You Can't Bring Me Down
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CHAPTER ONE Coming Out Of My Cage



I groan whilst rolling onto my front, digging my head far beneath my pillow.
My bedroom door swings open, sunlight filling every corner of my boxed shaped room.
I poke my pounding head above the covers to find my sister, Jazzie, glaring down at me.
"Dougie, have you even seen the time?" she screeches, yanking the cover of me.
"Jazzie, gerrof!" I moan. I curl up into a ball, trying to find some heat.
"Fine, be late. Your future obviously isn't important to you but when the school phones mum telling her yet again you couldn't get your lazy arse up in
time, I sure as hell want to see how she'll decide on killing you!"
I slowly sit up, squinting at her.
"Where is mum?" I ask.
"How the hell am I supposed to know? Birthday shopping probably"
I rub my eyes and stretch my back.
"Whose birthday is it likes?"
Jazzie sighs heavily and looks at me in a pitiful way.
"Yours Dougie! Next week!"
My brain slowly starts up, the clogs starting to turn. I could swear if you're standing close enough you'd hear the clanking as thoughts start to circle my
"Aw, I think your right"
"I am right, you dimwit! Now I've made you breakfast but it's probably cold by now-" she pouts "- I need to get going, try and make it to first period, yeah? And Dougie, one last thing, stay out of trouble will you?"
I nod tiredly, and watch her walk away.
I roll out of bed and stumble into the shower.
The water scolds my back. I tip my head backwards, letting the water cascade over me.
I quickly dry of then pull my school uniform on. It's just a simple shirt and tie. Our school isn't the poshest, but when it comes to a pupil's behaviour they
can be quite uptight.
I smile as I walk into the kitchen and see a pile of pancakes on the counter. There's a post it lain next to it;

'Eat Up Bro!
Microwave them if there too cold, toppings on the table!
Love you smelly
Jazzie xx'

I give them a quick zap in the microwave before heading off to school.
On the way to school I pop into the local newsagents and buy a packet of chewing gum.
"Just my luck!" I mutter as I step out into the pouring rain.
I pull my hoodie over my head and run the last half a mile or so to school.
I walk in the main entrance of my high school, smiling at the warmth. My smile is soon wiped off.
"Dougie Poynter, here now!"
I spin around to see Mrs Hound, the head, marching towards me.
"It's quarter to ten! Are you aware that school starts at half past eight?" she barks, spit flying from her fat sausage lips.
"Yes miss" I reply dully.
"Then this next question should be easy enough to answer. Why on earth have you just got here now?"
I sigh, "Slept in miss"
Her eyes narrow, "You're the cause of most of my grey hairs Dougie! I've let you off too many times! Detention during lunch and after school for the rest
of the week!" she barks, "now get to class!"
I sulk of to English, greeted by the cheery face of Mr Sands.
If you were to try and explain to a deaf person what an unsuccessful man is, you would get pretty far with just standing Mr Sands in front of them. Mr Sands is divorced and has been on his own for twenty three years now. His voice is enough to make anyone want to commit suicide but his empty eyes are just way past creepy.
He stares at me unblinkingly.
"Take a seat, Dougie" his voice drones, "page sixty eight in your books"
I grab a book from the front then settle into my seat next to Paul. He raises his eyebrows at me then taps his watch. I roll my eyes.
Paul is one of my closest mates. He's a devil in disguise. He's all polite to teachers and parents but as soon as their backs are turned he goes crazy. Fun but crazy.
I look at the time. Still forty-five minutes to go of this depressing silence and Mr Sands empty soulless eyes staring through me.
The silence is too much. It actually hurts my ears. It's too loud, in ways I can't describe. It's actually quite scary, the way it just hangs there, daring anything or anyone to make the slightest noise. Silence is a scary sound, that's for sure. I try and look at the words on my textbook, but they start to intertwine with one another, floating around the page. I go to write the date in the margin but stop as my led less pencil hits the paper with a dull thunk. The silence presses me from all sides. I have to make a noise, a movement, something before it squashes me flat.
I clear my throat then raise my hand.
"Dougie?" Mr Sands drawls sitting upright. I've obviously just awoke him up from a light doze.
"Can I go to the toilet, sir?"
Mr Sands stares at me for a moment, then slowly blinks, "Surely Mr Poynter you would have had time to do this at home, seeing as you were late?"
I grit my teeth, "Sorry sir, I've drunk lots since then"
Mr Sands licks his lips slowly; this is obviously a hard decision for him. To let or not to let his least favourite pupil to go release his bladder. He must know it's more bother than it's worth to say no.
Mr Sands glances at the clock.
Still half an hour to go.
"And you can't hold it in?" he asks, or should I say slur. How the school can think of him as a qualified and professional teacher, no one will ever know.
