Atom's Upgrade

Chapter 2: The Training

We see Charlie outside of a barn in Texas teaching Atom three new moves that he would use for the tournament tomorrow while Max watches.

"Now, the first move we're gonna do today is called the "Duck & Luck" trick", explained Charlie, "When an enemy tries to outwit you or distract you, just get down quickly and with that opponent wide-eye opened, you'll wipe him out with only three kicks. It's really simple. Now, I'll show you how, alright?"

Charlie then ducks quickly before he pretends to sneak up behind to a pretending opponent and pretends to defeat that opponent.

"You try", said Charlie and Atom did the same thing that he had done a moment ago, but fails and trips on a ground, "Don't worry, Atom. You'll do it just fine. Now, try it again."

Atom nods his head "yes" and for his second time, he tries the Duck and Luck trick again and succeeds in doing so.

"Good", said Charlie, "Now, for the second move. This one's a little bit harder this time around. It's called... a parachute kick. When I get you to jump into mid-air, you will use your kick against your opponent. Wanna try that?"

Atom shook his head in agreement and when Charlie jumped into mid-air very quickly, Atom did exactly the same thing and lands in the ground safely.

"Good", said Charlie, "One more move and we're completely done for the day before tomorrow. Now, let me see. Um..."

"I've got a good one", said Max and shows Atom and Charlie a new move where he spins his knuckles around and around until finally, he stops and gets a bit tired.

"What was that, son?", asked Charlie.

"That was a knuckle-drill punch", said Max, "You use it to make your enemy really dizzy and you'll have a chance to knock that opponent out."

"Extremely impressive", said Charlie, "Now, let's keep on training with those moves."

"Can I start up some music while we're doing that?", said Max, "That'll be really cool."

"What song do you want to play?", asked Charlie.

"Trust me", said Max and puts a floppy disk on a mechanical floppy disk machine and it plays the song "You're The Best" from Joe Esposito. Then, as the training continues, Max starts to sing the song along while Atom dances as the robot continues his training.

Max: You're the best! Around!
Nothing's gonna ever keep you down
You're the Best! Around!
Nothing's gonna ever keep you down
You're the Best! Around!
Nothing's gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own

As Charlie watches, he checks his watch and goes to his son.

"Listen, son", said Charlie, "I've gotta go to a store to buy something for us to eat for dinner. I'll be back in a few minutes, alright?"

"Sure, dad", said Max and a few hours later, after Charlie came back with a package of hot dogs and a package of smores for tonight, they ate together while Atom watches and looks at the sky for a while.

"It's been a long time since...", said Max.

"Yeah, the championship", said Charlie.

"Dad, are you sure you're really gonna do this?", asked Max.

"Yes, son", said Charlie, "No matter what happens, I will do what it takes to let Atom win this fight. He did it against Midas and he could do it again at the new robot. Do you believe in me about that, son?"

"Yes, dad", said Max, "I sure do."

Then, he and Charlie hugged each other and later, after Charlie goes to sleep, we see Atom watching Max fall asleep too and thought to himself, "I need to do something that any human has ever done before." He gets out of the van and starts to run as quickly as he can for nearly two hours. Later, he too shuts down after he told Charlie, "Don't worry. I've never given up when I defeated Midas and I will always never lose to a fight."

As the robot goes to sleep, we see Charlie opening his left-eye to see him sleeping, then shuts it, hoping for the big day against the new robot to be his best one yet since the championship.

Sorry I took so long to make another chapter to this story. I was too busy with my other fanfics at the time and during the summer times with my family. I'll try and update before the end of October (halloween) so until then, happy reading and happy viewing!