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Theodosia and the Stele of Blood

Oh. My. Egyptian. God. Sometimes I wish that Mother would just slow down with the artifacts. She just got from Egypt back with mounds and mounds of boxes, and every single one of them has some sort of cursed object. There is at least one of every item that an ancient Egyptian might have considered making and cursing. This might take almost a year of getting rid of curses, and that's if there are no other problems, or new artifacts. Let me rephrase that. With my luck, removing the curses on all of these items might take a decade or two. I wouldn't be all to surprised if Mother had another item with a major curse on it, like the time she brought home the Heart of Egypt. And on top of all that, Sticky Will is nowhere to be seen, so I can't tell Lord Wigmere about this… situation. Unless, of course, I go through Fagenbush, and I have a very, very, long list of things I would rather do than that.

"Theodosia! You might want to come take a look at this new artifact." This is just great. When Father called me then, I knew that my problems would be a lot bigger than all these minor curses.

I hurried over to my parent's side, and in front of Mother was a stone stele. I saw it, and felt at least two full armadas of icy-footed beetles crawl up and down my spine. This stele had a curse, and a big one too. On the top was a bas-relief of Netjerikhet, a third dynasty pharaoh. Beneath that, there were hieroglyph carvings, and I won't translate exactly, but there was some pretty threatening stuff. Mother and Father were muttering to themselves, obviously trying to decode the hieroglyphs. By the looks of it, they weren't doing to well. I would have decoded it for them, but I had a feeling they wouldn't like me chanting about bloody battles and rituals with the enemy's blood. The hieroglyph for blood was repeated a lot.

"Why did you want me to come look at this stele?" I asked Father, knowing that the Father was too proud to ask a young girl to help in his area of expertise, no matter how much he needed it.

"This hieroglyph here. Can you help me translate it?" When he said this, I was so surprised that Father was asking for my help, I think that I almost collapsed. Nothing even remotely like this had ever happened to me.

"W-What?" I managed to sputter.

"You heard what I said, and you know how much I hate repeating my self," he said, just a bit too loudly. He glanced around nervously, and I had the sudden feeling that someone was watching.

I easily translated the hieroglyph, along with several others. Eventually, Father had me write down the entire contents of the stele. Let me tell you, not one word on that stele was pleasant, and writing down the entire thing was going to give me some pretty bad nightmares.

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