Every pair of eyes in the class latch on to me. Most seem grateful for the commotion; I'm not the only one who finds Mr Sand's presence unsettling.
"Sorry sir, really can't"
Mr Sands shrugs, "you have two minutes Mr Poynter, dare to be any longer and trust me there'll be punishments"
I nod, grab my bag then bolt for the door. Even in the corridor at least you can hear low murmurs escaping from closed classroom doors.
I don't actually need the toilet but head there anywhere. I'd love to just walk out the gates, like I've done many times before but think of Jazzie. It's hard with the school always calling and visiting mum, soon they'll exclude me, and it's only a matter of time. I know it gets to Jazzie. I know she hates how I don't revise and fail every test I sit. She knows I'm clever but I just can't be bothered to show it. I didn't always used to be so carefree. Once upon a time I did actually get up at half six for school, I did actually use to revise the night before and hand in homework on time but people change, that's life, suck it up, and get used to it.
I crash into the toilet scaring a junior who quickly zips up his trousers and makes a quick exit even though it is evident he hasn't finished peeing.
I sigh hopping up onto the counter and thinking over last night.
Last night had been great. I had gone to some collage guys house party, a friend of a friend of a friend or something like that. It had been mental, something like four hundred people had showed up and only about a hundred had been invited. I'd had one of the best nights of my life. I'd played pool then I had actually jumped into a pool, fully-clothed. Whoever guys party it was, obviously wasn't short on money. Everything oozed expensiveness. I had then hit it off with this really hot chick. I even got her number but I'm not one for a serious relationship, or a second date for that matter. Then this little dude had started a fight with me, although he had ran off only after my first punch with a bleeding nose. It had been a good night; I didn't sneak back to my house until about four-ish in the morning. I had thought everyone would have been sleeping but there had been Jazzie sitting on my bed, her eyes filled with a mixture of disgust and sadness. She didn't talk the whole way through, at one point I was pretty sure she was sleep walking. She pushed me into the shower even though I was so exhausted I thought I was going to pass out. She then put my clothes in the wash, opened my window (even though it's in the middle of November) then brought me water. She had then kissed me softly on the cheek before quite literally putting me to bed. I was asleep before my head had hit the pillow.
A crash snaps me out of my thoughts. Four big muscly guys, in there last year of school walk in. They're obviously part of the rugby team, or the football team, or probably both.
"Ooh look who it is!" the one in front, obviously the ring leader exclaims to his followers. I only vaguely know who the guy is, Josh Gregory or something like that I think. He's one of the toughest guys in the school and I certainly don't know how he thinks he knows me.
"It's Dougie Poynter!" I frown, sliding of the counter to face them.
I decide to be blunt, "and you are?"
There's a murmur from his followers.
"I'm not surprised you don't know who I am little Dougie, but surely you've came across my brother. Maybe heard he was taken to hospital last night, round about midnight because of some little drunk cocky shite at a party busted his nose?"
I wait, not understanding what crap he's speaking.
"I don't know what you're talking about!"
"Sure ya don't" it happens so quickly my mind doesn't even have enough time to register the pain.
He takes one step forward then swiftly punches upwards. My nose makes a horrible crunching sound as it collapses in on itself.
Pain shoots up my nose and through my temples. My hand flies to my nose as a reflex. Blood starts to trickle from my nose.
Josh chuckles, laughing at my bloody face.
"Do you remember doing that to my little brother last night Dougie?"
The jigsaw is finally complete. I remember the boy from last night, who now when I look at Josh is a complete spitting image of his big brother. How
could I have been so stupid to smash the hardest boy in the school's little brother?
"That was from him, and this is from me" Josh lurches for me.
This time I'm prepared, I duck to the side and my foot lashes out thwacking Josh right in between his legs. His face scrunches up in pain, as he collapses to the floor rolling around in pain. I smile to myself, only to disturb my nose which sends another tide of pain across my face. I look up to see the other boys advancing on me. I bite my lip then swerve around them, bolting for the door. I'm gone before anything of them knows.
I rush into a disabled toilet on the other side of school and turn around to face the mirror, slightly dreading what I'm going to find. I'm always in fights, but usually my opponent gets in a worse state than me. I've had quite a couple of serious injuries before but never to the face. The worst on my face has been a black eye. And the worst on my body has been a broken arm.
I look into the mirror and see a fourteen year old guy, with blonde/brown hair falling down into his turquoise eyes. Then the explosion of red. It's so red it looks like paint. It looks like someone's walked up to me and flicked there paint brush at me.
I quickly grab some toilet paper and wet it. I dab slightly around my nose, slowly washing away the blood. I wince nearly at every dab. The pain is so surreal! It's so painful it almost doesn't hurt if that makes any sense what so ever?
