulls her in, holding her close. Their naked bodies practically as one with the way their bodies were formed. A question burning within him, Jason pulls away. He asked her once and he wants to do it again. Hoping this time her answer will be different. Praying that her answer will be different.

"I asked you this once before and the words still stand true." Jason whispers, making her look him in the eye. "I want to show you that the light in Italy is different than any other place in the world. Will you come with me?"

Elizabeth stares at him for a moment and he starts to fear that she'll turn him down. A smile touches her lips as tears form in her eyes and Elizabeth couldn't believe she ever chose Lucky over him. How could she have been so blind to what was right in front of her?

"Yes." Elizabeth whispers, kissing him soundly. "I'll go wherever you want to go. Anywhere in the world."

"Yes?" he couldn't believe it was true. He had to hear it again.

"Yes." she says with conviction. "I want to be wherever you are."

And that was it. That was all it took to make Jason Morgan's life complete. To make his life mean something. To make him whole.

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