Legends 3

Oh, how it felt so good to be home for the timid blonde.

He'd always blamed himself for his mother's death. He was convinced he was the only reason that she'd died and wasn't the refugee. He felt worthless and insecure about himself as it was...why should have he surrived in the first place? Shortly after fleeing with the refugees, he considered joining her in the death life, in fact.

But she wouldn't that. And he didn't really either.

Besides, now they were both living and happily together. He'd been right in the way suicide wasn't the answer.

So now here the mother and son were, building another puzzle like they did every Sunday. Sure, maybe it was kind of dorky. But dorkiness kind of ran in the Doglier family. It made them...well, them.

He looked up at her as he inserted another piece. She was so freaking beautiful. They shared the same eyes, but her hair was a much fuller blonde that fell between her shoulders. Her smile, her laugh, her walk...it was all something you'd see from a Cover Girl. And she was in her forties. Not bad at all.

"You act like you've never played before," she chuckled, "haven't you practiced?"

Well, being on the Galleon didn't let him. Not unless he wanted to be teased by Gai and Joe, beaten up by Luka, and thrown into the ocean by Marvelous for 'being a pansy'.

He'd learned this lesson the hard way.

But he couldn't tell her that. She'd think he'd seriously lost his ever-loving marbles. So he just blushed pink and fished around once more in the pile of red, yellow, and blue peices.

"So...C-Caine did all this?" Luka was still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that she and Fia lived in a freaking mansion.

"Hai," the young teenager nodded, smiling at her big sister, "silly neesan. Remember? He left and made your dream come true...he bought the planet, and you became princess."

"Unbelievable," tears were coming to the tomboy's eyes, "simply unbelievable. And he...he's my prince?"

"Here he comes!" Fia pointed, giggling at her sister's confused actions, thinking she was just messing around, "ask himself yourself!"

Caine was even more handsome than she'd remembered him. His hair was all slick and combed back, and his eyes lite up when they fell on the two sisters. His suit was silver with a green tie and socks, and she couldn't help but grin. That kind of outfit was what they'd make fun of when they saw those kinds of riches walking around like they were something.

Then she realized what she was wearing.

It was a strapless deep, satin-blue dress with a gold belt around the middle. It flowed to her ankles, and she realized her hair was all combed and piled ontop of her head in a bun. She was wearing long white gloves, and she about died on the spot. This was what Ahim would be wearing, not her!

"My princess," Caine smiled, offering his own white-gloved hand to her, "shall we go enjoy the view? A servant told me you're forgetting things."

She felt a smile broading by the second, "Hai."

"..." Joe just could not have words for the very intersting sitition that treasure had put him in.

"What're you doing?" Cid pulled the apron over his buddy's head, "the cars are not washing themselves!"

A car wash? REALLY? he could only think as he started to scrub the SUV with the soapy sponge he'd been handed. Apparently this was the only work 'they' had found...intersting.

Very instersting indeed.

"Joe!" Cid's voice hollered at him, "focus already!"

But the former Gokai Blue's mind just wasn't on cars. The next thing he knew, a soapy bucket was on his head, and soap and water were running down his long hair and neck. Lifting the pail, he smirked to Cid, who thought his joke was pretty funny.

Good ol' Cid.

"Gai..." his mother and father finally managed to peel their clinging son off, "we were just gone to the store."

"Demo...I-I...nevermind," he shook his red hair, settling for grinning all over the place.

"Hyper as ever, I see," his big sister, Jessie, (see Captain Awesome,) chuckled from the couch, "did you take your medicine today?"

"Ugh..." he could only groan a little at his sister's forever nagging, trudging to the bathroom for his ADHD medication.