After a while I've managed to get rid of all the blood. I take out the bits of tissues that I stuffed up my nose and inspect it closely. The bleedings stopped which is something. If you were looking long enough you would realise it's at an odd angle, and the bridge of it is slightly blue and purple but overall, or from far away at least you wouldn't be able to tell anything's happened. I'm pretty sure it's broken but I can't go to the school nurse. The school said last time that if I was caught fighting in school premises again I would be out before I could blink. I shake my head angrily, trust me. Even when I'm going about my own business something bad happens to me. It's like I'm a magnet, I seem to attract trouble. Maybe I'm an easy target, I don't know.
Happy with my doctor skills I leave the toilet looking left and right before I fully step out. No doubt by the end of the week I'll be in a worse state if Josh and his cronies get a hold of me. I had kicked quite hard, harder than what I had thought. I smile to myself as I imagine Josh trying to walk, or even move. I thank the gods that all I got is a busted nose. I glance down at my watch and am surprised to see the big hand pointing at twelve. The first bells just went, and not wanting to draw more attention to myself by being late I rush to my fourth period class which is Biology.
I slip in unnoticed and take my regular seat at the back. None of my friends are in this class. It's not the sort of class you would find a 'cool' or 'unintelligent' pupil in. I look around and feel myself relax. This is by far my most favourite class ever. Music would be my second favourite. There the only two classes I let my guard down and actually listen, sharpen my pencil and take down notes. Of course I do it discreetly, no matter how much I love this class I don't want to come across as a goody two shoes!
I take out my jotter balancing it on my knees, so it's hidden by the desk and watch as the teacher, Mrs Scott, a pretty woman in her twenty's flicks through a slideshow of reptiles. Mrs Scott is my favourite teacher, not because of the fact that she's extremely beautiful, but because she sees right through me. She's the only teacher that gives me a chance.
"This is the reptile family as you guys probably would have learnt way back in primary, but I'm just setting this as light revision" she flicks through some pictures of lizards and excitement sparks through me as she points out there different body parts and what their purpose in life is.
She puts up a diagram on the board for us to copy down. I pull my jotter from underneath the desk and place it on top. My eyes suddenly feel heavy. It must be the tiredness from last night kicking in. I try to ignore the searing pain in my nose but it's too much. I lower my head onto my arms, careful to avoid my nose.
I must drift off because I'm soon being gently shaken awake. I groggily lift my head and rub my eyes to see Mrs Scott kneeling in front of me looking concerned. The rest of the class are gone and a glance at the clock confirms it's the end of the period.
"What happened to your nose Dougie?" she asks softly.
I shrug.
She cocks her head slightly, looking sad.
"Dougie, your nose wasn't like that yesterday"
"I don't know what happened! Must have slept funny on it or something"
She smiles at my pathetic excuse.
"How come you're so tired?" She raises an eyebrow.
I shrug again.
"Dougie for me to help you I need answers"
"Who said I wanted help?" I ask angrily.
She sighs then goes over to her desk. I start to pack my things away.
"Is everything OK at home?" she looks over at me whilst scribbling something down on a bit of paper.
I don't answer her; I concentrate on zipping up my bag.
"Nothing's wrong at home" I say quietly and I know in that moment she can see right through my hard exterior and emotionless voice. She doesn't
believe me, and I don't believe myself either to be honest.
"Is it safe at home?" her hazel eyes search my face for something.
"Safe enough" is all I say before standing up and heading for the door. She blocks my path. She's wearing high heels and we're about the same height.
"Here" she says handing me a slip of blue paper, "Go to the nurse's office and give them this, don't open it please"
I frown slightly only causing my nose to scream out in protest. I know I have no intention of going there but take it anyway.
"Dougie, if something's going on it's not going to get any better if you ignore it" she smiles sadly, "I'm here to talk to, if you need someone"
I look at her perfectly make-upped face. For a twenty-something year old, she has mothering down to a tee. It would be so easy to just sit down and tell her everything. Then she would tell me it's okay, speak the comforting words that my mum had failed to deliver to me long ago. But it's not that easy, I just know that she would have to get the police involved or possibly social services, take me away from my home and as hard as my life was becoming, I couldn't leave Jazzie and mum. I push down harder on the lid of my jar of worries and say the first polite thing I can think of;
"Thank you" I nod.
She opens the door for me and I walk to the end of the corridor, turn around the corner and when I'm out of her view tear up the blue piece of paper and let it slip through my fingers.
I know it's a teacher's note. It's very rare in your school life to get one. The note gives you permission to leave class whenever you want and to go talk about feelings with the school counsellor. Literally it's for the seriously mentally ill or the extremely thick and troubled pupils, pupils who everybody pities.
I grit my teeth angrily before kicking the wall.
There's nothing wrong with me, can no one see that?
Then I realise something that only darkens my mood further more. I have detention to attend too.

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