Hi everyone! Hope you guys will like this fic! Enjoy :)

Monica checked her alarm clock and groaned! It was already 5 o'clock in the morning! Only one more hour till she'd have to get up! She pulled the covers up over her head and tried to get back to sleep but however hard she tried she couldn't get back to sleep! Finally she gave up and decided to get a cup of tea. That always helped her to get to sleep!

However, she was surprised when after grabbing her dressing gown and tying up her hair to see Chandler sat on their sofa, looking exceptionally glum.

"Chandler?" she asked him," What's wrong? It's like quarter past five in the morning!"

"You know. I could ask you the same question! Trouble sleeping?"

"Yeah... I guess? But I know something's up! Come on! You can trust me! Spill the beans!"

Chandler shrugged and only proceeded to get up, off the couch.

"I'm fine Mon! Honestly," he added when he saw the sceptical expression on her face.

Finally, giving up she asked," Do you want some tea? I'm making some."

He nodded and added, "No sugar by the way! I'm dieting," he looked at his belly, a disgusted expression on his face.

"You? On a diet?"

"Yes me!"

"Okay! Whatever you want!"

She handed him a mug and took a sip from her own. She sighed, realising that soon she would have to get ready for work! She felt like taking the day off but she knew that wasn't an option so she told Chandler she was going to get dressed and that he could help himself to breakfast.

Monica relaxed in the shower, managing to unwind at the feel of water all over her body. She got ready, did her hair and bade Chandler good day, departing for work. Chandler felt slightly sickened. He had bumped into Kathy the night before and she had seemed really happy to be rid of him. She had showed him her wedding ring and gloated in his face. He hated her for hurting him He had really loved her. He was just some guy to her. How dare she hurt him! He hadn't done anything to her!

He had needed to get closure over her! He regretted doing it but he had gone to a bar and taken way too many shots last night. He was having an awful hangover! Thankfully he hadn't done anything too stupid! At least he hadn't slept with another woman!

Soon Rachel had woken up and Joey, Phoebe and Ross had come in. They all departed to work, leaving Chandler alone in Monica and Rachel's apartment. He had decided to take the day off work to get his head around everything. No-one knew about his encounter with Kathy, not even Joey.

That evening, Monica came home early and found Chandler asleep on the couch. That was it! She was going to ask him what was up as soon as he woke up. She got changed into her tracksuit (sweats to you Americans!) as it was more comfy and waited patiently for Chandler to wake up.

When he finally woke up he rubbed his eyes and heard a faint buzzing in his ears. He looked around, he was in Monica's apartment and the owner of it was standing over him, looking worried.


"Mon..." he said groggily.

"Are you hung-over?"

Slowly, he nodded and Monica looked at him concernedly. She got him some water and sat down next to him.

"Chandler? What happened?"

"I saw Kathy. She was happy and married..."

"Oh Chandler. I know you still love her but you have GOT to get over her, she's not worth it."

"I know."

"Chandler. Listen to me. One day you're gonna find a girl who's pretty and smart and who actually likes you. Someone who won't cheat on you and she'll love you. I promise."