And if you're still alive when you're twenty-five

Why should I kill you like you asked me to

If you're still alive when you're twenty-five

Oh, would I kill you?

You told me to but I really don't want to

- New Love Grows on Trees by Pete Doherty

"You seem to have caught my brother's eye," the tall, brown haired, fair skinned Original said with a hint of amusement in his voice she instantly found irksome. "I certainly wasn't expecting it at all. Didn't know his taste in women could change. Not even after a millennium."

She wanted to pretend she didn't have any idea about what he was talking about; she did not even bother glancing at his direction. Instead, she carefully picked up her glass of bourbon from the counter, bringing it slowly on her lips to down the amber liquor in one go. She won't flinch if she can help it. 'Sometimes silence is the best response you can give', she remembered Damon telling her once.

The lad who was currently situated a few seats away from her at the bar gave her a devious smile, his dimples showing. She caught the expression on his face from the corner of her eye and she just couldn't help but notice the similarities between him and the stupid old hybrid who has been plaguing her mind ever since he had saved her life.

"Whatever happened to the fierce young woman who defiantly spoke to my brother a fortnight ago?" She turned her upper body to his direction, her gaze taking in his features fully. Now that statement seemed to have finally gotten her attention, he thought to himself. "Cat bit your tongue?"

"Whatever happened to your manners?" Caroline snapped, raising her eyebrows, challenging him. "Oh, right, apparently, centuries of sleeping in a coffin does that to you." She stood, hastily taking her blood red clutch bag with her, before striding away from him, clearly not having the patience to deal with another troublesome Original family member right now.

He instantaneously moved in her direction then stopped right in front of her, completely blocking her way. His swift movements could not have been recognized by a mere human. "Well, then, since we haven't been formally introduced to each other yet, my name is Kol," he took her soft hand in his, placing a chaste kiss on her knuckles, letting his lips linger there for a moment until she pulled away, taken aback by his actions yet all the more aggravated. "Am most definitely pleased—"He used as much bravado in saying the word pleased to make her all the more riled up, as if she couldn't get any madder, "to meet you sweet Caroline." He did not miss the way her cheeks turn slightly rouge in colour with the way her name easily rolled of his tongue. "You'd certainly make a nice little plaything," he added smirking, his tone playful.

Something about the way he said it made her self-control falter but before she could even hit him, he had already grabbed her wrist roughly making her gasp in pain.

"Now, where are your manners, love?" He calmly said but his tone was mocking. Something told her she should be scared at the moment, not that she wasn't yet; after all, she was the one who's in a compromising position with her back on his chest, his fingers still grasping her wrist. He can get intimidating when he wants to be and his calm demeanour is just a prelude to something else entirely… idiosyncratic. According to Damon's recount of his brief encounter with Klaus's brothers, Elijah claims Kol is the crazy one, which is an understatement to say since everyone in their family appears to be manic.

"I'm not the one who's eavesdropping in on other people's conversations," she retorted, elbowing him on his chest. She knew the action did not faze him at all; however, it was enough to distract him so that she managed to get away from his hold. She was grateful that no one has seen her using her vampire speed in the process. It would be a pain in the ass to compel all the patrons in the vicinity if that had been the case. "And just so you know, I am not anyone's plaything," she confidently added, whipping her blonde hair, her companion secretly enjoying the scent of coconut and vanilla filling his senses.

"But you are my brother's pet. Tell me, my dear, are you keeping your interactions with Klaus a secret? 'Cause if you are then you shouldn't have to anymore considering the non-reaction of your friends seeing the two of you dancing together." Caroline's demeanour changed upon hearing his words and Kol felt somewhat displeased with himself when he saw a flash of hurt crossing her features but he quickly hid it with a taunting smirk. "Aside from that insignificant human my beloved sister seemed to be fond of," he finished.

She let out a defeated sigh, "Can't you just cut to the chase and tell me what you want from me?"

Kol smiled again with that charming yet deceiving smile of his that she could not help but associate with his other siblings'. "I'm beginning to understand why my brother finds you captivating so much that he acts like a bashful teenager around you," he said, recalling the way Klaus complimented her on her beauty, however tacky that had been. He tried to stop himself from chuckling, which earned him a puzzled look from his companion. "It highly amuses me how embarrassing he gets with those failed attempts at impressing you."

"Again? Eavesdropping much?" Caroline retorted, rolling her eyes at his speech. If she were any other girl, she would have been flattered by an Original Hybrid's growing interest in her but she wasn't and she knows better.

Kol ignored her comment and continued with what he was intending to say, "You have fire burning inside of you, my dearest Caroline." He closed the distance separating them; he ran his fingers along her cheekbone to her jaw yet before she could even pull away, his touch was already gone, replaced by a gush of wind blowing in her direction.

Just when she thought he was finished with what he wanted to say as she watched him casually walking away, he turned around to face her again. He held her gaze for a second, as if he was reading her thoughts. "The more you try to escape him, the more he's going to want you."

He only stood there, trying to gauge her reaction. After a moment of silence, she replied, with conviction, "I would rather die."

He certainly wasn't expecting that answer yet he couldn't ignore the seriousness in her expression as she said it. On the other hand, he knows Klaus would do anything to get what he wanted and even death couldn't stand in his way. He sees it clearly now. Why this baby vampire fascinates his older brother so much. He instantly felt the urge, the strong desire, to have her for himself, to make her yield to him, only him, his brother be damned. "No," he said in finality, with as much resolve as her, if not more. "You would rather be mine."

And with that, he was gone, leaving Caroline in the middle of the room. She hadn't realized how long she's been holding her breath when she finally heaves a sigh. She blinked her eyes for a moment, trying to recollect her thoughts. Her heart was beating loud and fast in her chest and if she hadn't been dead for a while now, she was certain she might have gotten a heart attack at this instant.