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Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

Counting Stars, One Republic

"Traveling is the only thing you can spend for that would make you rich," the blonde said in a matter-of-fact tone as she scanned their pictures on her camera. Kol thought Spain was a little overrated and the younger vampire agreed so they found themselves in Myanmar instead a week later after leaving Mystic Falls. They thought Asia was a good place to hide from Klaus. Kol actually thought Caroline was clever for thinking that even though he would never say that to her face.

"Rich in terms of what?" Asked the Original after taking a big gulp of what they both have been drinking for the past ten minutes.

"You know… In memories. Experience." She replied shrugging her shoulders casually. The breeze was blowing her blonde hair in all directions. Kol moved his hand close to her left cheek in order to tuck a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. They were sitting next to each other on a hot air balloon ride and enjoying the view of the Bagan, an ancient city located in Burma.

"Then in that case, you must be talking to the one of richest in the world," he said in that cocky way of his.

"In money too, I suppose," she said as she took the bottle of red wine interlaced with O positive blood from his grasp, handing him the camera in exchange.

He would always pay in cash for their expenditures instead of just using compulsion to get what they want or need. He hadn't noticed that he'd been doing that ever since Caroline had told him about what she felt about mind control. She would never admit it to her friends but even though she has already forgiven Damon for using her and compelling her countless times when she was still human, she still hasn't forgotten what he did. There's a part of her un-beating heart that still resents him for it. During her formative weeks as a vampire, she would often find herself imagining gruesome ways of making the eldest Salvatore suffer before ending his existence altogether. If it wasn't for Elena or Stefan, she definitely might have. Kol, on the other hand, definitely would have tortured him until he pleads for his life.

"I liked that photo that you took of the fisherman by the river at sunrise. You're actually getting good at taking pictures," Caroline went on as he browsed through the pictures on his Nikon D5300. Kol purchased it online through Amazon after an hour of debating with her on what specific brand/model to buy. "It's funny how things turned out, don't you think? It was only a few weeks ago when your brother offered me to travel the world with him and now I'm doing exactly that with his youngest brother."

Her remark was met by silence and a serious look from the Original. "What! No witty one liner? Not even an eye roll?"

"I need to tell you something." Caroline felt nervous. Nothing ever good comes after that line. Not in her experience.

"Elijah told me that no harm would come to either of us, especially you, should we return to Mystic Falls." He could have kept that information from her but during the time that they spent together; he just simply could not bring himself to lie to her unless it concerns her safety. Furthermore, if only his older siblings could see him now acting so different from the sinister younger brother they knew him to be; they would probably assume he was being bewitched. But of course he hasn't changed completely. He would still end up killing his victims; it's just that he makes sure to do it when she wasn't around.

"You called him?" Her tone wasn't furious as he had expected earlier when he was already considering telling her. She was unnervingly calm and carefully regarding him at the same time.

"My siblings and I, as you know, were created as the first of our kind so we possess special abilities unique only to us. One of which is telepathy." He probably shouldn't reveal that information to her but he thought he could sensibly explain the situation to her by telling her something trivial about him.

Now it was the newbie vampire's turn to be silent. She glanced at the pilot whom Kol compelled to remain quiet during their entire trip. "Caroline?"

"That's actually pretty cool." She smiled. She wonders if there was anything in the world anymore that could surprise her ever since she was introduced to the world of the Supernatural.

"It's possible for ordinary vampires too."


"In some cases, yes. Through blood bond between a sire and his creation or with an Original, like myself."

"Are you implying that we? Eck! So gross." The look of disgust on her face amused him a great deal but he can't say he wasn't open to the idea of having a much permanent connection to Caroline. Maybe he'd be able to convince her after all she agreed to go with him.

"But it is possible. Originals can compel vampires after all."

"Have you ever compelled me?" She wasn't accusing him but she threw him a look of plain curiosity.

"Never," exclaimed Kol. "And it's not as if I could. I know you take vervain." He was actually a bit thrown back by her inquiry but he chose not to show it. "You're deflecting."

"Maybe I just didn't wanna ruin the moment."

"If you wanna go back…"

"I don't know. I might get used to this."

"Get used to just the two of us?" Kol said expectantly.

"Maybe," replied Caroline. "I can't believe we're having this conversation 3,000 feet above the ground."

"Wasn't it your idea to be on this bloody balloon ride?"

