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Author's Note: A fluffy lil '3-shot' of Laby love in honor of Valentine's Day. Yes this is a Sarah/Jareth story (eventually).

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To Taste My Love

Ch. 1

The jangle of keys in the lock heralded her arrival. With a low rumble of frustration he growled – she was late. Again. And he was sure it was due to that mortal boy she was seeing. James or something. Hidden in the shadows of the room, he watched her silently, his mismatched eyes narrowed, taking in every detail of her as she threw open the door, then shut it tightly against the winter chill.

He noticed that her cheeks were reddened by the bitter cold outside, cheerful rosy blooms set bright against her ivory skin. Seeing her lips red and swollen, he felt his anger rise once more, imagining the way the mortal boy must kiss her. It isn't right he thought, thin lips pursed as continued to watch her. No mere mortal is good enough for her. With a melodic laugh, the dark-haired beauty brushed snow from her shoulders, stamping her feet as showers crystalline flecks fell to the floor to melt into miniature puddles.

She was a vision, as she always had been. Humming happily, she seemed to dance across the floor, shedding her coat, boots and bags as she went – an untidy stream of items trailing her as she moved into the lounge.

He held his breath as she neared his hiding place, wondering if she would sense him and yell as she did the last time he paid her an unannounced and uninvited visit. As she danced past him down the hall, he let out the breath, relieved that she hadn't seen him. Then, just as quickly as she had disappeared, she drifted back into the room, faded flannel pajama bottoms whispering softly as she moved. Tugging a fluffy purple blanket over the creamy shoulders left bare by her flimsy tank top, the girl snuggled into the corner of the couch a dog-eared copy of 'The Goblin Market' in one hand, as the other plucked a fat chocolate from a cheerful red box balanced precariously on her knee.

Sneaking from his hiding place, he crept up behind her and as her hand lifted the chocolate to her mouth, lost in the words of her book – he pounced, grey gloved fingers swiftly liberating the chocolate from her fingertips.

"Hmm…Chocolate. How sweet of you, Adele," he chuckled in her ear, before popping the fat truffle into his mouth in a single bite.

"Jareth," she squealed, laughing as he leapt over the back of the couch to drape himself with careless elegance into the opposite corner. "You are an absolute heathen, you know? Chocolate this good is meant to be savored, not wolfed down like a goblin eating library paste."

"Now, now, little sister of mine," Jareth drawled, raising an aristocratic eyebrow at her as he adjusted his gloves, "You wouldn't be comparing the mighty Goblin King to his brainless and decidedly without taste minions, would you."

"Yes," she replied, moving to rescue another chocolate from its frilly edged holder. Adele pouted when the box disappeared, only to reappear on Jareth's knee.

"These chocolates are far too good for cheeky girls like you," he said, with a knowing smirk. Winking at her, Jareth tossed another chocolate into the air, catching it deftly between his teeth before biting deeply into it, the liquid truffle center warming slowly on his tongue before sliding smoothly down his throat. "Hmmm," he hummed, licking the chocolate from his lips. "And they are quite exquisite. Where ever did you get them?"

"James gave them to me. An early Valentine's day gift," Adele replied, her green-grey eyes flashing impishly as she awaited her brother's reaction. As expected, his mismatched eyes darkened and the easy-going smirk of brotherly affection turned sour.

"He is not worthy of you, Adele. A princess of our world should not deign to be involved with a mere mortal," he warned, his voice suddenly cold and firm.

Adele sighed, shaking her head as she looked at him. Mercurial wasn't even strong enough to describe the rapid way in which his mood could change – he was so like their father in that regard. Loving one minute, ready to rain fire and destruction the next.

"Not good enough for me, yet you still moon over the mortal girl who bested your Labyrinth," came the sharp retort as Adele rescued her box of chocolates from her brother's hands.

Frowning, Jareth's eyes snapped angrily at his sister. Younger though she may be, she could always see through him and knew exactly how best to use her words to wound him, and this wound didn't just strike deep, it twisted to a painful knot inside him.

"Don't speak of what you can't understand, 'Del."

Smiling gently at her brother, Adele held out the box of chocolates as a peace offering between them.

"I'm not a child anymore, Jareth. I understand all too well the power of words. And of love," she murmured, setting the box between them on the couch.

The pair fell silent, each lost in their own thoughts as they continued to share the chocolates. When the box held but one remaining chocolate, they looked at the last chocolate, then at each other.

"You love him then," her brother asked solemnly, as he nudged the box toward her.

Lifting the last chocolate, Adele looked at it before smiling and offering it to her brother instead.

"I do, Jareth."

Accepting the chocolate, Jareth's eyes met hers once more, pale eyes softening as she looked at her. No one could read him as she could. When his world fell down upon Sarah's rejection, Adele was the only one who could get through his glacier-like exterior, luring him back to himself over time. She was the only one who knew the pain Sarah had caused, and the only one brave enough to use that knowledge against him. And despite it, or because of it (he wasn't sure which), he would do anything to see her happy.

"You know, Jareth…. Sometimes I think that our line can only find soul-bound mates in the mortal realm," Adele said, her face thoughtful as she tugged absently at a chestnut curl.

Jareth sighed heavily, "Love isn't a fairy tale, Del. You know that as well as I. While loving a mortal can bring great joy, it can also bring sorrow."

Adele gently squeezed her brother's gloved hand, wishing she could take away the pain that still lingered in his heart.

"Perhaps what you felt for her was not a true soul-bond," she suggested, giving him an encouraging smile.

"Perhaps," he replied, doubt coloring his tone. "The question remains, does James make you happy?"

"Immensely," Adele sighed with a broad smile.

"Then I shall support you when you break the news to Father. If you think he will be angry, spare a thought for Prince Adian who has been lording it over everyone that he was your soul-bound mate."

"Thank you, Jareth," Adele smiled, hugging her brother.

With a shrug, Jareth draped his arm over his sister's shoulder as they sat together on the couch. "Well… at least one of us should be happy and lucky in love. It might as well be you – since I am, after all, better looking."

At Adele's outraged squeal, Jareth tossed the last truffle into his mouth and swallowed it with a gulp, disappearing in a shower of silver glitter as his sister's words followed him – "Heathen!"

Jareth's disembodied laughter echoed in the room as he spoke once more, "Oh and Del… you'd best introduce Mother to those chocolates. She would be the envy of the Court if she had those at the ball."

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