When he returned, he quickly made his way to the kitchen to help his parents unload the shopping bags. He just couldn't get enough of seeing them again...it was a kind of dream product, like the Ranger Keys. His mother had strawberry blonde hair that curled and was very fluffy, resting on her shoulders, and her eyes were matching his. She only had a small stomach on her, and she had the most amazing model smile you ever did see. His father wasn't half bad himself. His hair was in the same hairstyle as his son's, but longer and more messed up, and his eyes were knowing and wise. He was very tall with a thick chest, and he liked to crack jokes.

A lot.

Larry could be their father's brother instead of father, they looked so much alike. The only difference was that Larry was up to his parent's shoulder and had slightly tanner skin, along with freckles across his nose. But that was it. Jessie was resembled her mother the most. She did have red hair, but it was very light with blondish tips, and the two shared eyes. Both were seriously beautiful. Gai, of course, resembled his father in hair and body structure, but his mother was very entergetic when she got excited.

And that happened a lot.

"Ikaria Gai!" his thirty year old brother once again had to pull him back into reality, "what's wrong with you today?"

"Ugh..." the twenty two year old shook his head, "what're you and Jessie doing here anyway?"

The two siblings just stared at him before his sister replied, " The new baby? We came to help out? Remember?"

"Dude, are you really that stupid?" his older brother rapped his knuckles on his head, "have you decided on a name yet?"

"Y-you mean..." the youngest of the siblings paled a bit, "you mean it's mine?"

The former young pirate captain was confused. Very confused. And if there's one thing he could not stand, it was being confused.

"Where are we going?" he demanded a bit sharply from where he was staring at the box of Ranger Keys on the intable. It was old and the keys were covered in dust, like they were never used anymore.

"We found them all," AkaRed replied, spinning the wheel, "and just when we were going to find the greatest treasure in the universe, Basco went for the princess."

Princess? Marvelous thought, eyes going disk, oh freak no.

"And then we were left with nothing else to do but raid planets," the captain spoke between clenched teeth, "like pirates do on the seven seas. You must have really hit your head to forget that."

"...yeah," the younger man could only stare at the Gokai Red Key now in his hand.

"That's my name," the devilish older man kissed her hand again, "did you have a good rest?"

She couldn't help but jerk away, "You mean to tell me that you are husband?"

"He was a very generous space pirate," her mother chuckled, "do you not remember him helping out our planet when the Zangyack tried to destroy us?"

"And you fell in love with him," her father ended for his wife, kissing his daughter's forehead as she felt it, "you are feeling alright, are you not?"

"...hai," actually, she felt sick to her stomach from repulse and disbelief. What the freaking heck would she fall in love with Basco?

Well, if he had helped her planet, maybe it was a little more believable. But still. What the freaking CRAP?

"Then...where is our daughter?" she inquired in a weaker voice, and a little girl that looked around four charged in at that time.

She looked similar to Awesome, that was for sure. She had long black hair to her thighs, and those big doe eyes she got from her mother. She had Basco's facial structure and clothing selection, considering she was wearing a rebel t-shirt, red coat, black jeans, and his hat.

"Mommy! Daddy!" she whined, screetching to a hault in front of them, "Awesome cut my coat!" She angerily showed them a small tear in the fabric, and her father knelt down to her level.

"We can get that fixed up," the small princess couldn't believe it when her own daughter came in, looking afraid and guilty.

"I thought...I thought that you were lost..." her voice quavered with happiness as she scooped her now three year old little girl up in her arms.

"Mommy, I'm sorry..." she looked near tears, "d-demo...Bailey's a tattletail!"

"Am not!" the obvious Daddy's Girl squealed, and the two were instantly fighting and screaming.

"Alright, alright," Basco put his hands over both of their little mouths, "Bail, you and I'll go fix up your coat. Ahim, please speak with your daughter about not stabbing cutting ours with sciccors."

" My daughter?" the fomrer Gokai Pink stared after him when he walked out carrying Bailey.

"You know..." Awesome looked down sadly, "he's not my daddy. That other pirate is."

Author Note: So she DID have an affair with Marvelous...^_^