"You have to admit it's interesting to see how they got the balloon in the air and the views of the temples and pagodas from up her are amazing. Great for your photography too." The truth is that Caroline hasn't thought about Mystic Falls or her friends or her mom or any of it since the plane ride to Asia. She realized that Klaus was indeed right about everything he told her before. The world has a lot to offer and the possibilities are endless for a vampire like herself. Mystic Falls seemed too small and too distant for her that she considered the possibility of not ever going back. Could she really do that? "Can I ask you a question?"

He was going to say to her that he thought they have somehow became close enough for her not to feel the need to ask politely for anything anymore but he decided not to. "Shoot."

"Why did Klaus dagger you?"

Of all the questions that she could have asked, he was certainly surprised that her interest in the matter would arise. Sure, he finds her perceptive and clever enough for an eighteen year old newly turned vampire but that irked him sometimes, still not a bad thing though, he thinks. "Is there even a reason for him to do such a thing?"

"I don't know. Maybe. I'd like to think he doesn't dagger his siblings and keep them in a box just for the heck of it."

He could have accused of her of liking his older brother more than she lets on for trying to elicit some information about him but he already knows that she does so he answered the question honestly. "I found out about him keeping our Mother in one of the coffins and I confronted him about it."

"Maybe he did you a favour. Your mother's a bitch," Caroline said but upon realizing her words, she quickly apologized. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean-."

Kol interjected. "It's fine. You're right. He may have a... how would you term it?" Kol thought for a bit and went on. "Even though he has a shitty way of showing it, he's only been doing that to protect us… or when we did something to really piss him off. Rebekah's the one that's been daggered the most I've lost count actually."

Caroline let out a laugh finding the whole thing about their family so amusing. Kol smiled wantonly. She recovered a few seconds later and asked him another question. "What was it like being daggered?"

"It just feels like sleeping but still being aware at the same time. We can still hear or see things that's why in a way we're still aware of what's been going on around us."

"That's why it wasn't hard for you to keep yourself up to date with how things are even though you've been locked in a box for almost a century."

"You know people don't give you credit for your mind." He knows he probably shouldn't have said that to her face; he didn't want her to think that she can probably outwit him but it was getting hard for him not to so he decided that perhaps a small compliment wouldn't hurt.

"I know you see me a little more than a tasty little thing." Caroline gave him a small but genuine smile and maybe if giving her more compliments like that would elicit such a response from her then maybe he wouldn't mind as much.

It was forty five minutes after eight that evening when they found themselves back into their hotel. They didn't have any plans for the night and Kol thought it was only appropriate to continue their discussion earlier.

Caroline was sitting on the sofa watching a documentary about a super lion pride on Nat Geo and munching on a bag of Lay's at the same time. Kol sat next to her and snatched the remote control from her grasp turning the television off.

"Hey! I was watching that!" Caroline whined taking back the remote control from him and turning the TV on again.

"We need to talk about what we're going to do and I swear I'm going to break the bloody thing into pieces if you don't turn it off." He can be really intimidating when he wants to be so he watched as Caroline turned the TV off all the while making a sulking face. He then noticed that her legs were barely covered by a tiny piece of fabric he remembered her calling it a boyshort. She followed his line of vision and realized that he was ogling at her legs so she took one of the throw pillows to cover her thighs. Kol smirked thinking she had no idea what he would do to get a rise out of her but that would have to wait.

Caroline figured that the sooner they can get the conversation over with, the sooner she can get back to watching so she stayed still waiting for him to tell her what they should do.

"I know my brother. It would only be a couple of days or weeks until I end up in a coffin if I go back even with Elijah's assurance that nothing would happen. I don't want to go back. You, on the other hand…"

"I don't wanna go back either," Caroline said as she turned to him. He was wearing a blue shirt with long sleeves and for a moment she wanted to unbutton it and see what was under his shirt. She has never seen him without a shirt on before, which was weird because they have been traveling together for a week now doing practically everything together. "At least not yet. Not until we finish doing everything in my list."

To say that he was surprised would be an understatement but he hid it well. "So where does our adventure lead us next?"

Caroline smiles eagerly at him with a hint of excitement in her eyes. "How do you feel about exploring one of the most populous countries in the world?"


The blonde vampire shook her head in that adorable way of hers earning her a chuckle from her companion. "The land of Kamasutra."

Kol smirked. "I like the way your mind works."